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    Over the past weekend I had an opportunity to attend a two day retreat at the Mary Queen of Peace House of Prayer in Minnesota, as Christina Gallagher visited our Lady's chapels in the USA this past week. I went into it knowing very little about Christina or the House of Prayer that our Blessed Mother requested through Christina. So I thought I would give a brief overview of what I saw and experienced.

    I know there are those who detest Christina and her House of Prayer mission, but what I witnessed and saw was a very prayerful (even though most elderly) group of laity of 400+, bishops, one archbishop and priests who attended. I also witnessed a very holy priest and spiritual director of Christina of 30 years, who has a doctorate in theology, (Father McGittiny), so this added to my comfort that nothing she has said in the past, present or future was contrary to our Catholic faith or moral teachings.

    Like I said, I came to the House of Prayer for the first time, hoping any doubt from what I have read from some on the MOG in the past about Christina, would be put to rest in my own mind and heart. My friend Verne in his messages received within the book made mention of the House of Prayer in Minnesota and so it added for my desire to attend this past weekends talks, prayer and fellowship. This was the message given to Verne Dagenais on 7/07 Pride has no place in my church. Pride is causing much schism and division in my faithful. The houses of prayer are a good example. My messenger Christina Gallagher has a mission to establish my Mother’s houses of prayer. Those who are trying to fulfill her mission for her, are stumbling blocks and need to repent of their sin, for you are interrupting my work. I will not be mocked. Judgment will come on my house. Fulfill your mission, not someone else’s. Again, you will be judged on your deed’s, not on your neighbor’s. Do not be a stumbling block in my kingdom. For I say to you: But he that shall scandalize one of these little ones that believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone should be hanged about his neck and that he should be drowned in the depth of the sea. Woe to the world because of scandals. For it must needs be that scandals come: but nevertheless woe to that man by whom the scandal cometh.

    What I witnessed was a very prayerful priest and spiritual director of Christina's. A very holy and reverent Mass and Eucharistic Adoration immediately after Mass that lasted nearly two hours. Father McGittiny spoke several times about Christina and her experiences the past 30 years. He spoke of several of the over 700 miracles that he personally has witnessed and documented in his healing ministry through the House of Prayer. Miracles that were undeniable and most remarkable signs from God of her mission and that of the House of Prayer.

    What impressed me as well, was the prayerful song and praise of the faithful present. This is something I don't see in your average Church today. The Church was packed with the true remnant of believers of the Catholic faithful. They were engaged at Christina's and Fathers messages. They take their faith life very seriously. They were not a bunch of mind numb robot's, as I gathered from some of the comments on this form from the past. God was very pleased. On Sunday, Christina had no message, but prior to Father's talk she relayed to him the following which he gave to all present, "Christina had a vision of the mantle of our Lady covering everyone in the chapel during the Mass, while Jesus showing his Sacred Heart". This was a blessed moment and anyone at Mass and Adoration that day felt this presence in the holy event it was.

    As some of you who know of Christina's messages and prophecy given, you are aware that when she came to Minnesota from a flight out of New York on 9/11/99, she was with Father, a friend who was a judge and another man who was explaining the twin towers in NYC and their sign of America's economic and world dominance to them. Christina received a word and told them all, "it will be destroyed". It was two years later to the date that the Twin Towers was destroyed by two jet planes.

    Bottom line for me, I came out of there feeling confident that she is a true messenger of God and the environment that the House of Prayer brings is a true gift from God for these times and a true refuge for the near times ahead when WW3 unfolds.

    One last gift there was to have her spiritual director, Father McGittiny, the Bishop and other priests blessing those who came to them, some with healing blessings and some with ordinary blessings. They blessed all the religious articles on both days. This is another thing that I don't see in my neck of the woods. God bless these holy priests and bishops and Christina for doing what so few would do and offering up all her persecution and pains to our Lord.
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    My advice run like hell. Stay away. You will.ignore it. Too bad.
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    I used to reject Christina because she made reference to a future Pope who would be no good. This horrified me and I swtiched off. This of course was before Pope Francis.

    Now I am open to her again. She got that one right. These messages to the best of my knowledge have never been condemned by the Church. so....

