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    It reminds me of Maria Divine Mercy who is a fraud, all the writings and messages well written on her website and book and I asked a priest and sent the website to him and he said the penance was great but other than that false prophet. You'll be amazed how many people she fooled and still standing behind her up to this point, they can't just let it go because the words seemed very real words of the Lord. Since then, I try to stay away in believing any prophecies. I am just looking forward to this message of Carabandal and continue praying my rosary, visiting the church, going the adoration and mass.

    Just addition to this...
    I would like to share one of Catholic's approved apparitions of our Lady that probably some of you do not know, it's in Germany 1937 after Fatima apparitions and the "Lord has a very lengthy message; and yes I believe it and I can't stop reading the message because I know it's from the Lord.

    Our Lady of Heede
    When four girls reported, on November 1st, 1937, that the Blessed Virgin had appeared to them, the news was received in the village with predictable skepticism and/or amusement. It was not until the girls showed a dramatic change in their way of life that the villagers began to wonder. Hitherto given over to pleasures and amusements, the girls switched to long and fervent prayer, impatiently waiting for the hour when they would see the Heavenly Vision again. Nevertheless, the Pastor and most of the villagers refused to believe in the apparitions for a long time but were finally won over. Crowds came to Heede when the news percolated to the surrounding towns and villages. But Hitler ruled Germany in those days and the Gestapo swiftly put a stop to this "superstitious nonsense." The children were taken to a lunatic asylum and the pilgrimages forbidden. After a few weeks the children were released but forbidden to go near the place of the Apparitions. However Our Lady appeared to them in other places, as subsequently did Our Lord.

    The message of Heede is very similar to that of Fatima. Our Lady appears to have said little. She appeared to the girls with the Divine Child in her arms, smiled at them and was content to have them enraptured with the beauty of the Divine Presence.

    Devotion to the Poor Souls in Purgatory was emphasized at Heede. The children first saw Our Lady in the cemetery while they were on their way to the church to gain the "Toties Quoties" indulgence for the Poor Souls. On April 5, 1939, one of the children asked Our Lady how she wished to be invoked. "As Queen of the Universe and Queen of the Poor Souls," Our Lady replied. She also requested to be invoked by the Litany of Loreto.

    When Our Lord — as a grown man — appeared to one of the seers, Greta Gansforth, He had a solemn and sad warning to give her. "Men did not listen to My Most Holy Mother when she appeared to them at Fatima and admonished them to do penance. Now I Myself am coming at the last hour to warn and admonish mankind! The times are very serious! Men should at last do penance, turn away from their sins and pray, pray much in order that the wrath of God may be mitigated! Particularly the Holy Rosary should be prayed very often! The Rosary is very powerful with God! Worldly pleasures and amusements should be restricted.


    "Men do not listen to My Voice, they harden their hearts, they resist My grace, they do not wish to have anything to do with My Mercy, My Love, My merits; mankind is worse than before the deluge. Mankind is suffocating in sin. Hatred and greed rule their hearts. This is the work of the Devil. They live in great darkness . . .

    "Through the wounds that bleed now, mercy will again gain victory over justice. My faithful souls should not be asleep now like the disciples on Mt. Olivet. They should pray without ceasing and gain all they can for themselves and for others.

    "Tremendous things are in preparation; it will be terrible as never before since the foundation of the world. All those who in these grave times have suffered so much are martyrs and form the seed for the renovation of the Church. They are privileged to participate in My captivity, in My scourging, in My crown of thorns and My way of the Cross!

    "The Blessed Virgin Mary and all the choirs of Angels will be active during these events. Hell believes that it is sure of the harvest, but I will snatch it away from them. Many curse Me now, but these sufferings will come over mankind that they may be saved . . .

    "I will come with My peace. With a few faithful, I will build up My Kingdom. As a flash of lightning this Kingdom will come . . . much faster than mankind will realize. I will give them a special light. For some this light will be a blessing; for others darkness. The light will come like the Star that showed the way to the wise men. Mankind will experience My love and My power. I will show them My justice and My mercy. My dearly beloved children, the hour comes closer and closer. Pray without ceasing!"

