Has the lesser tribulation begun in 2020?

Discussion in 'The Signs of the Times' started by garabandal, Apr 29, 2020.

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    Shae, Thank you so much for posting these. Desmond Birch appears to be such an insightful man. I hope that everyone on the forum reads these posts and I am looking forward to reading more of them. :love:
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    Outstanding! I’ll be reading them. Thx.
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  6. Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

    I find that quite a number of people today are getting somewhere between depressed to desperate about the state of things in this world. It is only natural that if this emotional tension is allowed to go on in their lives – they start looking for some hole to crawl into. How do I know? Because I went through all this in the 1970’s.

    What I think we are entering into now is a period and event foretold by quite literally many dozens of Canonized Saints, Blessed, Venerable and other holy Catholic souls who are approved by the Church. I’ve always referred to this event as a ‘chastisement’ – most specifically – as the ‘Minor Chastisement’.

    In this period, the vast majority of the willfully malicious enemies of Christ and his Church are foretold to die. Only a small percentage of Jesus’ willful enemies will be left to convert to Him – and be allowed to live to give witness to what they were and what, by the grace of God, they will then become, baptized members of His Church, faithful members of his Mystical Body.

    For years as a much younger married man, I kept looking for ‘the safe place’ I could take my family to keep them from what was coming. I thought of Portugal and Ireland, even South America, etc. I finally realized, finally admitted to myself, that each area I looked at as possible safe haven also had Church approved prophets who prophesied the same kind of Chastisement as in other places.

    According to all the Saints, Blessed, & Venerable who speak of this period – this Minor Chastisement will not be avoidable anywhere! It will be shared by all!

    That is when and why I finally buckled down to the understanding that the Church knows what she is talking about when She dogmatically teaches us that the Church is, and her members are, OBLIGATED to Evangelize through their acts and words on the highways and byways, in their cities, towns, neighborhoods, etc.

    The immensely rare occasion of monks and nuns who are validly called to live the life of a hermit (in a remote place?) – doesn’t apply to the other 99.9999% of the rest of us. Our job is to be active witnesses for Christ – first by the way we live our faith daily in LOVE OF GOD AND NEIGHBOR, IN HOPE and, after acting like a Christian, witnessing with words of that love. That is cryptically summed up by both St. Francis of Assisi and St. Theresa of Calcutta.

    Since I woke up to the fact that that is both the message of God’s authentic prophets as well as the Dogmatic teaching of the Church - I have simply come to try, to the best of my ability, to live every day as if it were my last [rather than trying to look for some safe hole to crawl into].

    I don’t know if I’ll even be alive this afternoon in a couple of hours, let alone tomorrow. If I don’t live every day as if it were my last, and live and speak as a faithful living witness to others for Christ and His Church, what will I tell Him at my judgment? Will he buy into the excuse that I needed to try to find a hidden or remote place with no risks??? I learned from the Church and Her Saints that there is no way or place to be a faithful Christian without risk.

    The oral tradition of the Church tells us that when Nero’s persecution was at its height in Rome, St. Peter - knowing the pagan Romans were looking for him to put him to death - took off down the Apian Way as he left Rome. Suddenly there was Jesus walking toward him. Peter said to Him, “Where are you going?” Jesus replied, "I am going to Rome to be crucified again". Peter got the message, turned back around, and walked back into the heart of the city of Rome. Peter stopped looking for a safe place, for a hole to hide in. I pray Jesus will never have to say he is going to take my place in trials and suffering.

    All my love in Christ

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    This is another interesting FB post by Fr. Jay Finelli. 5DE01B6A-DBE4-42C4-BDA3-440D6B8CE387.jpeg 236D748E-72DB-45AC-9C7D-CD22A7DF1200.jpeg
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    It's ironic for me.

    My parents and childhood (Protestant) church, starting in 1977, when I was a kid, went ON and ON about "The End Times." :unsure:

    As nothing was actually happening (to my youthful mind) except crops growing in the summer and blizzards raging in the winter, I began to think the adults around me wanted Jesus to come back because they hated life...or were koo-koo. :rolleyes:

    When "The Alignment of the Planets" in 1982 didn't usher in The Anti-Christ and One World Government ( :whistle: ) I, nearing 18 and eager to be off to college, later career, eventually find a husband, figured Well nothing is still happening, so que sara sara! :LOL:

    This went on for years. :p

    Until 2015. o_O Then I woke up and thought, "Ooooooh WOW." :(
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    You can find it on Fr. Richard Heilman’s FB page.
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    Thanks Shae!
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    You’re very welcome Jason.
  14. We just have to take a look at the position in which the enemies of America find themselves now. The hidden evidence of truth about the real criminals is finally being released, drip by drip. They must either succeed in holding on to power or they go to jail. If this coordinated release of such a pandemic that has wrecked the economies of the world, caused such fear and panic that people are willing to follow the given narrative and be controlled, what won't they try next as this try fades? They must control the coming election in some way in order to fraud the vote....or else for them!
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    I sense the finding out of these hidden truths of the globalists will bring forth a war.
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  16. I believe that Trump knows all this but is keeping these people on stage so such info will be exposed to wake up the public about their long time "trusted" experts who are behind the enforcement of control over them. Now that so much is coming out esp. about the treatment/s that work but which are blocked, he's gradually taking them off the stage and not permitting the House Dims to use Fauci, but make him to answer questions by the Senate instead.
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    I pray you are right. Please prepare for the Fall. Do what Fr michel told us to do.
  18. Well, it's taking place now and you can see the ratcheting up of the total control of the message....blatantly now blocking all expression of the truth on the globalist elitist controlled social media...and this will get worse closer to the election. They are now hacking and attacking anything possible that goes against the party line....cyber warfare has to be confronted and that's not easy. It's obvious that we're in for the bigger confrontation....getting closer to the fall.
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    Q said that sometimes you cant tell people. You have to show them. I think DJT has been giving them enough rope to hang themselves.
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    That is one of my favorite maxims: give them enough rope and they will hang themselves. Sort of like the Scripture in the Bible about "he who digs a pit shall fall into it." :) Spiritual axiom
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