Hans Kung dead

Discussion in 'Coffee House' started by garabandal, Apr 7, 2021.

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    Poor , poor man. Hell really does exist. May God have mercy on His soul.
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    Kung is responsible for many lost souls.

    He rejected many of the miracle stories in the Bible as myths, including the real physical resurrection of Christ. His opus 'On being a Christian' 602 ages long never mentioned hell once yet it is supposed to be a Christological book. He supported contraception and euthanasia denied many aspects of the Catholic faith.

    He is the reformer that is loved by the Judases because he himself was a Judas to the Catholic faith. I have always found his revisionist approach to Biblical studies revolting.

    He has gone to make his maker and give account for the many souls who were hoodwinked by his humanistic interpretation of the faith.

    He was a false teacher.

    I would not be surprised to learn that he was a mason.
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    Never heard of him before.

    Read the article.


    Mid-decade last, I knew of an Episcopalian "priest" locally who didn't believe hardly anything pertaining to faith. (n) A cushy job with lots of perks was, at the time, the only reason I could think of for his "being a priest" who didn't much believe.

    Years later -- now I understand. They're there to destroy.
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    he was a close friend of Benedict XVI, although he disagreed in many respects, I am very sorry that he did not fully adhere to the Catholic faith as he rejected fundamental dogmas for our salvation.
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    This man is greatly in need of prayer and we Christians should pray for him
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