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    One other thing you do not mention is the holiness of her long time traveling companion and spiritual director, Father McGinnity. I don't claim to be an expert in his walk of life, but I witnessed it for two days last fall with him in Minnesota. A holier, more reverent mass said, I have not witnessed in over 60 years of my life and that includes those I attended with Father John Hardon in the 80's and 90's. Also, he had very faith filled homilies. I don't claim to be an expert on Christina or the House of Prayer, I went to see for myself and came away satisfied she is a legit messenger. The archbishop and bishop there one of the days was also comforting to see. They too heard confessions and providing healing prayers for all who sought after it.
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    I feel that this woman Luisa does not fit much in the messages of Our Lady. it is as if she were a special prophet who received something unique and different from all others. I have some of Luisa books and I did not see anything special in her writings. I think she misunderstood something and those who studied her work misunderstood it too.

    it is very beautiful to be theorizing about God's divine Will but it seems very clearly that something is missing. there are people who meditate with their mouths open and act slowly as if God is moving them like they do with dolls.
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    A wonderful interview with Dr. Hilaire Tavenner and Father McGinnity, Christina's long time (31 years) spiritual director. He speaks of being removed from his teaching post in an Ireland seminary in the mid 80's for making known homosexual activity within the seminary by priests with seminarians. He has his doctorate and extensive studies on mystical theology and the saints. He speaks to his journey and how he came to be Christina's spiritual director. A very holy, learned and humble priest that I had the privilege of listening to last year. His interview starts at the 4:29 mark

    He speaks of the various messages Christina received and given to him that have come true, including the events of September 11, 2001 twin towers falling and given in his presence one year before it took place while looking at them with Christina. Also speaking today of what will happen soon to NYC if it does not head God's messages for it. He speaks of the many healings through God's grace that Christiana performed (one lady who was in her last days with Pancreas cancer). Another man who was blind and was healed through her prayer intercession. Another man in Dublin who tells his story of loosing his two brothers through drugs and himself was on the last edge of drugs killing him and he prayed at the House of Prayer and was healed of his long drug abuse, which he could not shake. He speaks of her confirmed stigmata towards the end of the interview. I realize no prophet is welcomed in their home country, but for those who have a open mind, it is a worth while listen. Father McGinnity is a very holy priest of God and those in Ireland who know you are lacking in holy priests can be happy there is one good one in this holy priest. The official web site is
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    Message received by Christina for 16 and 25 July 2019

    Jesus spoke to Christina;
    "Christina, My little one, I desire that you write and relate what I tell you to the people of the world.

    People of the world, I have called you to protection and guidance in Truth and Mercy for many years. I called you through the Immaculate Heart of My Mother also and She has pleaded with Me for Mercy for you, but to no avail.
    You are being seduced by the devil and throughout the world he is hailed high, raising all of his evil desires into your hearts.
    My Mercy is coming to a close as you no longer ask for or want My Mercy. My Hand descends upon the world of sin and darkness through evil being fulfilled in so many hearts: you reject Truth and Life, love does not exist in your hearts, your hearts are closed to Truth and Life in Me, your Lord God.
    What you experience regarding the weather changes is not climate change and scientists will explain away much as My Hand descends upon your world. So many have become the godless man and unto him will be given his just reward.

    My Church has all but abandoned Me, My sacraments are withdrawn more and more, truth is denied to My people but woe to the man who has done such wrongs - better he was never born.

    For those of you who have come here today out of curiosity, you will not be aware of the enormity of evil that surrounds you, waiting to seduce you at every moment. The only way you will have wisdom to understand is to pray, receive the sacraments, unburden yourself of sin and ask forgiveness from Me. Desire to be covered by My Light and filled with My Life. Live in and by Truth. Only in that way can you be protected. Cast fear from you.

    How so many of you have cast such sufferings upon My little one! You have believed the deceiver in his lies about her and from one to another you kept finding a greater deception to draw upon her. But to you I say how wicked you have become! You could only receive such wickedness from the devil and it is to him you surrender your life. I tell you, wake up because your earthly life has but limited time for you to make amends to Me.
    My people, pray for wisdom because you do not understand Truth. You have been led away from Truth by many of those who are meant to preach it.
    Trust in Me. You will see many dangers and horrible disasters come to your world - all of which you have drawn upon yourselves through sin as My Hand approaches the earth.
    Turn away from sin. Live the Ten Commandments of your God and Saviour."

    After a brief pause, Jesus added,
    "How My Heart sorrows for the many in the world who lack Truth in their hearts. How My Heart grieves to see the innocence of My little children being destroyed and the young being deceived through false teaching about their identity and sexuality. How My Heart is pierced at the spread of abortion, the devil's weapon against life. How My Mother's words to you are daily being fulfilled as so many youth, through lack of prayer and loss of faith wander in confusion, are destroyed by drugs and succumb to suicide.

