Heart Issues

Discussion in 'Prayer requests' started by Mario, Aug 5, 2022.

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  3. AED

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    Terry I know something about this. My husband had it twice. Once with the rash and once without. Please get tested. If it is Lyme the earlier you start treatment the better the outcome. A lot of people around here did not get a rash and were not diagnosed til much later. Not good outcomes. Please get tested. Just sayin'.
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    Yes!!! Just wrote that.
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  5. Rose

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    Hi, not everyone gets the rash at all and Lyme can cause trouble with our without it. If there is a good Lyme specialist in your area pay a visit if you can. Ticks can cause lots of issues and need to be treated as soon as possible. Rest just in case, that is important. Will pray that all will go well for you.
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  6. Mario

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    Awaiting result of lyme disease test.:)
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  8. Rain

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    I'm glad it's not your heart. I'm praying it turns out to be something easy to remedy.

    I get bit by ticks several times a year. Been lucky thus far. I too have read you might not get the bulls eye rash.
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  9. Byron

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    Hoping it all goes well!
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  10. maryrose

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    Catching up here as usual. I have had exhaustion for months. Blood tests recently revealed I have overactive thyroid. I started meds 2 weeks ago and they really helped.
    Terry I will keep you in my prayers.
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  11. Mario

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    Thank you. I'm seeing my physician today; I think he'll have the results of the test for lyme disease. But whatever the culprit is in regard to my lack of sleep (only one-half hour last night), the cumulative effect is taking it's toll. Due to weakness, I almost fell over when genuflecting last night; I'm very groggy, even with eating my regular meals.

    God be praised. Your prayers are appreciated!
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    Still praying for you!
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  13. RoryRory

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  14. miker

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    Prayers continuing for you
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  15. Seagrace

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    Not happy about this. There has to be a reason/cause. Hope you get some answers soon. Starting my prayers now.
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  16. AED

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    Still praying Terry. I hope you get a diagnosis soon.
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  17. Jo M

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    :( That's terrible. Hopefully your doctor will have some answers for you. Continued prayers.
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  18. Mario

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    I am positive for lyme disease:(, which I suspected because of my encounter with the tick. I'll be going on a 2-wk regimen of antibiotics. Your prayers are a source of comfort(y). Thank you!

    Safe in the Hearts of Jesus and Mary!
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  19. AED

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    Oh praised be Jesus Christ!!! I prayed for you at adoration this morning for a diagnosis and a cure. You now have both. I am so so grateful you know at last what it is.
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  20. miker

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    Looks like you caught it early which usually means the AB will work! As I mentioned above, when I had it after experiencing similar symptoms as you, the ABs worked within a day or two. Fatigue and body aches went away. Praying you have same result
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