How else can we love ourselves?

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    How else can we love ourselves?

    God is always at work, in ways that can't be comprehended, or even seen. When Jesus was in the tomb, for a time, it seemed that evil had won, yet that was not the case, nor is it now.

    As Christians, when we gain understanding more deeply what it means to be in Christ, or as St. Paul said: It is not I who live, but Christ Jesus who lives in me, it is then that Jesus can work through us. We can become Christ's hands and feet, his heart in an often cold world.

    If we forget that, then we will become our own authority and act on that. The cycles that we find ourselves in can only be broken by stepping back, not reacting, but to be present to the one before us, no matter who they may be.

    It is the grace of Christ who allows this to happen. How else can we love our enemies, indeed how else can we love ourselves? for we treat others the way we relate to ourselves.--Br.MD
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