    How your leaders allow greater powers to dictate to them, to take over and lead your countries but only to destroy them. There is corruption everywhere, the world is led by and through corruption. The world is now entering the peak, the cusp of its own corruption.

    Later Jesus spoke to Christina as follows;
    "My little one, I desire you listen to what I tell you. There is much change coming to your world. It is about to experience the depth of its sin and drink of its wounds brought about by sin. The world has disowned Me, its Creator and Redeemer. How I have called and pleaded with you to listen and turn away from sin. There are many leaders of the world who exercise their power according to him who is darkness and they are drawing destruction upon the world while the people of the world remain blind to this and doubt the truth that I call you to. My people, how can you be so foolish? I call you to see and recognise the depth of sin the world has drawn down upon itself. The elements reject the depths of this darkness. The earth vomits from its bowels as it rebukes humanity’s sin and depraved behaviour and to hear man of perdition say, 'God would not do this to us!'. No, you do it by your own destructive deeds. Hatred is in every heart, jealousy grows, greed knows no bounds as the flesh craves for more of its fulfilment, not of Life, Light or Truth but rather of the flesh- from the world's fruits. The destructive angels of darkness are everywhere. I look upon the Immaculate Heart of My Mother as She pleads for you, for mercy but the time of mercy is drawing to a close. It seems you no longer need mercy.

    The continent of America will have much to endure for its denial of Me. War is fast approaching its shores.
    (As Jesus subsequently showed Christina what is coming to America, He added "War that is nuclear, diseases, earthquakes…and also to other parts of the world")

    O you foolish man! So many godless and full of pride. Soon I will shepherd My flock Myself!
    He who has drawn souls away from My Mother’s House, him I will disown for his pride and deception have led him far from Me. To him, as he has drawn many from Me in the weakness of his flesh and filled with pride, I say ‘Woe unto you. You are like the one who returned without any talents'.
    My little one, how you have borne the scars of the deception that travelled throughout the world but the lies and deception spread about you is like a sweet incense before Me.
    Be not afraid of those who seem great in the world. Your surrender to Me -its greatness will last forever.

    I bless you in My Father, I Jesus His Son and the Holy Spirit
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    I attended one of CG's talks in a church in the UK many (maybe 25) years ago. She came across as a pleasant, devout lady and the group I was with were fairly impressed. She emphasised the modesty of her own financial circumstances telling us that she was married to a sergeant in the Irish army and also how deeply devoted to her family she was. The messages, at that time, were far less dramatic as I recall than they subsequently became.
    One of our group, who was most impressed with her, was an Irish lady who had family living near CG's home. Some time after we had attended the meeting with CG (maybe a year or so) this lady went to Ireland and sought out CG. She said that the 'modest home' was anything but, it was in fact luxurious and clearly not the kind of accommodation that an army sergeant could provide. The large gate to the property was locked and she rang the security bell which was answered by CG's brother. My friend explained that she was visiting from England and was hoping to have a chat with CG. She was told that she did not normally grant personal interviews and that he was not in a position to make an appointment on CG's behalf. She said that he seemed irritated and dismissive. She left it at that.
    Later, my friend gathered other information from her Irish family and the Irish press. CG had apparently parted from her husband and had been seen in nightclubs in the company of other men. Then she moved to Dublin to a house that was extremely expensive and luxurious and there were expensive motors going in and out. Then there emerged claims by families of several aged enthusiasts that they had been under 'undue pressure' to contribute large (sometimes very large) sums and several court cases ensued. The charitable status of the foundation was removed some years ago because, apparently, many donations had been discovered to be in the form of unrecorded cash and cheques made out to individuals rather than the charitable foundation.
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    Hard for me to tell what is true and what is fabricated. What I know first hand is less than a year ago I was in her company and that of her long time spiritual director. Yes, she was not made available to speak with, and I understand why. However, Father McGinnity was. He came off in both his mass, homilies and answering many questions as a very holy man of God. I trust he would not be her traveling companion for decades now and her spiritual director if he knew her to be the scam many believe she is. Like I said, the fruits of her mission seem good to me and just like so many lies have been told of the Medugorje seers, so it was with all others before them all the way back to Fatima and Lourdes until their miracles came. Look at the lies the people of Jesus time told about him....even calling him a devil.
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    I think that some of the litigation/complaints by ex-followers and by relatives of her followers are a matter of public record as is the removal of charity status from her foundation. There exist several press stories and photos (see below) of the various properties owned, and at the disposal of GC and her children including the one that she was living in, in an exclusive area of Dublin, which I have seen in the past. I'm afraid that these are more than rumours. Of those many former followers of GC who now regard her as a fraud, most seem to agree that Fr. McGinnity is a pious and sincere priest who is being used. It is also clear that of the people who have been directors or executives of her company, most have resigned which cannot be a good indicator. Over 100 complaints have been filed by employees of CG's company, about the press stories shown on the site below, to the Irish press regulator and not one has been upheld.
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    After all the trouble other prophets have caused people, shouldn't those on this forum ask questions? Remember how so many believed Locutions, Charlie Johnston, Maria Divine Mercy. When there is evidence against one person like court cases for fraud, I always step back. There is so much we know is true! Fatima is true! Lourdes is true!
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    This woman and her entourage prey on the vulnerable
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    It is surprising though how devoted her followers can be. I have a frined and his mother who have been up and down to the House of Prayer for years and swear by her. Nothiing I can say wil change their minds. Also I visited a nun at the House of PRayer, she seemed very savvy and well educated but still beleived. Some people have sold their farms and all they own and given the money to her. Oh well...
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    Seems to me there is allot of heresay and not allot of personal witness. Each to their own. I know what I watched and heard for two days and I listened in discernment. I did not find one thing that raised a flag in Christina's or Father McGinnity's presence. If people donated money to her mission then it is hers to use as she sees fit. Time will soon bear out her messages and I believe she will be vindicated by many who scorn her mission today.