    I wlll have to reviist these. They are not for the faint hearted however; they would scare the life out of you.

    However maybe what's coming down the line is like that. Big time scarey. Anyway I will reread and study these once again.
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    This is the latest report I could find from two months ago from Italian TV but dubbed in English.

    ( Christina very, very rarely gives interviews now so this is a rare chance to see and here her as she is at the moment)

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    I'd say she is at bat level 10. A complete charlatan who perhaps once had genuine experiences ...maybe.

    Did a story on her for the Irish catholic over 10 years ago. Studied most of the material and I wouldn't touch it.
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    I'd put her up there with that other crazy wagon who claims to see angels. Lorraine something or another... Bat's in the belfry boys.
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    Well I feel quite guilty for having dumped her for saying a bad Pope was on the way. So to ease my conscience I will restudy it.
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    Okay its your new project. Let us know how you get on, what your judgement is.
    Saying we will.have a bad pope is a Bit like the astrologer's you will have luck coming your way... Vague and ambiguous.
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    She is supposed to have predicted a range of events ; including 9/11?

    The Twin Towers - In New York on September 11th 1999, Christina prophesised that the Twin Towers would be destroyed. She was in the company of a group of people including her spiritual director and an American judge, Dan Lynch. Following the events of 2001, he made a public statement backing up Christina’s claims which had been mocked and vilified in the media following 9/11 as they accused her of trying to use a major tragedy for her own benefit. Judge Dan Lynch confirmed that they had visited Manhattan and upon his remark on the enormity of the Twin Towers as a symbol of America’s economic might and the reliance of power over prayer, Christina pointed towards the Twin Towers and said, “Dan, if Americans don’t turn back to God all this will be destroyed.” This prophecy was fulfilled two years to the day later when the Twin Towers were destroyed.

    Tsunami in Indian Ocean - Another major disaster which Christina was warned of and which was shown to her on a number of occasions from 1996 onwards was of a massive tsunami wave washing over a beautiful sandy beach and houses leaving corpses strewn on the beach as it returned to the sea. At the time, she did not know that this described a tsunami as the word was unknown to her. She published the vision in 1996 in her biography. She was aware that Our Lady was warning of this event in order to prevent it through prayer and repentance but this went unheeded. She was mocked and ridiculed instead. On the 26th December 2004, this disaster happened in the Indian Ocean when an undersea earthquake triggered a massive tsunami which smashed into nine countries across Asia and killed nearly 250,000 people.
  10. i thought the tsunami was supposed to hit Ireland and that if everyone visited achill island house of prayer they would be saved ??

    as for the twin towers the way I heard it she never mentioned the towers but new york in general..

    apparently a whistle blower recently confirmed that pictures were being sold for 250 dollars to save your soul type of thing ??

    and then there is all the money and donations that went to the house of prayer ???

    it all seems a bit corrupt to me.
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  11. Writing for Inside the Vatican, Fr. Peters said he was not convinced of the authenticity Our Lady’s frantic tone. “Mrs. Gallagher’s messages, in part, read like a frantic worried woman lamenting the state of the world. There are plenty of frantic worried people, lamenting the state of the world, who are good Catholics — but the Blessed Virgin from Heaven does not talk like them, in such a human, earthly, fretful fashion. To attribute such talk to Our Lady is an insult.”