    On November 3, 1940, the children saw Our Lady for the last time. She appeared to them in the cemetery, just as she did the first time. Our Lady said to them, "Be good and resigned to the will of God. Pray often, especially the Rosary. Now, farewell, my children, until we meet in Heaven." "Mother, we thank thee," the children cried out.
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    I agree with you Andy. I don't think the Lord will ever give a lengthy message like this, never in the history that I ever read in all approved apparitions. And I don't think so that " the Lord the King and the Creator of heaven and earth will ever bargain with us, because he knows and he gave his life to us already, so it's all a free will for us to follow or not his will.
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    Andy, we know God's mercy is tied into his timing of events to take place. This has always been the way it was throughout scripture. God has abstained and delayed punishments based on man's response. With your premise one could ask why God even allows us to live out our destiny when he already knows what we will have chosen in the end. Why not just create us then send us to heaven or hell or purgatory? The answer is simple. God gave us a free will to either choose or reject him, but he does not interfere with our free will, but enters into it with his grace and mercy at the moment it is sought after. In nearly every approved prophecy out there (Fatima, Akita, Kibeho just to name a few) man's response has been tied into its fate. Take the Fatima prophecy on the consecration of Russia.... it was delayed and delayed even after Lucia said our Blessed Mother requested it to take place at a specific moment. It still has not taken place, even though consecrations have taken place. But even the delay was an admonishment from our Lady of Fatima and we are now at this moment we are witnessing the fruits of this delay>> war, rumors of war, famine, persecution of the Church as she foretold, "but in the end Russia will be converted my Immaculate Heart will Triumph and there will be an era of peace". We could have already been in the era of peace had our Lady's request been responded to decades ago.
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    charityfl, can you show me any heresy in the messages of Julie Whedbee as you mention in MDM? If you can, I could agree with you. If you can't then there in no comparison.
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    Fatima...just reading her message from September 14th...I discern her own imagination/delusion in the spirit of the message and the verbiage of the message. I would personally be very wary of this prophet.
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    I am all ears... please qualify your statement on 'imagination and delusion'. Thanks.
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    Sorry for the slow response Fatima...as I had to do my Sunday nap :). There are people who have the gift of very sharp intuition. They can be right on about given situations whether it be temporal or spiritual. They have a knack for recognizing signs and symptoms a ordinary chap might not notice. If discipline is not applied to their intuition they can mistaken the source of their information leading to their intuition. If not careful they can let their imagination lead to the belief that the information comes from God. In this deluded state they mistake natural sensory intuition as information from God. If a person is very spiritual yet has no inclination towards the discipline of self reflection then the problem of imagination/delusion is a real possibility.
    Some prophets are just doing it for fun or make a buck...others may be sincere but are deluded. I personally think she is deluded and projects that...but of course I've been wrong before and I hope people will just be careful with this one. ;)
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    Timo...You never provided any specifics that Julie Whedbee fits into your scenario. I am well aware of false prophets and have said as much with the LTTW messages for the past few years. I will continue to do as scripture attests and not despise prophecy until it gives reason to do so. I have only read what Julie has posted for 3 or 4 months and I am very interested at this point with what I have read on her messages. I will not judge them false until they go 'off the wall' as LTTW and MDM did or unless they contradict Catholic doctrine.
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    And here is her latest message:


