Has the lesser tribulation begun in 2020?

Discussion in 'The Signs of the Times' started by garabandal, Apr 29, 2020.

  1. Luan Ribeiro

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    I believe that the tribulation has not yet started because we do not yet have a formal schism in the Church, I believe that this will occur in 2022 because we will have some significant events for the Church that represent great damage to the unity of the Church as the Synod of Germany of the bishops against the authority of the Church, the Synod in Rome on Synodality and the inauguration of the ecunemic temple between Islam and Christianity that will be located in the United Arab Emirates (I believe that some ecumenical celebration will be held, and the Pope may be together)
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    I recently read an article about a nurse who has been ill with Covid for at least three weeks. She curses. :eek:
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    Scary stuff.
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  4. Byron

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    I do believe we are living the tribulation. The division inside the Church today is obvious. The Church is “wounded in her unity, attacked by secularism by which errors and bad examples are spread - this is the purification and the tribulation.”
    We are already in the beginning of the Chastisement with this virus and if we don’t return to God, it will intensify. This is what Fr Gobbi had told us years ago would happen, and his messages are coming true everyday. Fr Gobbi reminded us - the essence of the message of the Marian Movement of Priests is to depend on Mary. She is the one who leads us to live the heart of the Gospel, which is to entrust ourselves to Him. The spirit will help us not to fear, but to trust with a joyful hope of the triumph of good.
    These are the times.
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  5. Indy

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    I agree.
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  6. Luan Ribeiro

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    throughout history there have been many signs that pointed to the imminence of the end times but were not yet in fact the beginning of the tribulation, for example in the terrorist attacks of 2001, the financial crisis in 2008 (only to mention the most recent) and after for some time things have stabilized. I believe that the event that precedes the tribulation is the schism that divides the Church in two, abomination of desolation as the German bishops want to do by implanting priestesses, simulation of marriage for homosexuals, contraception among other evils through this synod that probably complements itself with the that will take place in Rome in the same period.
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    This makes sense. I do know that God moves in His own time and not by human calculations. These events seem so imminent but may only be the "beginning of the sorrows". A schism is not an impossibility given the rabid progressiveness of the German cardinals. But I sincerely hope and pray we dodge that bullet.
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    Great post AED, I missed back in May!
  9. Fede

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    Wow..you posted in April and ans I think things started in May. That's prophetic..
  10. At 20:50 point here: (China agreement and more corruption at the top......while they threw the innocent C. Pell under the bus) The portion w/ Rod Dreher at around the 46min point is excellent.


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