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    How do i visit garabandal? How much does it cost? I see the flight time is like 22 hrs from where i live.
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    How wonderful if you can go! Would you go with a group on a pilgrimage or on your own?

    By car, Garabandal is about an hour from Santander or almost 5 hours from Madrid. If you have the means to go alone, you can fly into Madrid and rent a car from there - check out any online map to figure out the road trip and hotels nearby. Garabandal is in the Spanish Pyrennees or Pico de Europa and there are many beautiful hikes to do there and also other spiritual sites too, like Covadonga Sanctuary (1.5 hours from Garabandal).

    Glenn may be able to share groups that offer pilgrimages. Where are you coming from?
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    I believe you may join up with Maria Saracos pilgrimage if you fly into Bilbao airport. She will go in April of this year. Look her up on google.

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