I think the lines are drawn and the separation has officially begun :(

Discussion in 'Coffee House' started by fallen saint, Aug 28, 2018.

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    I believe Americnas refer to this as, 'Being on the lam'.

    It's incredible. Is this what we are reduced too? Cardinals on the run for covering up child abuse?

    ...and the Vatican providing cover?

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    Staggeringly, the US is a template for numerous other jurisdictions, including our own. How much confidence would you or I, or anyone who posts here from Ireland, have in the Irish hierarchy? From reports that circulate, Maynooth seminary is most likely an appalling den of iniquity. Our hierarchy is almost exclusively a group of frightened men. Admittedly, they have reason to fear the all-powerful, politically-correct Irish media who will give them no quarter in any public pronouncements on sexual morality. Still, that's not excuse enough for the impression one gets that, with one or two honourable exceptions, they're hardly there, at all. We've had two monumentally important referenda in the last few years, fundamentally striking at our Faith, and hardly a squeek from them.

    One wonders is there something else they're hiding? Something they suspect the media will reveal if they open their mouths? If so, best drain the swamp.
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    Well , hopefully these guys too will have to go on the lam, be caught by the police and thrown in jail too.

    Any Catholic giving these guys aid and comfort is guilty of Mortal sin and liable to hell.

    I noticed a picture of the Pope on the plane when he was admitting that he did not know what to say and so he was not saying anything. There was a young Catholic layperson standing beside him. He looked so uncomfortable with all this. It looked like his head was going to explode.

    Catholics need to be very, very careful not to be involved in any of this lying and cover up. They will have to answer for it to God someday.

    I repeat Catholics need to be careful not to be involved in cover ups of Child Abusers. It is a very grave mortal sin.

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  4. Donna259

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    is Bill Donahue defending Cardinal Weurl
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    Some days ago, I read a linked vociferous defense of Wuerl by him, on this site. Some of his statement was also very ill-judged, irrespective of his views on Wuerl.
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    Basically Wuerl's sorry and asks forgiveness but he intends to dig the heels in.

    (Cardinal Donald Wuerl, the archbishop of Washington, sent the following letter to priests on August 30, 2018. In an email to which the letter was linked, the cardinal noted, “In this time of so much distress and pain, I send you this letter in the hope that it might tell you of my desire to be close to you and the people entrusted to your pastoral care, particularly as you prepare for this weekend’s Masses.”)

    Dear Brother Priest,

    I very much look forward to our time together on Labor Day, first in prayer and then in conversation. With all the disconcerting news and terrible revelations that have happened, and with such rapidity, I recognize that I have not been as close to you as I need to be to help you and me minister to the people we both love and serve.

    Last Sunday at the Cathedral of Saint Matthew the Apostle, as so many of you did in your own parish church, I offered Holy Mass – a Liturgy focused on the spiritual context for so much of the pain, suffering, darkness and disillusionment brought on by the sexual abuse of children and young people by priests and its cover-up by bishops. Whatever our response to this spiritual crisis, it has to begin at the altar – and in prayer.

    As so many of you did, we prayed first for the survivors – those who bear the scars of abuse. On too many occasions over these past three decades as a bishop, I have sat with survivors and their families to listen, to try to be present, to pray and often simply to cry together.

    At the Cathedral, as I am sure you did, we also prayed for the whole Church – the Body of Christ – wounded by the shame and horror of these egregious actions. It is our people who also bear a deep hurt because they love their Church and do not know what is coming next. Thank you for being there with them, even when there is so little to say, other than prayer. Your, and I hope my own, ministry is the beginning of some healing.

    My prayers and what I asked of those at Mass are also for you. Each priest – all of us – somehow bears the joys and sorrows of one another because we are all rightly seen as sharers in the priesthood. Your ministry is a precious gift to those you serve – to the Body of Christ. I want you to know my desire – even if I have not well expressed it – to be close to you. In the rush to get information to you, I failed to share fully with you my spiritual and fraternal care and offer you and our faithful people a strong sign of pastoral leadership. I hope this effort today and our Labor Day gathering will clearly show my great appreciation, not to say affection, for all of you, my brother priests and the recognition of your efforts to be pastorally present to our people in their struggles.

    I ask you, as I did at the Cathedral, for prayers for me, for forgiveness for my errors in judgment, for my inadequacies, and also for your acceptance of my contrition for any suffering I have caused, as well as the grace to find, with you, ways of healing, ways of offering fruitful guidance in this darkness.

