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  1. border collie

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    Hi guys, how would you evangelise someone who has never heard of Jesus, and has absolutely no belief in anything except what can be visibly seen. Where would one start apart from prayer for the individual? I’m interested in your suggestions.
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  2. Michael Pio

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    I would start with something that can be seen. For example, the miracle of tears in Akita, there are Youtube videos.
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  3. DesertStar7

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    I have no idea.

    Will think on it.
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  4. DesertStar7

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    Electricity can't be visibly seen, but s/he believes electricity is real -- is "there" -- and uses it every day (I presume).
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  5. AED

    AED Powers

    I've been thinking about this since I read your post. I have a Buddhist DIL and I have pondered how to even approach this with her. Is this person outside of western culture? I guess thats the main thing. If inside western culture Mere Christianity by CS Lewis would be a place to start. Apparently The Case for Christ by Lee Stroble is also excellent. But if it is someone totally devoid of any belief in or contact with the western tradition that would be difficult.(n)
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  6. Padrepiofan

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    Have a look at Andrew wommack resources, although he's not catholic , he has seen the conversion of many . Talk about healings, how God loves us that he met his child be our sacrifice
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  7. Carmel333

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    I had this happen when I took in an orphan native american girl for a while as a foster. My house has beautiful crucifixes and statues, and I pray Lauds and Vespers and the Rosary daily, also left for Mass daily, so she witnessed my love for God. Then I just tried to explain very simply about creation while reading Genesis together and then went on to God's plan for us, His Church, and so on. Not sure how close you are to this person, but of course praying the Rosary for them is a good start.
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  8. PurpleFlower

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    Let them see your love for Jesus and visible signs of your faith (like the medals/scapular you wear). Be a sign of contradiction to the world so they can't help but notice and wonder what sets you apart. They will become curious and ask you questions. At least, that's what has always happened in my experience.
  9. Xavier

    Xavier "In the end, My Immaculate Heart will Triumph."

    Yes, everyone has given good advice. Pray for him or her, let them see you live your Faith, show the Love of Jesus to them, and be a good witness with your life and your words. Some apologetics books like Case for Christ as mentioned by AED may also be helpful for you. And here are 5 more reasons you may find helpful to use. Just posting the First Two: (1) Eucharistic Miracles, and (2) Miraculous Marian Apparitions. From:

    "Are you going through a time of trial in your Faith? Are you wondering if it is all worth it after all? Absolutely, it is worth it! There is a rich reward in Heaven waiting for you if only you persevere till the end. But you cannot do it on your own, you need the Grace of God, as we all do. Here are 5 good reasons why everyone should become, or remain, a Catholic Christian, designed especially for those struggling through a period of difficulty or dryness in their prayer life, a “dark night of the soul.”

    1. Eucharistic Miracles – Signs and Proofs of Christ’s Divine Power to Miraculously Transubstantiate
    A non-Christian friend of mine called Eucharistic Miracles “the most powerful evidence for (Catholic) Christianity.” It is easy for us non-skeptics to understand why. For skeptics and doubters, these miracles serve as supernatural signs. Vatican I explains it well:

    In order that the submission of our faith should be in accordance with reason, it was God’s will that there should be linked to the internal assistance of the Holy Spirit external indications of His Revelation, that is to say divine acts, and first and foremost miracles and prophecies, which clearly demonstrating as they do the Omnipotence and Infinite Knowledge of God, are the most certain signs of revelation and are suited to the understanding of all (Dogmatic Constitution on the Catholic Faith: Chapter 3, On Faith).

    Christ worked the wondrous Eucharistic Miracle of Lanciano in response to a poor Priest struggling through his own dark night. He wondered if Christ really was present in the Eucharist, as Christ had promised in the Gospel. In His Mercy, the Good Lord chose to answer the doubts of this “doubting Thomas” with a Eucharistic Miracle. It reminds us of His post-Resurrection apparition to St. Thomas.

    The next time you are at Holy Mass, or Eucharistic Adoration, just remember the Living God is truly present in the Host. Some believe because they have seen. But blessed are those who believe even without seeing, as Our Lord said. Believing without seeing will merit a great reward in Heaven.

    2. Marian Apparitions – Heavenly Reminders from Our Loving Mother of Her Maternal Presence
    Non-Catholics, including Non-Catholic Christians, have become Catholics thanks to Our Lady of Fatima’s Public Miracle of the Sun. 70,000 astonished eyewitnesses saw the Sun move and their rain-drenched clothes quickly dry. Even the secular press reported it. These astonishing miracles do not happen outside the Catholic Faith. They are manifest evidence of a Supernatural Power. Fatima has been called the “Greatest Public Miracle since the Resurrection of Jesus.” It is a great grace God gave us!

    To doubters and skeptics who try to explain away Fatima, a former Russian Orthodox Christian puts it like this:

    The thing that initially triggered my move towards Catholicism is Our Lady of Fatima. One of my friends was telling me about the fruits Fatima had on her own life. She read what the Theotokos had said to the children about modesty, and it caused her to become more modest in her dress. She also told me about how her priest had visited Fatima and when he came back, he preached a fiery sermon about the reality of hell. I had been told by my fellow Orthodox Christians that Fatima was at best a hoax and at worst demonic, so I decided to investigate Fatima for myself.

    The view that Fatima is simply a hoax cannot be the case. It has a miracle connected with it that was witnessed by thousands of people, many of whom were atheists who came to the event specifically to refute what the children were saying. Skeptics have argued that it was simply a mass hallucination, but Christians should be skeptical of this argument. Skeptics of the resurrection of Jesus often respond to the fact that there were 500 witnesses by pointing to Fatima. If Fatima was a mass hallucination, so could the resurrection of Jesus have been. No other mass hallucination has ever been recorded though. In reality, Fatima was actually the most seen public miracle since the time of the exodus about 3500 years ago.

    Fatima is God’s Mercy revealed to a hurting fallen world.

    Every day, as we pray Our Lady’s Rosary, we should thank God for the grace of having been born Catholics, or having become such later on. Our Catholic Faith is the most Priceless Grace of our life!

    Our Lady of Guadalupe’s Miraculous Tilma and Her marvelous conversion of 9 Million Souls is yet another miraculous proof of the Catholic Faith. Our Lady is one of the Most Successful Evangelists! It is said that one missionary, Flemish Franciscan Peter of Ghent, baptized with his own hands over one million Mexicans! “Who will not recognize the Spirit of God in moving so many millions to enter the kingdom of Christ,” wrote Fr. Anticoli, S.J.,

    and when we consider that there occurred no portent or other supernatural event … to attract such multitudes, other than the apparitions of the Virgin, we may state with assurance that it was the Vision of the Queen of the Apostles that called the Indians to the Faith.”
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  10. AED

    AED Powers

    Beautiful Xavier.
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