I may need to discuss the sex abuse scandal with my family

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    Needless to say, the sex abuse crisis has been on the Canadian secular media all throughout this month. I have been silent on it when it comes up, especially after my recent realization that my primary focus should be mostly on freeing myself from sin and healing my soul. However recent actions by the secular media up hear, have caused me to begin seriously considering discussing this with my parents and brother.

    Specifically yesterday and today, when the Secular News reported on Archbishop Carlo Viganò’s revelation, they omitted Theodore McCarrick’s name, (to be fair, it did happen quite awhile ago, and the secular media could genuinely not understand the significance and various aspects of this scandal) and when covering Abp Viganò’s revelation today, they dismissed him as a “disgruntled” Traditionalist and said he “had no evidence.”

    I’m now seriously pondering discussing this with my family, but I need prayers and advice first. If I should or have to discuss this with my parents, could someone please provide with articles and videos from mainstream Catholic media like EWTN and NC Register? Most of my information comes from Church Militant, and if I have to provide information on this, my parents may object to sources like Church Militant.
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