    This Sunday in our churches all across this great archdiocese, I ask you please to let your people – the men, women and children – we love and minister to and hold in our pastoral care know that I do recognize and share their pain. Let them know I wish I could wipe it away even though that is simply not possible. I would give anything, as would all of us, to turn the clock around and have the Church do everything right. But I do join them in sorrow for all that has happened. I plead for their prayerful support as I with you and them try to do whatever I can to help move this Church closer to the pathway that leads us from this darkness.

    At the Mass this Sunday that I shall celebrate, I hope to offer some thoughts on how we as a Church – all of us laity, religious and clergy – might begin with faith strengthened in prayer to discern that level of reform rooted in accountability and transparency that would permit the Church to enter a new era.

    Finally, we need to hold close in our prayers and loyalty our Holy Father, Pope Francis. Increasingly, it is clear that he is the object of concentrated attack. At each Mass we pray for him by name. As we do so with our voices may we do so as well with our hearts.

    Dear brother in the Lord, I hope you will sense something of my anguish for those who have suffered and my sorrow for any of my failures to be there for both the abused and all who now feel a sense of alienation. In my heart, I now ask myself what is the way I can best serve this Church that I, too, much love.

    Would you please let the faithful you serve know of my love, my commitment to do whatever is necessary to right what is wrong, and my sincere solidarity with you and them.

    Faithfully in Christ,

    Cardinal Donald Wuerl

    Archbishop of Washington
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    Yes we have Mercy and Compassion...but things can't stay the same. If no one accepts responsibility, then it is a cover up. The Bishops and Cardinals have to be truthful to the faithful...if they are not, their words are only words. Cardinals Wuerl's words are just that...not enough.

    He has to state publicly... if he was or was not part of the cover up. If he was part of protecting evil and demons, he needs to explain why. Protecting vile and evil men is not being a shepherd of the church. If you are protecting, then you are participating in evil and have lost your faith. Cardinal Wuerl has said all the right words but that is all it is. Words.

    I don't want to be the one holding the pitchfork and asking for blood but...this is the last straw. Every three or four years, we hear about these types of evil...and the church says they are handling the situation. Obviously they have not. Even though I don't think the indictment by civil authorities is 100% true. I do believe 75% is credible. So, that is enough for me to believe the Church Shepherds have failed its people and GOD.

    I mentioned earlier I was part of the system for many years. The ecclesiastical community is small...everyone knows everything. Its time for the church to be open and go back to saving SOULS.

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    Yes! Yes, we will.
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    Because things have not changed enough, yes they speak of new processes being put in place, etc., but it clearly isn't enough! I get the sense that the Lord wants more, he wants a true change of heart from our Bishops. And this is probably linked to their suicidal intention to change the true doctrine. Because many persist in their doctrinal derailment and the measures taken agains abuse are insufficient, as they continue to be soft against homosexuality in seminaries, it seems that the only way to stop them is for all the sins to come out into the open - it is so humiliating that only then they may realize!
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    Good for him. God bless him.
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    The 100 year battle echoes Pope Leo's vision(*I can destroy your church*) an d the 100 years since Fatima. The enemy is almost there. Will the good bishops rise up? Christ save us!
  12. AED

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    I prefer St Augustins view of the City of God versus the city of man.
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    Wow. Great and wonderful words from both of you Gracia and Padraig. Uplifting words.
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    Viva Cristo Rey!
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    They seem very slow.

    But I recall that silence does not necessarily mean consent.
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    My mother always used to say that you can't get blood out of a turnip.
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    When one has nothing else but Christ, He is all one has... I think the 101 tears of Akita and 101 years after Fatima mean something, especially because Benedict XVI linked the two. And especially as things seem to be getting worse. My husband said, every church is destroyed from the inside out. The rotten ideas, compromise, greed, and theological softness aren't imposed by outsiders, they're promoted by insiders. But we know Protestant sects are still ultimately man made. Not that God's grace doesn't work on and through individual Protestant Christians, but the denominations themselves are not supernaturally protected or anything, as people came up with them. Maybe for genuine reasons of zeal, concern, conviction, or ideal, but ultimately still made by men, not founded by God.

    So, there is a difference between the Church, and organizations and communities founded by men on deeply felt convictions, but not on the Rock by the Rock. God bring everyone who sincerely loves and follows Christ Home.
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    ;)My mother said that too!
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    I just read on Fr Kevin M Cusick’s twitter page that a seminarian has spotted Cardinal Wuerl in Rome
    Wondering if he will return to DC for Monday’s meeting with priests
    This is not verified
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