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    One day a devout man died and was met at the gates of heaven by St Peter.

    Hi St Peter he said smiling as he was walking by. St Peter said hey where you going.You can’t just enter we have a new system up here in heaven we copied from the American government. You need 1000 points to enter. So go on tell me about what you did on earth

    So the man with a big smile on his face said. I went to mass every day for 40 years and prayed my rosary everyday.

    St Peter said well done wow. Great man that’s one point.

    Well the man was not smiling any more.Peter said come on what else did you do. This is heaven and a busy place I don’t have all day.

    The man said well I helped the homeless down the shelters and visted the sick and elderly every weekend for years. Brilliant what a top man you are said Peter. That’s another point

    The poor man. His heart sank. And he said to him self. It’s only by the grace of God I will get in here.

    Peter heard him and said . If you truly believe that go on in.

    The wonderful and beautiful grace of God Amen

    God bless you all
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    ohhhh good one! I’d better remember that line when I’m at the’s all grace.....
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    Great!!! God bless you and your family.
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