Hoarding food/water/medicines

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  1. zouxi

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    Dear brothers and sisters,

    We live in troubled time and as you know Russia-Ukraine war sounds to be a harbinger for a full scale devastating war that spreads to many other places.

    All prophecies point out that the serious stuff has just begun, we should be prepared most importantly spiritually by abandoning our whole lives to God and his divine will.

    But being wise is not a sin, so i ask you dear forum members whether you are considering storing some food/water/medicines that are essential for survival in case of things blow out exponentially, without forgetting that our dear lord never fails whoever abandons himself to his divine providence, he will turn water to wine again (yesterday the gospel passage in our Maronite rite was about Cana wedding) and multiply bread and fish, his loving hands will reach his children.

    What do you think? is it wise to store some non perishable food and medicines?

    God bless.
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  2. Mario

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    Joseph, this topic has been discussed a number of times on MOG. There are some threads dedicated to that topic. I'll try to take some time today to dig them up for you!

    Safe in the Refuge of the Immaculate Heart!
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  3. padraig

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    Prudence is one of the Four Cardinal Virtues.


    Prudence in Everyday Life

    So how do we know when we're exercising prudence and when we're simply giving in to our own desires? Father Hardon notes three stages of an act of prudence:

    • "to take counsel carefully with oneself and from others"
    • "to judge correctly on the basis of the evidence at hand"
    • "to direct the rest of one's activity according to the norms determined after a prudent judgment has been made."

    Disregarding the advice or warnings of others whose judgment does not coincide with ours is a sign of imprudence. It is possible that we are right and others wrong; but the opposite may be true, especially if we find ourselves disagreeing with those whose moral judgment is generally sound.

    It would seem very Prudent, especially for families with young children , most especially infants and babies to stock up at this present time. However it would be wrong to think as some do that by doing so we will escape the consequences of sin. We will not.

    Parents, especially fathers, the Head of the Family have a primary duty of care in this matter....to provide food for their families. I think they would be derelict in duty of care if they did not do so.

    Think of St Joseph , who, warned by an angel, at once rose from sleep and led his family into Egypt to escape the wrath of Herod.

    St Joseph, pray for us.

  4. padraig

    padraig Powers

    I would not think of it as , 'Hoarding', if our hearts always remain open to helping others with supplies.

    The selfish will perish, the Charitable will have angels as their helpers.
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  5. AED

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    I think it very wise to be prepared.
  6. padraig

    padraig Powers

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  7. Mario

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    Excellent point, Padraig. Always make room for charity.
  8. padraig

    padraig Powers

    Someone said that even if we do not have babies to take care of we should store some baby food and supplies for others who may need it most.

    This was such a kind thought that I always remember it.
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  9. Andy3

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    Been seeing today that grocery store shelves are about empty in Ukraine and prices are skyrocketing for the goods they have. I don't see anything wrong with storing essential supplies believing full well that those supplies are not mine but the Lord's to use as He sees fit. I have been a "prepper" for many years and always felt that the urge was not from me, but inspired by God. There is a purpose to this for me and I even think that if something bad ever happened to me, then God will still use what I have prepped for others. I always try to remember and live by the concept that nothing I do is for me but is for God. Let His will be done always and His will in my life is to prep for a purpose that I may never know or use, but He does.
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  10. BrianK

    BrianK Powers Staff Member

    MOG thread on this subject:

    Things to think about

    Prudent physical preps are fine, from a Catholic perspective. “Hoarding” could be sinful, as it may take away from others the opportunity for a modicum of sustenance.
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  11. zouxi

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    In my country Lebanon, we rely completely on foreign products to survive, although we have agriculture lands, they are not properly used for our needs. As we rely in our bread production on wheat imported from Russia and Ukraine and as our wheat strategic warehouse at Beirut Port was destroyed by August 4 explosion, we have now wheat enough for a couple of weeks at maximum and we will run out of options as other wheat exporters are far away and very expensive.
    Gas prices are starting to soar and we have a shortage already in medicines and baby milk due to financial and currency crisis.

    I trust the lord and will trust him always, he will multiply the food whenever we run out of it and do miracles, it is the trust in the lord that does miracles and it is in dark moments when the lord support his children the most.

    My wife is pregnant in her second month and when we prayed to our dear lord to give us another baby, we told him: we know that dark days are ahead but we fully trust in your divine providence.

    Nevertheless, and out of wisdom and prudence, I started buying and storing some essential medicines and non perishable/canned food and baby milk, i know that the lord will ask me to share them with my neighbor in need.

    Maybe dark days coming, but the light of the lord will shine ever more in the heart of his children and his loving and doting hands will reach the farthest corners of the earth.
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  12. HeavenlyHosts

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    God bless you and your dear wife and family.
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  13. Muzhik

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    You may also want to consider stocking up on spiritual supplies to hand out to those in need: Catholic Bibles, bible study guides, rosaries, Miraculous Medals, prayer leaflets (like "How to Pray the Rosary", "The Chaplet of Divine Mercy", and so on).
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  14. angelo spina

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    Honey tuna water fuel gas
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