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    I felt a little discouraged last night. I was so tired I could not even get to Mass but had to get back to bad again. But then the thought came to me that if I could not go to Mass at least I could say a , 'Hail Mary' , which I did and felt so much better and spiritually refreshed....

    ..just a simple , 'Hail Mary'...:)

    It reminds me of coming back from camping a couple of weeks ago , after hot weather and finding two of my Hyacinthe bushes looking like they were dying. I rushed out and poured a big bucket of nice cold water into both pots. The next day they were good as new.

    Just a simple , 'Hail Mary', like a simple bucket of water can do so much good.:)
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    I listened to a talk with Father Vincent Lampert the other night. Father Vince has become possibly the most famous exorcist in the World after having given numerous interviews on the internet, even on secular sites which would normally be quite hostile to the Church.

    At first I wasn't a big fan, he seemed so common place and ordinary, just your average everyday Parish Priest. But again and again what he said struck me to the heart. Firstly an incredible humilty, so very, very rare. Also an adamantine huge orthodox Catholic Faith. He really, really does believe the devil actually exists, so rare these days. Also the amount of work he puts into this Ministry. He is already PP of two Parishes and must be up to his eyes in work already. Still he can spend months healing someone.

    But most of all I love the stories I really, really do. He has actually seen demons. He saw them as kind of black blobs or clouds. This is very like the way St Brigit of Sweden saw him. The devil described himself to her thus,

    ' I am darkness itself'.'

    Which is how the father describes being totally without light.

    I usually see him this kind of way myself, But once I saw him as a large black dog coming out
    from under the bed of someone who had just died and walking through a nearby closed door. I also saw him as tow soldiers in medieval type armour. Also as a large staedy drumming noise.

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    It's so very,very sad but Father Vince recounts how other priests in his Diocese have laughed at him for being an Exorcist. They regard the practice as being Medieval. I am afraid I would avoid a priest who did not believe in the devil. He is rather like a soldier who does not believe in guns.
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    I have listened to him several times. I think this must be what St Jean Vianney was like--simple and humble and a spiritual powerhouse.
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    The Bishop threw a dinner one time for his priests and few of them started to poke fun of the saint in the way he was dressed (The Cure only seemed to have the clothes he stood up in (In this he was very like Pope St Pius X when he was a Parish Priest). However the Bishop intervened and defended the saint saying he only wished he had one more like him.:)
    It's interesting how the Cure of Ars became famous. It was through his homilies which touched hearts. The surrounding Parishes began to reach out to him to preach sermons and retreats and St John , who was a real work horse did always as asked. In this way, thought his great charity and hard work he became more widely known and the great crowds began to visit Ars.

    A possessed person in Paris, speaking through the agency of the devil shouted out,

    'Two more like that Cure and my Kingdom in France will Fall!'

    Quite the compliment.
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    Of course many many saints were thought eccentric ; St Louisa Marie Grignion De Montford for was considered to be crazy by many and St Joseph Labre...well...'Saint of the Tramps', says it all.:)

    The saints seem to be coming from another dimension than the us in what they say and do. A Dimension that is filled with Light and Love the Exquisite Power of the Holy Spirit.

    For instance as the Commission of Enquiry into Lourdes one of the priests asked Bernadette about eating Wild Herbs at the Grotto, Which St Bernadette replied,

    'Why Monsignor don't you eat salad?'

    The brilliant, perfect answer.:)

    ..and at the trial of Ste Jeanne D'Arc. one of the clergy asked St Jeanne,

    'Isn't it possible that your visions and voices are your imagination?'

    To which the young, uneducated peasant girl replied,

    'Of course God works through my imagination! How else would He do it?'

    This is the most startling, brilliant and delightful responses I have read to a question concerning Mystical Theology in my entire life and I have read truckloads from the very, very best.


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    I think a lot of the saints you kind of don't see them coming for you.

    I remember years and years ago when I started watching Mother Angelica on utube. At first I thought maybe she had nothing really to say to me. I thought she taught in such a simple unassuming way I thought maybe that there was not much substance. But something about her got me interested. I think Like Fulton Sheen it was the stories she told. Especially the stories that concerned herself. Like Fulton Sheen she was so humble and unassuming that I don;t think she or her understood quite how much they were both revealing about their own internal spiritual states.

    But these anecdotes really made me sit up and take notice. I thought to myself, 'Goodness! This is a saint I am dealing with here!'..and of course from then on in I was totally hooked. I mean what Catholic does not want to listen to a saint talk? Especially such modern saints.

    But it is so easy to miss them. They don't exactly advertise themselves.:);)

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    I never knew St Martin De Porres had an Angel Guardian Cat:)

    How really lovely.

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