Google and Apple install tracing app with new update

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    When it illegal (according to the Governor) to attend Mass yet our Bishop tells us Mass is now to be offered publicly again; Do I want the government tracing all my movements?^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1263532756430204929&ref_url=

    Bree A Dail

    #BREAKING: NEW Software update for
    #iOS135 “introduces the Exposure Notification API to support COVID-19 contact tracing apps from public health authorities.” #COVID #Coronavirus #Covid19AndTech #ContactTracing #TrackandTrace #BigBrother #Security #Privacy



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    An article on this:
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    Jennifer Elias
    · May 20
    Apple and Google’s digital contact tracing technology is included in new updates to iOS and Android that will be released today. North Dakota, Alabama, and South Carolina are the first states to publicly comment about using it.|twitter&par=sharebar
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    Supposedly you need to download and install an app giving it permissions to do this. You can also disable the feature in the phones settings if you wish or live dangerously and just leave the blasted things home. :)
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    Glad I have an old Nokia, don't plan on updating either. No apps or anything else.
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  4. My favourite qoute as a technician "you see the little button that says off" (y)
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    I have not given my phone permission to download updates. I do not have a land line so my cell is important.
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