    In her recent message I just posted above, let's watch and see if they come to fruition as other messages of hers have. Many will not change their mind if they do.
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    I happened to be visiting one of my daughters in their new home in Minnesota and stopped by the House of Prayer close to her home on Sunday and the person who manages the chapel and place told me that there will soon be two more messages that Christina was given recently. Here they are for your discernment.


    In a message to Christina on October 12, 2019, as she returned from New York. Jesus said,

    "California's flames will rise high upon all those filled with their own pomp and false security. So many in their pride adore the world and its fruits - all that is not of Me but these are wasting away. These fires are little - there will be many more until they open their hearts to recognise My Hand crushing evil. Tell the people of California that they must honour Me their God."

    Jesus then showed Christina a volcano erupting on a large mountain where none has erupted before. (He did not say in which country.) She could see the lava on fire flowing down on top of the people. The people had their hands up in fear and pleading. They were not prepared for this any more than the people of Indonesia at the time the massive tsunami struck them in 2004. Jesus then said,
    "I am the Lord your God. This is My Hand. Can people not understand that this is My Hand to crush the deepest evil. I have to crush it. Why can't mankind live humbly and simply by obeying My Law. The destruction they perform is put in their hearts by the dark designs of the evil one."


    The well-known and detailed prophecy concerning the weather changes given as far back as March 25, 1995 to Christina Gallagher is being fulfilled daily in the most dramatic and devastating ways. Early in the morning on March 25, 1995 Christina Gallagher received a message from Our Lord. In it the Lord said:
    "The North of America... Fire will rage."

    In a Message from Our Lady to Christina Gallagher on November 3, 2006, She said, "The weather changes will escalate more and more in their behaviour, floods, drought, fires, twisters, all those are little, but there will also be earthquakes, and tsunamis. You are unprepared for it in soul or body."

    In 2007 a CBS broadcast stated; "Every year you can count on forest fires in the West like hurricanes in the East, but recently there has been an enormous change in Western fires. In truth, we've never seen anything like them in recorded history. It appears we're living in a new age of mega-fires -- forest infernos ten times bigger than the fires we're used to seeing." CBS News: Age of the Mega-Fires

    Fires are raging throughout the United States worse than ever before. On CBS News in 2011 the story of the Mega-Fires continues "Arizona is burning. Texas, too. New Mexico is next. If you need a grim reminder that an already arid West is burning up and blowing away, here it is. As I write this, more than 700 square miles of Arizona and more than 4,300 square miles of Texas have been swept by monster wildfires." [Extract from a Commentary by Marita Wodjak in 2011]

    CLEARLY the messages of Our Lord and Our Blessed Lady are fulfilled yet again with News reports of the wildfires in California being the "Largest in the state's history". CNN News

    On July 16, 2005 Our Lady said: "The purification is upon you, and few of you are prepared. I weep for your safety. You will see many upheavals in the world. You will experience the climate changes more and more. There will be many abnormal calamities, throughout the world. The changes in the season’s behaviour have already begun, but will increase and intensify, floods in many parts of the world beyond normal capacity, mud slides, typhoons, earthquakes and many many other abnormal and strange happenings."
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    Vade retro satana
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    Message of Jesus to Christina on February 2, 2020 during flight to New York. Jesus said,

    "The Holy Angels of Heaven rejoice with you that the ones I have chosen have responded to My Will. (Jesus then gave a private message.)

