Germany, Our Lady's Statue Desecrated

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    Germany: Statue of the Virgin Mary decapitated – head thrown in front of church
    Posted on 28. Oct 2020

    A particularly blasphemous attack has taken place in the Jesuit Church in Straubing: Unknown persons beheaded a statue of the Mother of God, put a corona mask on the head and threw it onto the square in front of the church.


    As Prof. Dr. Ulrich Lehner announced on Twitter, a statue of the Virgin Mary was decapitated in his Bavarian hometown of Straubing, in the church opposite his parents’ house…The head was found outside the church. The perpetrators had put a “face mask” on its head. One of the comments: “The demons are getting bolder every day, Ulrich. I am sad to see what happened.I pray for your hometown.”

    According to the police report: “On Thursday evening a police officer on his way to the service at the Jesuit Church on Theresienplatz found the head of a statue of the Virgin Mary. It was lying next to the entrance door of the church and was wearing a so-called surgical mask. During an inspection in the vestibule of the church, a fallen and damaged statue of the Virgin Mary was found. The head of the statue and the surgical mask were seized by the police as evidence.

    The Straubing Criminal Investigation Department has taken over the investigation of common property damage and is looking for witnesses to the incident. Who observed suspicious persons in or in front of the Jesuit Church in Straubing during Thursday.Relevant information can be given to the Straubing criminal investigation department by calling 09421/868-0.

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    :cry: Sadly this seems to be happening at an alarming rate.
    Evil unleashed.
    " The priests who venerate me will be scorned and opposed by their confreres, churches and altars sacked. "
    We are living the Akita messages.
  3. Everytime I read a story like this or about Bishops etc. I am resolved to say a Hail Mary immediately in reparation.
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    :cry: Lord have mercy...
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