    My children, at this time, there must be an absolute adherence to My Word. For I tell you truly, this darkness has great power and will overcome all those who do not take My words and My warnings seriously. Darkness was conquered for all time that day, when I displayed My victory over sin and death on the cross, on Calvary's hill.
    My first coming was to bring light to the world and give the world a way out of darkness, to offer the world a choice between life and death, light and darkness, eternity in love, or eternity in darkness. The world did not recognize what had come. The world did not know Light, did not accept My offer of love. Therefore, I had given this world over to its own devices.
    However, you know this is not the end of the story, for My Word tells of a time when I will return, once again, light and love offered to this place, to all of My creation. This time, however, love has the victory, love will win. Love is the final outcome!
    For those of you who understand this truth, in an instant, you will be changed, you will be transformed into My likeness because you are of Me. You have surrendered your souls, your minds, your wills, every earthly desire you have ever known, you have laid them down on My altar. I have accepted this, your willingness to surrender all, I have taken your hearts, and exchanged them for My own. It is in this that the world will be brought light and love this time. It is not just I coming, it is the body rising! It is all of Us, in unity, one Heart, one Love, one Purpose. Together We will do this collectively, one Voice, one Way, the only Way.
    This is Me. I am the Light unto the world.
    I have caused the hearts of men, the chosen ones, to burn for Me, in that the brilliance of My Kingdom and all that is offered will be made manifest in this place-- of this I promise you. You will see it. You will begin this work here-- it has already begun.
    I need not remind you the weapons of your warfare are not carnal. Lay down all that rises up and speaks of carnal things. The sword you are to use is My Sword of Truth. Raise My Word. Speak Light. Exemplify Me in all you do and all you say. I come this time to light the world on fire. Yes, this must be done through purification and through judgment for I am a Just God, I am Righteous and I am Holy, I am Pure and I am True, but I also come to light this world on fire for Me. For this time, the world will know who is the Great I AM. They will know Me, they will know Me in you. They will see Me everywhere, they will hear My voice in all places. Everywhere they look they will see Me, for it is I in you they will see. They will know the truth of all that has been spoken. They will know the truth of My first coming. They will know that I am a God that cannot lie. They will know My faithfulness; they will know My Sovereignty. But most importantly they will finally know My love. For the greatest act that was ever done was done in LOVE.
    The winds of change are here, you know this to be true. You need not look very far to see this darkness I speak of. What have I taught you? It is always darkest before the dawn. You have entered that darkest time My loves, but you are prepared. There is nothing that I have not warned you of. There is nothing that will come your way that you will not be prepared for, or protected from. All of Heaven waits and watches and prays for this time, the end of this age, and the beginning of My new and glorious Kingdom. My Bride will announce this, together as One, My glorious Kingdom upon the earth. This is what awaits all of you if you would so just choose. The glorious times of manifestations and miracles, healing and power, glory like has never been seen before-great exploits in My name shall you do, for you are a royal people, My priesthood, co-heirs to My Throne. I have called you My friends.
    Ask for all you need and it shall be given unto you. Seek Me in the dark, secret places and I will reveal more. You, My anointed, continue to speak My words, My truth, and the wolves will scatter. Light and dark cannot dwell in the same place. This is important to remember. As it will become grossly dark, you must continue to keep your lamps burning brightly, filled to the brim with oil. Extreme focus now. For your Bridegroom has delayed, but only for a short time. He is coming, never doubt this. It is for an appointed time and season, but I will come for you. Even now your adversary roars, he despises you and all that We stand for. Great will be his demise. But always remember to whom you belong.
    I am doing a great and mighty work in My people, a great move in the spirit, that you are not completely aware of. But trust that I am bringing you from glory to glory, and that even now, your individual assignments are being carried out. Always seek to go higher and deeper in your understanding and I will counsel you, teach you, and guide you in all things. Your full surrender is all I require.
    Allow Me to fashion you into My image for all to see. In this, I receive the highest glory.
    I give you My shalom.
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    I'll just give you a quick example...as it is Sunday. In her September 14th message in a message allegedly from God the Father. "For those who over-come have learned to master their soul - natures, and allow their spirit man to rule their soul man"...really? Just a quick example.
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    I absolutely agree with this, as I am an overcomer or as we Catholics call it, one living in the Divine Will where we are no longer slaves to our flesh, but our spirit is now in charge. Our human nature is of less value than our spirit nature (our soul) and we value our soul over our human nature.
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    This is an example of meanings of words for evangelicals. From what I can gather, they use the word soul for what we would call flesh and spirit for what we would call soul/spirit.
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    This message rings of the writings of Francine B. locutions.
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    Did you ever read all the MDM phrophecies?? because I read all of it not to mention that I actually purchased the book and I filed a dispute. If you did read all the MDM messages from the beginning...... I don't think I have to answer what you are asking from me. You will absolutely see this messages to be very smililar to her.
    The difference is that she claimed to be non- catholic.

    Thanks..may you have peace in your heart :)
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    The question is one of vocabulary: the strong division between soul and spirit in Pentecostal/charismatic Evangelical teaching is that between the Greek words nous/psyché (i.e. the rational intellect or mind - which still has a strong material correlate if you think of the way in which human thought is clearly linked to electrical and chemical events in the brain) and pneuma (i.e. spirit, which is non-material). The idea being expressed here is that the regenerate human spirit - through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit - needs to bring the intellect into submission to God's will.

    This tripartite theological anthropology of body, soul and spirit has clear New Testament roots if you look at Hebrews 4:12 which speaks of the Word of God piercing as far as the division between soul and spirit; very interestingly it is very similar to that of the Eastern Orthodox, with whom Pentecostals share a much stronger pneumatology than has generally been the case in Latin theology, although this is to some extent changing in the light of the Charismatic renewal in the West (I can only conjecture at the reasons for this commonality between Pentecostalism and Eastern Orthodoxy, except that it is a fact that John Wesley, who in some ways was the grandfather of the Pentecostal movement, had studied the Eastern Fathers... as well as many Catholic mystics). Theological anthropology is also a hotly-debated topic in science-faith dialogue in terms of just what in scientific terms constitutes the imago Dei in human beings, now that it is clear from studies of animal behaviour that at least the higher mammals also have rational intellects of sorts (i.e. a nous) without being capax Dei (or having a spirit that survives bodily death) in the same way that we are.

    Western theological tradition has tended to use the word 'soul' (i.e. anima in the Latin) to denote both soul and spirit, requiring secondary distinctions to make the division plain. St Thomas Aquinas for example acknowledged that animals have non-immortal 'souls' of the sort that I have just described - i.e. 'animal souls', from which it is plain that he was talking about nous, not pneuma in the Biblical sense.

