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Discussion in 'Ireland' started by padraig, Sep 16, 2018.

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    I recall David Trimble, the former Northern Irish leader saying that, whatever the politicians in the Republic said about wanting a united Ireland, in reality they were terrified at the prospect of honest Presbyterians getting anywhere near the 'levers of power' in the south and then exposing the widespread corruption. I took it to be a nasty propaganda slur when I read it but see now that he was probably being truthful.
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    Current levels of corruption amongst the Presbyterian DUP must astonish the devil himself.

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    She is one of only a few true Catholic voices in this country at the moment speaking out. Fair play to her.
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    Perhaps, Padraig, yes... in some instances.

    BUT - crucially, the unionist politicians are the only ones standing up to abortion and against the introduction of gay marriage in Northern Ireland.

    The unionist politicians may well be financially corrupt - just like their southern counterparts - but, in the South the politicians have totally and completely abandoned the faith; lost any semblance of morality; and have enslaved themselves to the occult whims of the socialist left in Europe with their complete embracing of abortion, gay marriage and hatred of the church.

    Europe/the left/the elites/freemasons (whoever they are) may well begin their full frontal attack on the church here -in Ireland. For they have the southern politicians in their back pockets and will get full compliance and support from them.

    Sinn Fein in the north have joined their southern counterparts in the blasphemy.

    I hope one day they will all be tried for treason.

    The Unionist politicians have their faults. But they are not as far down the road to hell as the so-called catholic/nationalist politicians.

    ...i feel that the gay marriage thing will be the gateway, the opening gambit for their attack on the church.

    The "taster" (if you'll excuse the pun) was the gay fella and his request for the cake from Ashers Bakery (in Belfast).
    When they win that battle, or learn from their mistakes if they lose - they'll then transfer the attack to the church.

    2 "Catholic" gay people will request to be married by a priest in the church; and then, when the priest declines, they'll make their move.

    And backed by the corrupt southern politicians; they'll move to close my Lords churches.

    I never thought I'd say it, but I would vote unionist before I'd vote for a nationalist politician.

    They sold the soul of Ireland.
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