    Well that's me done on the subject
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    The exact same tone of voice and bellowing and screaming were attributed to Our Lady at the condemned apparitions at Bayside
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    What I know about Christina is within the setting I attended for two full day's. Rumors are why I went. All the rumors I hear on this forum seems second hand. It was so with every prophet in their time, even with the children at Fatima. I look at the fruits, which I spoke of in my opening account of what I experienced. The voice I heard was nothing like what I have read about Bayside and the people I witnessed and spoke to were not loonies. I went to listen, watch and learn with an open mind and heart. Both were satisfied that she seems to have all the characteristics of a holy person of God and the Blessed Mother. Yes, money is donated to the movement. These chapels of our Lady Queen of Peace House of Prayer and there travels are not free to upkeep and run with a full time person on staff at all of them to keep them open throughout the week for those who want to find comfort and healing. Even Jesus had his money man, even though Judas was more interested in money than in the miracles and words of Christ, it did not excuse his betrayal. What I would be interested in is hearing from others who have taken the time to observe Christina, Father McGinnity and those present for Mass, prayer, song and talks given from them. If one has nothing to offer in that regard, best not say anything, lest you may be working on rumor and against the Holy Spirit. No prophet it accepted in his home land, just ask Jesus who was kicked out of his home town "isn't he the carpenters son". I watched and listened to a very humble lady and her companion of 30 years, a very holy priest who was the most reverent priest I ever had the privilege to be at his said mass, since the years I spent at Father John Hardon's retreats 30 years ago. If one cannot attend her house of prayer, take a look at her only approved web site and read about the many many miracles (over 700 documented ones by Father McGinnity) and see if these are the fruits of God. I believe they are. Like I said, Bishops and Archbishop and priests were not afraid to be there and providing individual blessings to the many in attendance. This is another good sign.
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    If everyone went to Achill, with confidence in the blessed mothers protection (just as the 8 Jesuit priests did only a few blocks from the center of the atomic bomb at Hiroshima) they will survive as well. Think about how 600,000 people who just come out of bondage in Eygpt were saved from the warriors when Moses parted the Sea for them to walk across. This is the faith that I fear Christians do not have today that can spare those in Ireland from the devastation Christina speaks of.

    I only heard of the Twin Towers prophecy from Father McGittiny this past weekend for the first time. A holy priest as I witnessed is not bound to lie about this. To what end?

    Not sure it is a 'whistle blower', as the picture of Mary that is being sold is very beautiful. I did not by one, as I have my Shoenstatt picture/Shrine picture, but I have no doubt that our Lady will protect those houses where her image is adorned and the rosary is being prayed ever day within. Again, the Jesuit Priests were saved for doing the same.

    you can't have Houses of Prayer all over the world established for (prayer, healing, conversion and protection) without $$$$ supporting these chapels and grounds and the administrators of them.

    I witness no corruption but very prayerful, joyful Christians and lovers of Jesus and Mary
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    Hi Mark,

    It must be about twenty of thrity years ago since I visited and used to think about Christina and the House of Prayer. Revisiting it is a bit like going back in a tme machine, I haven't thought of it for so long. I remember back then I was a big fan. Then with time and reflection I decided to switch off. In fact I had several reasons for doing so and they are starting to come back to me.

    The first was that the local Ordinary (the Diocesan Bishop ..the Archbishop of Tuam) issued a statemnt on this which while he did not outright condemn it was very severe. This caused me to think and pray some more.

    The second was attacks on herself by the Irish media. This did not toruble me in and off itself (for the Irsh media are exteremly anti Catholic) it was Chrisitina's reactions to it. There were a series of Messages from Our Lady n reply which were a huge switch off for me. They were promising the vengeance of heaven on all concerned. It seemed to me that Chrisitna herself was using these messages to attack those who attack her.

    Not only the media, their was one message in particular. Many locals , who after all know her bestter than anyone did not believe0 One particualr message supposed to be from Our Lady said they would all be off at a football match but would all be killed by a tidal wave on the way back.

    I just thought to myself, back then and still do, 'Well no not really, this is not good'.

    Another problem I had and still have with these messages is their tone and centre. They focus to much in my opinion in dire futre predictions. There centre of focus lies in these prohecies of horrendous future events; speciafically on a coming Nuclear War. This is not good. It places the emphasie on fear too much. Of course Our Lady at Church Approved Church Apparitions , such as Fatima , indicated such events , such as the First and Second World Wars, but they were not the ongoing centre of the Revelations. The centre of Fatima was personal conversion and the Salvation of sinners. Whereas at the House of Prayer thorugh the setting up of Places of Refuge through huge amounts of money the centre is, yes, very much on the sensational.

    I think it was at the end cnetered on the material, on all this cash.

    Anyway the memories come flooding back. :)

    This phenomena is not condemned by the Church as such, but really I would strongly advise folks to avoid them. I know that they have attracted many tens of thousands of good devout people. But all that glitters is not gold.