    One historical reason why the West has not been as clear as the East in articulating a tripartite anthropology is the virtual monopoly of Augustinian thought during the medieval period that gave rise to the terminology of scholasticism. St Augustine can in some respects be seen as the founder of modern psychology for his remarkable insights into the workings of the human mind, but it can also be said that the place which he accorded to the human intellect in his model of the imago Dei (the mind's activity for him being an image of the Trinity) was also problematic, as Eastern Orthodox theologians continue to remind us today when they effectively say that Western theology since Augustine has been on what you might call a 'head-trip' in its elevation of nous to the detriment of pneuma. Which is just what Julie Whedbee's message - whether directly inspired or 'private meditation' - is also saying to us. Human thought can be a wonderful thing, but it has to be 'taken captive to make it obedient to Christ' (2 Corinthians 10:5).
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    Hi charityfl-

    Can you give us the source of this alleged statement by Our Lord? I found Our Lady of Heede on The Miracle Hunter site but cannot find the statement which you quote. Is there an authentic source for all of the statements made in Heede?

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    Wednesday, October 7, 2015
    This dream was given in the early morning of October 5, 2015.

    I dreamed I was in a place that resembled an airport. An underground center of sorts had been built, and inside were shops and supplies of all kinds, businesses and a thriving community. I found myself above this place, interestingly enough, in a place that reminded me of the gates at airports many years ago when I traveled more. It was a long row of window boxes where you could sit and watch the planes come and go. This particular row of 'boxes' though was not protected, it was completely open to the outside, and it faced what looked like a runway of sorts, although in the dream I did not see any aircraft.

    In the spirit, I knew danger was fast approaching, as my spirit was suddenly told to prepare, that evil was fast approaching and massive fire was approaching. I ran downstairs to warn people to get out, that underground would not be safe, as I spiritually saw this fire consuming everyone and everything, not only above the ground, but underground as well. No one would listen, they all seemed to think life would go on as normal and they would be okay. I quickly left there, realizing there wasn't anything I could do. I saw many people more focused on items they thought were of value, not wanting to leave what they felt would be worth money in some way.

    As I was crouched in these windows without protection, I saw people running from all over to find a spot in these boxes of some type, trying to find protection from 'what was coming'. Panic was all around me. I was tucked into one of these places, wondering what I should do, when a hawk suddenly flew in and landed on my lap. He sat there for a moment, and I was completely astounded. He had come out of nowhere, and I couldn't believe he was now sitting on my lap. He was warm and soft, and so beautiful, I had my hand on his chest and I could feel his heart beating. I felt so privileged to be holding him. All of a sudden though, he died as I was holding him, and I felt devastated. I didn't understand why this had happened. He laid there in my arms for a moment, then miraculously, he resurrected into a massive winged bird that resembled a gorgeous multi-faceted creature, sparkling with jewels, and with an incredible amount of power and authority. He then flew up off my lap, into the air, heading south. I watched as he met, head on, a fierce and dark cloud of winged demonic creatures that were coming at all of us for war. There number was many.. I understood in the spirit that the hawk was the victor, and he had already won the battle although it must still be played out in the physical.

    End of dream.

    Job 39:26King James Version (KJV)
    26 Doth the hawk fly by thy wisdom, and stretch her wings toward the south?
    Interpretation of dream from Father:
    My daughter, many have been the warnings of the darkness, of the great and terrible evil that is upon you. It is no surprise that no one wants to listen to the messages from My prophets and My watchmen, that the multitudes feel that life as normal will remain. I tell you this, a dark and powerful wind has arisen and the fire of judgement both physical and spiritual have arrived. There are only a few of My chosen remnant who truly understand the depths of this evil and what it has brought. There is no more time. It is already here, and events will increase with intensity and severity before your very eyes, and the force in which this evil perpetuates will shock even the closest to Me. Fear not however My little ones, as you are safely tucked under My wing, the victory having already been won.
    The hawk My daughter represents My Spirit within you, the Spirit of power and boldness, authority and Kingship. My manifested sons and daughters are now awakened to who they are in Me, and have been resurrected from the soul-life, to a new and glorious eternal spirit-life with Me. I am divine wisdom and protection, and you are birthed into this new life through the trial, tribulations, and persecutions you endure. It is time for My Bride, My first-fruits remnant to join Us in the greatest spiritual battle of all time. You have seen what is upon you in the spirit, and many of you are experiencing this first-hand in your lives. Remember the Kingdom perspective always! Rise up like the hawk, with My power and authority coursing through every pore and every cell, knowing that the evil coming against you is formidable, but also recognizing that the victory is Ours. The battle is truly won! You are being transformed in Me, from death to life, from mortal to immortal.
    Rise My precious ones, rise to the calling I have purposed for your lives. Soar with Me, as We vanquish evil and establish dominion on this earth for the world to witness.
    IT IS TIME...
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    Hi Mark,

    I purchased the book of the " See How She Loves Us" and this is some of the 50 approved apparitions of Our Lady by Joan Carroll Cruz. This book has a lot of informative approved apparitions. You can check that out.

    God bless you!!!
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    Thank you very much, charityfl!

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