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    Well you can't win them all. :):D

    I can't imagine the struggle it must be to make the arrangements to ship Terry's family across the Atlantic like that. But it will all be worth it. No doubt.

    I am praying I get to see the Holy Father somehow. I think he does the blessing from St Peters on a Wednesday. So I will miss that. Oh well.
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    I'm literally bursting FOR you! What a joyful and wonderful note. Thanks to you and your wife for helping to foster your son's vocation. And, of course, thanks to (soon to be) FR. Benjamin for his courageous and generous gift to God and to all of us. Alleluia!
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    Thank you everyone for your prayers. My family’s trip to Rome for the Legionary Ordination Mass was everything we could ask for and a little more. Thank you, Jesus!:ROFLMAO: I’ll be putting up a couple of clips in the near future, but right now thought I would share about my brief meeting with Padraig. I should preface my comments to say frustration played a role. I had hoped to use my phone to communicate and coordinate with Padraig, but my carrier failed to properly provide international service. Running into Padraig proved to be a hit and miss experience.

    The first 300 seats in front of the main altar at Saint John Lateran were reserved for the families of the 35 deacons to be ordained, so before Holy Mass began, I went in back of the basilica to see if I might find Padraig. At first I couldn’t locate him so I decided to go to confession instead. Just then Padraig and his friend, Gerry, showed up out of the blue.

    If you’ve ever met someone who has had a marvelous impact on your life, you know how I felt.:) Padraig is about two inches taller than I thought he’d be, and has more hair on top than I thought he would. But what didn’t catch me by surprise was his warm smile. And just like my dear old Dad, he likes to laugh and joke around. Padraig told me how grateful he was that God had helped Gerry find work. He mentioned that I was the first non-Irish member of the MOG forum that he has met (though definitely not the prettiest).

    And on it went. Maybe his scriptural motto should be:

    Nehemiah 8:10 … for the joy of the LORD is your strength." Or perhaps he is simply an overgrown leprechaun!

    Afterwards, Padraig came by while my newly ordained son was conferring blessings on family and friends. I got embarrassed when Padraig tried to tell Fr. Benjamin how holy his Dad is, but fortunately in the confusion I don’t think Ben understood. Anyway, as Padraig knelt down for a priestly blessing, the question crossed my mind, “Who is blessing whom?”

    It was great, Padraig, I only wish we had more time! (y)

    Glory to God in the highest!
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    It was great to meet you you and your son and daughters Terry. :) It was the first ordination I ever attended and I thought it mind blowing.

    I have of course known you for years on the Net but the Net is one thing and real life a wonderful other. I suppose most of the folks on the Forum I will have to wait till heaven to meet, what a pity.

    I am sorry I never got to meet Geralyn but I did not want to intrude what was your own families day by hanging about too much.

    I cannot imagine what you both felt that day in the Basilica. I noticed the mothers of the other ordinands crying with joy, which I found very touching (I shed a tear or two myself).

    Anyhow I have a feeling we will be meeting again for a longer time sometime in the future. |God willing , till then arivadrela.

    (PS I am sorry we never did get round to taking pics a great pity)

    but here are some pics others took:)
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    Wonderful to see son many men laying down their lives for God!

    Congratulations, Terry.
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    What a real gift and joy to read and see these pictures of Terry's son becoming a priest. It touched me and I had the word "breath" put into my mind when I awoke this morning. Ive been dealing with a case of pneumonia this week and had difficulty breathing. The meds finally kicked in last night and I had my first restful sleep in several days. When I woke I thanked Jesus for simply allowing me to breathe normally again! I thanked him for the blessing of living where I do to have the access and means to healthcare and medicine thinking the vast majority of people in the world don't enjoy this blessing. (Btw - reminds me to be more charitable this season to catholic charities and the like). So after praying, I logged onto MOG and read this thread of Fr. Benjamin and these awesome pictures. And out of nowhere (and these "things" don't happen often to me) and inaudible voice said this is the "breath " that matters and this is truly the life giving breath you and the world need now more than ever. And the thoughts/words kept coming. I was "told" that this breath is the Holy spirit - manifested of the perfect love of the Son and Father and it gives life to the Mystical Body of Christ- the Holy Roman Catholic Church. The "breath" is needed not just at the head of the Body (the Pope, Magisterium) but for all of the Body- for each one of us- the members of the Body. The physical breath will leave each of us someday but this word of "breath" today was this is for your eternity. So I'm so greatful this was posted because it led to this wonderful Communion time fir me this morning. A real fruit of this wonderful site. Peace
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    Beautiful Terry, you must be so thrilled!
  17. CONGRATULATIONS Mario!!!! Wow! Praised be the Lord!

    Padraig, that was great that you could join them too for such an amazing day of Grace!
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    Because of the problem with the last picture, I've decided to shift gears and highlight what proved to be the most precious memory of the stay in Rome. I'm not demeaning the Ordination Mass. It's just that Benjamin's first Mass wins the prize for me. The Holy Mass took place in a church named St. Mary of the Rosary; it is attached to a cloistered Dominican monastery. Notice the name of the hill on which it is located.:) Mount Mario!

    St Mary of the Rosary.JPG

    It was a beautiful Sanctuary and the good sisters were in attendance behind the screen. On the far left is the window through which the nuns received Holy Communion and a blessing from my son.
    Underneath the altar are the bones of an obscure Irish martyr whose name was St. Columba; they are visible through the glass pane.


    Here's a shot of the Consecration. My son, Patrick is serving on the right.


    What holds the most relevance for you all at MOG is what I'm about to share. In the sanctuary to the left of the window I previously pointed out, is an ancient painting of Our Lady which originally was thought to date back to the 9th century. After its restoration in 1960, it is now believed to date back to the very early centuries of Christianity and is perhaps the oldest existing portrait of Mary in the West. The good sisters claim that miracles have been associated with this painting. There is a book of petitions placed under the painting, and one of the petitions I wrote in was for the needs of everyone on the Forum. And the good sisters intercede every day for the petitions!


    There is so much more to share about that Monday evening, but I feel like I'd be boasting. So I'll finish up with a photo of the family just prior to our praying the family Rosary, with the nuns singing the hours in the background. The five males from left to right are Daniel, Patrick, Benjamin, Christopher, and myself. The ladies are Therese, Rachel, and my precious wife, Geralyn. Baby Dante is in the front.

    God is good and worthy of all praise. May Our Lady cover us all with her mantle!

    My Family.JPG

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    "There is a book of petitions placed under the painting, and one of the petitions I wrote in was for the needs of everyone on the Forum. And the good sisters intercede every day for the petitions!"

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, Mario! May God bless you a thousand-fold for giving all of us on the forum such a lovely Christmas present!!!
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    What a wonderful family ! Thank you for such a beautiful gift. Merry Christmas to you too.

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