Holland legalises euthanasia for infants

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    I didn't know that. Shame on them.
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    Yes. Truly.
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    from http://www.wordsfromjesus.com/

    As far as I am aware this site is neither approved nor condemned by the Church

    Emphasis is mine

    2:30 PM

    My child, the unraveling has begun for hell has no bounds in seeking to destroy as many souls on this earth. For I tell you that the only refuge is in My Most Sacred Heart. This unraveling will continue to spread throughout the world. I have been silenced for too long. When the doors of My Church remain closed it makes an opening for Satan and his many companions to unleash great discord all around this world. When humanity no longer cries out at the injustice at the killing of My Little Ones in the womb then it begins to no longer value life outside the womb. Hold your rosary close for it is the greatest armor you have against Satan. He will flee at the very recitation of the great prayers that are culminated with true devotion of heart. Now go forth for a great shaking is soon to come and the fires will multiple for I am Jesus and My Mercy and justice will prevail.

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