    O people of the Americas and of the world, prepare yourselves for what you have drawn down upon yourselves. You have not only denied Me but you have elevated him who is evil in all his works. O people of sorrow, your sorrow will be great! Why have you surrendered to all that is not of Me, in the deepest, darkest way that pierces My Heart the most?

    O little ones, in your unity of prayer you say your prayer is great and you say you fast. Yes, I receive the fast of many, yet there are many who do not fulfil what they say. Empty words are all that they say. I ask you to hasten your work so that it can be raised up before Me and in that way I can extend My Mercy and I can respond to the desire of your heart for good.

    Woe to the man that desires to mock Me, his Saviour and turn to the man of woe who only bears evil and you permit yourself to unite with such! What do you learn from My Mercy when all that you seek is the fruits of the world in deepest darkness? Look at your world in its depraved state. I want you to take to heart why it is time for My Justice. My Justice will extend throughout the whole world because it is a purification of the evil and darkness that you have embraced and sought to benefit you. It is because of this destructive course you are following that you leave Me no choice but to destroy all the evil that is polluting your heart, all the evil you have submitted to and allowed to plunder your heart.

    All the abnormal happenings that you see taking place throughout the world is little in comparison with all My Justice which is to befall the world.

    The plundering of the innocents in abortion has left the hearts that seek such, nothing less than an open door to the seduction of satan for the destruction of what is a gift from Me.

    Woe to you, lifeless man, repent, repent! For I will soon be upon you when darkness will descend upon your world in a way that scientists cannot explain for it will be I, who created and redeemed you - for My Father and I are one and My Holy Spirit in union with My Father will bring justice upon all.

    My Church that proclaimed Truth now fails to do so... Truth is dissected to a non-existence and I say to those who bear Truth, 'Fear not. Stand up for My Word. Otherwise you deny Me and I will deny you before My Father'

    My dear messenger, I experience the reluctance of your heart through your endurance and that of my brother Gerard. You weaken through the depths of the darkness that surrounds you but fear not; I am with you. In the darkest hour I am your Light. How you have pleased Me in the depths of the struggles you have endured. This mission has been difficult but only by being difficult can it permit Me to draw Life to many. I am with you in a special way through My union with the Father in the Holy Spirit. You are constantly overshadowed by My Mother's mantle. You do not understand in your little lives the greatness of what you have permitted Me to do. I implore both of you to fear less what the world and its inhabitants can do to you but pray much for those who are in darkness and do not understand.

    How blest are those in New York who have an opportunity to make a place of reparation to appease My Father, for those of you of open heart I invite to come and lay there all your life’s concerns, for there you will be able to draw from the outpouring Mercy that flows from My Sacred Heart. My Mother envelops all those who come there - who come to receive Truth not fantasy but to receive Truth and live it, for only in Me can Mercy flow.

    Do not be disturbed by the annoyance of your suitcase being stopped at the airport on your journey to establish the House of Prayer I desire for New York. That is not brought about by My Will. Rejoice, rejoice!. I bless you. Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

    The awful things now happening such as wildfires, flooding, storms, illness and all present disasters are nothing to what is to come. I tell you, My people, prepare yourselves. I give you the choice because I love you."
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  17. Malachi

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    Do not be disturbed by the annoyance of your suitcase.....:ROFLMAO:
    Come on people
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    Christina mustn't know what it's like to arrive somewhere and discover that your suitcase has been disappeared by the suitcase fairy. A few days wearing only the clothes she arrived in would surely test her annoyance threshold.
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  19. Must be flying with Ryanair :rolleyes::rolleyes:
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    I visited the HoP on Achill Island with my wife and youngsters about 10 years ago.
    It was December. We stayed the weekend in a house we had rented.
    When we visited the HoP itself, no one asked us for anything. No money. Nothing.
    The place was packed for the Saturday morning service with full-buses [with plates] from Monaghan, Dublin, Waterford, Limerick, Galway, Belfast etc etc.

    Fr. Maginnity spoke well. He spoke solemnly about spiritual matters. The rosary was said. The entire service was reverential.

    We had a great weekend on Achill. It is one of the most spectacular places I've ever been, with the wild Atlantic ocean rolling ever-violently against the rocky land. There are coastal-drives, secluded beaches, and and the scenery is stunning. The silent village from the time of the famine is chilling.
    Achill is well worth a visit.

    I suppose what I'm trying to say is that we went to the HoP, just to see... and we saw. We weren't accosted for money or anything untoward.
    There was no harm... none.

    One of the reasons we went, was due to the fact that the Sunday World newspaper (and other rags like it) were so vehemently against Christina Gallagher and her House of Prayer.

    Your article references The Sunday World quite a number of times. It is very probably the most anti-Christian newspaper in Ireland. Though it is run close by many such publications.

    Would I go again.. Probably not. Would I call in if I was down that way. Most certainly.
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