God has raised Fr Ripperger for our times

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    Our Lady of Sorrows ~ Fr Ripperger

    Here is a solemn fact.

    I have learnt more in this one hour video by Father Ripperger about our Lady and the Catholic faith than all the sermons I have listened to in my entire life at the new Mass with modern priests (I am 57 years old and was an altar boy at aged 7 so that is 50 years of insipid and mediocre sermons - and a lot of Masses!).

    Why have I been robbed of authentic Catholic teaching?

    The scales have been lifted from my eyes listening to Fr Ripperger teach. (Literally, my intellect was filled to the brim with the truths of faith listening to him teach about the 7 sorrows of our Lady).

    The future is in priests like Fr Ripperger - if there were a dozen priests like him there would be an authentic reformation within the Church and holiness would increase.

    I cannot recommend this priest enough!!
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    Thank you, garabandal I will listen to this tonight.
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    I agree whole heartedly. This priest has done so much for me in the last few years. His interview with Taylor Marshall--just posted--is well worth a listen.
    This talk here on Our Lady of Sorrows is SO powerful. The realization she can read our souls and reveal to us our dominant sin....that blew me away! And its true! I asked her to reveal it and she did. Once she gave me the realization I saw it whole and entire and yet up to that point I would never have suspected it.
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    I've watched half of this so far, and yes, it is amazing. I've been very drawn to OL of Sorrows recently but not very consistent in the prayers yet. I will redouble my efforts. My favorite thing to learn is that when you're trying to understand the truth or meaning of something, OL of Sorrows is the one to ask. I've always wondered what the phrase "so the hearts of many may be revealed" really meant. And also, it is under this title we should ask Mary for the conversion of our loved ones.... That she knows exactly what obstacles are in the way in each of their souls, and will help remove it! I will remember that.
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    Thank you garabandal, this video was wonderful. The best explanation of The Seven Sorrows that I have ever heard.
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    Thank you, garabandal. Will watch ASAP
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    Me, too....your post inspired me to ask Our Lady of Sorrows and she did reveal to me my dominant sin.
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  9. I remember listening to Father Ripperger back when all there was were his recorded audio sermons. The sound quality was terrible, but the content was always tremendous! Then, Steve over at Sensus Fidelium started making videos to enhance the message of Father’s talks. Then that grew to actual recorded videos of Father at various churches, etc. Fast forward and we’re up to actual interviews with Father and various clergy, theologians, etc. (Goodness, this sounds like I’m a member of a fan club or something, lol! But, no. Just simply grateful to God for raising up this great priest who’s gifts have blessed my life tremendously.)~AN
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    Yes, it’s Fr. Chad Ripperger who seems to have the best theological insights and advice on things; and that video on Our Lady of Sorrows is the reason why I have a devotion to Her under that title. :)

    Today I actually watched this video here on all his talks regarding Communism and the Modus Operandi of demons:
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    So worthwhile
    : the wealth of the Latin Mass and why the languages of Greek and Hebrew and Latin are powerful; weakness of the Church-at-large; knowledge of the faith as well as living it; spiritual warfare...

    Safe in the Barque of Peter!
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    I have started listening to all of Fr R’s talks while I’m at work and doing some of the more brainless work - I happily put my little earbuds in and the day just flies! I actually look forward now to the times of the work day when I can listen and work! :love: I wish I could purchase cd’s of his talks instead of only listening on line!

    I wish I lived closer to actually attend his masses and conferences!
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  14. Ang

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    Bump, for anyone who has recently watched the new videos of father ripperger, you may also want to check these out.

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