Hip pain

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  1. Mario

    Mario Powers

    Sorry John, no info. But I'll dial up the One who has solutions. St, Therese, pray with us!:notworthy:
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  2. "Quis ut Deus"

    "Quis ut Deus" Powers Staff Member

    OK so results came back.. Mixed emotions because I've been told osteoarthritis for the last few years so now they are saying osteoporosis..
    Both hips extreme. Facet left hip severe. Lumbar xray being queried and sent to a specialist for further comment. I did get annoyed as this all started 22 years ago and a simple bone density test which I repeatedly asked for could have confirmed what I thought and I could have also been treating it.. I will await the final lumbar results before I move forward with this.. Thank you for your prayers and support.. Continued prayers please as I lift the cross.. I always loved my very Catholic granny's old Irish saying.

    GOD fits the back for the burden. :love:
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  3. AED

    AED Powers

    Quis if it is osteoporosis there are very effective treatments to strengthen the bones.
    Prayers going up tonight.
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  4. Mario

    Mario Powers

    There are times I think medical professionals make assumptions that have less accuracy then throwing darts at a dart board.:rolleyes:After years in the bars, I actually was pretty good some 45 years ago, with the darts that is. Praying to our friend, John.
  5. HeavenlyHosts

    HeavenlyHosts Powers

    I would be annoyed too, John. But there will be treatments. And many prayers. We will be here for you. I love your granny’s saying. :love::)
    Praying for you.
  6. Donna259

    Donna259 Powers

    I'm on it John.....praying to our dear Rosa Mystica for a miracle for you too!!!! She loves you so!
  7. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    Please God if they have found your problem, and hip replacement will resolve the pain, that is progress.

    I expect you will be put on Alendronic Acid, that is what they put me on nearly 5 years ago. You have to take one tablet once a week on an empty stomach. And you can't lie down for they will tell you, an hour after taking the tablet. You can't eat for over half an hour either.

    But I found if I eat anything before at least an hour, it caused such intense chest pain, it felt like a heart attack.

    After two years on this treatment, the hospital phoned up and said I would be offered an infection every six months from then on. I said no thanks will continue taking the tablet. What is the point of going to the hospital for a jab when a pill will solve the problem.

    Doctor tells me the Alendronic Acid is a 5 year course, so fingers crossed this is the end of that treatment for me.

    God direct you QeD, and bring you safely to better health.

    The older you get the more bits that seem to break or wear out. Best to look at the funny side once the pain is in control. God bless.
  8. heyshepard

    heyshepard Archangels

    Many prayers for you John on my beads. God bless
  9. AED

    AED Powers

    I have had this course of treatment too Julia. It is very effective! It does cause a nasty acid reflux reaction however. I moved to the once a month for that reason.
  10. ellen

    ellen Ellen

    Well Julia.. I certainly would avoid that hospital like the plague!! They offer 6 monthly "infections"??

    No thanks Tom Hanks! I can pick up an infection on m own ...without going to the hospital to get it!! LOL :LOL:

    I too take Alendronate Sodium tabs with the same instructions....which I find very difficult to do, since I cant function until I have my coffee first thing in the morning!

    It is supposed to build up osteo bones. Only been on it for 2 yrs.

    So QD... Fear not....modern medicine will help your bones get stronger!
  11. Beth B

    Beth B Beth Marie

    You’re in my prayers John....and yes, it should have been caught earlier. When in question, our bone density test are done and covered by I nsurance every two years. My doctor doubled my calcium combined with vit K 2, the transport vit to move the calcium from the blood stream and arteries into the bones and teeth.
    My family members who did have hip replacement surgery did very well and the recovery was amazingly quick. My sisters was literally out patient surgery, with follow up monitoring and therapy done at my home. She drove back to her home in three weeks time pain free! It was remarkable. I pray yours goes as smoothly!
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  12. Shae

    Shae Archangels

    Adding my prayers for you John, and my 2 cents. I was diagnosed with osteoporosis some years back. Similar to Julia and Ellen’s treatment, for 6 years I took a pill once a week. It didn’t help me, so I now get a yearly infusion for the next 3 years. If that doesn’t work, I really don’t know what’s next.(n)
  13. AED

    AED Powers

    It may well do the job but the Prolia shot every six months is very effective and it is ethically sound according to Charlotte Lozier list.
  14. DesertStar7

    DesertStar7 To Jesus + through Mary @-}---

  15. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    I made a discovery that has to be shared. In investigating vit. K 2, it turns out this K 2 occurs mainly in animal offal.

    In the old days many families regularly eat liver, kidney, heart and other animal offal. Nowadays we only eat the best bits of steak and so on, so the offal is mostly sent to be turned into dog food etc.

    When I heard this, it made me laugh because when you see someone out walking their dog, have you ever noticed how the dog is bouncing with energy and vitality while the owner is pulled along by the dog. Well that is because the dog is eating all the healthiest meats from the animal offal in his dog food. LOL And the poor human is lacking the benefits of the offal, and the vitality it would bring.

    Anyway, I was thinking of how many things we could cook more regularly to get the natural K 2.
    1. First there is liver and bacon, with fried onion, mashed potato and peas. Yum, yum.
    2. Then there is Brains Faggotts. I am certain they use offal when they make faggotts, and they are yummy.
    3. Third there is steak and kidney, you can have pie, or pudding or maybe some sort of casserole. Steak and kidney pie is nice.
    4. Then there is stuffed heart. Now I don't like even the though of cooking and eating heart, never mind stuffing it. But I am going to find out if a butcher will prepare stuffed heart ready to cook. And see whither I could try and eat it. Remember getting it when we were kids.

    That is four times a week or fortnight we could be getting vitamen K 2 by natural means, and I wonder if anyone else has any ideas for the purpose of improving our dietary intake of these foods without resorting to pills.

    We have beef liver with the bacon once a month at the moment, hoping it keeps my B12 in good shape. It does work but I don't know if we should be eating it at least fortnightly. Three monthly blood results seem to indicate once a month is working at the moment. FYI
  16. HeavenlyHosts

    HeavenlyHosts Powers

    Good post, Julia. However, people who suffer from gout are told to avoid organ meats since they are high in purines. Purines form uric acid and high uric acid levels in the bloodstream can promote gout attacks in those who are susceptible. Just a word of caution.
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  17. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    Have a look at that post (post 55) where I have listed the offal that has natural vit K2 (I think) which helps send nourishment to the bones and teeth. Maybe that will turn things around for you. Of course continue taking the prescribed medicine. But it is always worth a try getting the nourishment naturally. It might help to improve things for you, and remember there is not a quick fix in nature. You would have to see what results come back after three to six months.
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  18. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    Oh! well fancy that. Interesting because foods with high acid help to cause gout or so I hear. For men or women that would be beer or wine. Then there are all the bitter fruits to watch out for. Isn't life fun.
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  19. padraig

    padraig Powers

    The hand of God is upon you.

    Praying He gives you a rest in this, the Hand of God can be so very,very heavy indeed.
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  20. Carol55

    Carol55 Ave Maria


    I will be praying for you. +

    I am not a doctor but might a bisphosphonate help you?:love:
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