    Still it was nice and interesting to revisit them. it brought back so many memories. Did believing in them ver ymuch when i was young and then not believing in them do me any harm? I don't think so. I was genuiine in my deovtion ot tehm. Of course I was sad when I found they were not true. But I think I was honest and sincere. I am glad I never gave them any money though. I had no money to give.:D:D

    It has been different for others though. Some people handed over huge sums of money, even their whole life savings to what is, after all ,a highly quesionable enterprise.

    Well anyway , there you are. :)

    Let me see if I can find the Statement of the Archbishop of Tuam and I will leave it at that.

    Statement Regarding the Work of Mrs. Christina Gallagher at the House of Prayer at Achill
    Most Rev. Michael Neary
    Archbishop of Tuam

    Statement of Archbishop Neary, February 29th, 2008
    The Tuam Diocesan Office has recently received a considerable number of media enquiries regarding this matter. In 1996 I established a diocesan commission of enquiry to investigate certain claims regarding and emanating from this work. In 1997, acting on foot of a report from the commission, I issued a lengthy public statement to the effect, in essence, that no evidence of supernatural phenomena had been observed but that the persons involved gave every evidence of good faith. Arising from that, I proposed a basic canonical structure that would gradually integrate the work of the House into the life of Achill Parish and the Archdiocese. While this was then attempted by the Archdiocese, I became increasingly perturbed by an apparent absence of enthusiasm on the parts of Mrs Gallagher and her associates. The relationship deteriorated to the extent that Mrs. Gallagher, in July, 1998, closed the ‘House of Prayer’ at Achill, expressing to the media at the time a sense of having been harshly treated by the Archdiocese. In order to clarify the issue for the faithful I issued another statement, regretting the development and expressing grave misgivings as to the wisdom with which Mrs Gallagher had been advised and had acted in the matter.

    Diocesan efforts to integrate this work ended in July, 1998 when it was closed by Mrs. Gallagher. Celebration of the sacraments and reservation of the Blessed Sacrament at the ‘House of Prayer’ are not permitted. Any work carried on since then has been entirely of a private nature and has no Church approval whatever. Neither, for reasons given above, does such work enjoy the confidence of the Diocesan authorities. Nothing has been brought to my attention to indicate that I should change from this position in the future. Over the years since then, the Tuam Diocesan Office has clearly and consistently replied to enquiries in respect of this work, which Mrs. Gallagher recommenced.

    I respect the faith and devotion of many people who have been impressed by this work in the past, some of whom have expressed their sadness at my stance. Finally, I wish toremind all Church members that they should not hesitate to enquire, as a matter of course, at local diocesan offices regarding the standing of any work describing itself as Catholic, should they be in doubt.

    In summary the ‘House of Prayer’ has no Church approval and the work does not enjoy the confidence of the diocesan authorities.

    Copies of my public statements are available on

    Signed _______________

    + Michael Neary
    Archbishop of Tuam
    29th of February, 2008

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    You know sometimes in the SPiritual Life we can get special, sometimes very special indeed Spritual graces. This si afine and a great grace from God. But these should never really be at the centre of things. The centre of things is plodding along day by day just praying and walking along by Faith.

    Suppose ou walk along the mountan all day and suddenly at one point you see the most gorgeous views. That is great and a real blessings. But you have to plod along one step after and other to get to see these. That is the centre of the wlak , queitly walking and praying along. The view, no matter how spectacular is only a small part.

    It is the same when on pilgrimage. In a real sense the the journey to and from the Holy Place and what you do afterwards is the main thing . How it changes you. If you centre too much on the spectacular things go out of kilt.

    I remeber one itme coming back from Medugorje feeling so sad to ba back to tehe veryday when Our Lady said to me,

    'You must make your heart a place of pilgrimage. A place of Peace'.

    The real pilgrimage is the pilgrimage within to join our won hearts to the Heart of Christ and we do this through the ordinary everyday path of prayer and living ordinary lives doing ordinary things but making them extrarodianry by offering them up to and doing the Will of God.

    If the extraordinary happen along, well, that's fine too. But they must never be at the centre. We live on the Bread of Life rather than the icing on the cake. Look how very ordinary the Eucharist is, yet that is the very centre of the centre of things.

