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    Praise God!
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    You are not the first Irish friend whom I have heard from about being overwhelmed and sick from the severe heat. I don't think the Irish are as used to these severe heat waves as we are in the U.S. You have to take it easy and Lots of liquids.

    Only mad dogs and "Irishmen" go out in the midday sun!
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    Yes I think I took a mild heat stroke. I took it once before at Masada in the Holy Land and a wonderful Israeli kind Army Captain, a Doctor, treated me by giving me some Coca Cola , she reckoned Coca Cola was the best thing in the world for heat stroke.

    She was right. Coca Cola has a very high sugar content.

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    Praise God!

    continuing prayers for Garabandal son
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    Indeed though I wonder about that little Miraculous Medal.. maybe I had it and suddenly I didn't? Who knows?
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    Thank the good Lord!
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    Kind of thought that myself quite honestly.

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