Holy Rosary Live from Garabandal

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  1. For anyone interested, there will be a holy Rosary prayed from Garabandal at 9 pm local time, on the eve of the 59th anniversary of the first apparition.

    The organizer, Fr. Leonel Fernández, a priest in nearby Pola de la Viana, Asturias, will go in pilgrimage and offer it live in his Youtube channel

    You can find the prayers of the Rosary in Spanish here:

    Spain time zone is UTC/GMT +2 hours
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    Thank you so much Woman Clothed With The Sun, this is wonderful.
  3. I apologize because I see now that I didn't mention the actual day of the Rosary at Garabandal:
    This coming Wednesday July 1 at 9 pm in Spain.
    This is July 1, at 3 pm in the East Coast
    and July 1 at noon in the West Coast.
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    Thanks so much for doing this Woman Clothed with the Sun, I am looking forward to participating in this rosary. Imagine the thousands of people across the world praying to Our Lady, all at the same time. Our Mother will be so pleased that it is in Garabandal.
  5. Thanks for your kindness, Booklady. I too am looking forward to gather in praying the Rosary with pilgrims in Garabandal and many people around the world. I think this is very special.
    The fact that through the movies and other things, the Garabandal events are getting a spotlight is very significant. And it can only mean that Heaven is showering graces upon us preparing our hearts for what is coming.
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