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    Doom and gloom is as old as the bible. The old testament was full of prophets who spoke doom and gloom Poor Noah, he spent 40 years building an arc being laughed at every day, having warned them all the God was going to destroy the world through water. Christina has been shown the same fate for Ireland and her boat that God gave this time is our Lady Queen of Peace House of Prayer. Thing is, we are the same lot as those back then when we pooo pooo God's prophets of today as if they are supposed to be like Father Nice and Father Funny and want to be liked instead of taking heed of the obvious signs and prophecy to support what is happening in our beloved Church and the world.

    Then there is poor Jonah. He didn't want his mission and got swallowed up by a whale. Burped out unto the shore he thought he had better do as he was told. So he did and the result nothing happened to Nineveh, as they repented. Poor guy now, is probably looked as as a hoax..... pulling everyone's leg. Seems form the average guys mind back then, he was in a loose loose position. Prophets are never going to get their due in this world, as they have to bring the horrible news of God's justice and through it all take a beating, especially from their own. Just as the Lord did.

    One could go on and on, but we get the picture. Who would want to be a prophet in these times, raise your hand :unsure:.

    So for me, I came to know and love the faith I was raised in and clueless in upon first hearing of Fatima 35 years ago. It was prophecy foretold and came to be that taught me to trust, but verify based on its fruits. I believe God gives us the grace to accept his messengers, but so few do. That is why I say to those who can't believe in any of them accept the Church approved ones...... fine, but do not speak against them, lest you may be working against the Spirit of God, if they have not been condemned by the Church, and I don't mean by a Bishop who himself has not properly assessed the fruits of the alleged messages! What are the fruits? Credible miracles, Holiness in the messenger, speaks nothing contrary to the Church and/or scripture to start with. Another one I use is if what is being prophecised is within the Catholic prophetic consensus. Another words are they saying what other messengers have been given or are they out on a limb like MdM and others.

    While according to what Padraig posted, she does not have church backing and what she is doing is of a private nature, other bishops and archbishops, as the ones that were with her this past weekend in Minnesota must feel differently, based on what they has studied and witnessed. We all know the faith of the clergy these days' in Ireland and all over the world, so that is not so reassuring either unless, again, they can show where what she is doing or saying is outside of scripture or church teachings.

    Bottom line, I know the media and many church officials and clergy are opposed to Christina's mission, but what I witnessed and what I have read in countless of miracles and holiness in her spiritual director and 30 year companion (Father McGivinny) I have no reason to doubt that her mission is of God. I could change my mind if I could hear some concrete evidence to the other side of the argument.
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    Please feel free to beleive and promote this Mark, since it it not condemned by the Church.

    Doctors differ patients die. I don't believe myself, but I don't claim to be infallible.:) it was interesting to revisit , though. So many memories.
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    As always, part of my believing or disbelieving is in the fruits or lack of within the alleged messenger. So far, all I have heard is accusations against the fact that the mission gets and needs funds to bring about the Houses of Prayer throughout the world. If she were to use this money to by riches used for themselves and not for the work of God, I would have to rethink it all. So far, I have seen no evidence of this. Christina said last weekend that she has been tracked down by the media and had to move and sell and move and sell homes for a long time now and at times not having a home at all but living with others. Who would want this? Who would want to bring God's messages to a world of such hatefulness. Father McGivinnity relayed several miracles to us over the weekend, not old ones, but ones happening currently. These are documented well on her web site. I can say this much about these miracles. One older man sitting up front of the Chapel, during the question and answer period, which was at the end of the event on Sunday. He stood up, not to ask a question, but to say to all there: "My wife is here sitting with me. She had lost her hearing. I am here to tell you now that she can hear again"!!! Now, I rather doubt that that Father or Christina planted this old man to say this, but some would conclude this. It is just one more miracle to go along with hundreds that have been documented on her web site. Miracles are, as you all know, is what is used in cases of the canonization of saints. So miracles are also testimonies of God for faithfullness and a reaffirmation of ones mission.
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    Fatima..... fruits can be present, but it is best to take a step back and consider *obedience* to priests, bishops, and the Church.

    Protestant ministries, movements, revelations, claims to being chosen by God, have no hierarchy to be subject to, so discernment can be hard. If a Catholic visionary is questioned and asked to tone things down or cease and desist by the hierarchy and they refuse, that is difficult. If they resist being integrated into the Church, that is difficult.

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