Gay Marriage Referendum Ireland.

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    "Sensitivity Training" ........... just another "SIGN" that The Lord's "Great Vomiting Out" is upon US!! The godless American Left (Europe too!!?) is all about Diversity, Free Expression, Tolerance and singing "Kumbaya" ... as long as your expression, tolerance, World view and song sheet matches their's. Otherwise you will become a target of the Spin-n-Smear Machine. The Left has infiltrated all levels of government, Church, judiciary and academia. If you like The Bible, guns, incandescent light bulbs, toilets that flush and a pond on your "Back 40" ... you are a problem Bro ... and will be targeted!
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    At Mass this morning the priest drew our attention to the following statement in the Mass leaflet, and urged us to read and understand it:

    ‘Marriage is important – Reflect before you change it’

    Statement of the Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference

    Within weeks the people of Ireland will be asked to vote in a referendum that will change the
    meaning of marriage in the Constitution of Ireland.

    Marriage is of fundamental importance for children,
    mothers and fathers, and society – all of us need to
    reflect deeply before changing it. We ask the people of
    Ireland to consider very carefully the profound
    implications which this constitutional amendment
    would have on the family environment and on our
    understanding of parenthood.

    We respect the views of people who think differently to
    us, trusting that our sincerely held views, grounded in
    faith, will also be heard and respected.

    We come to this debate believing that the union of a
    man and a woman in marriage, open to the
    procreation of children, is a gift from God who created
    us ‘male and female’. Reason also points to the truth
    about human sexuality that makes the relationship between a man and a woman
    unique. Mothers and fathers bring different, yet complementary gifts and strengths into a
    child’s life.

    We cannot support an amendment to the Constitution
    which redefines marriage and effectively places the union
    of two men, or two women, on a par with the marriage
    relationship between a husband and wife which is open to
    the procreation of children.

    We are concerned that, should the amendment be passed,
    it will become increasingly difficult to speak any longer in
    public about marriage as being between a man and a
    woman. What will we be expected to teach children in
    school about marriage? Will those who sincerely
    continue to believe that marriage is between a man and a woman be forced to act against their
    conscience? Can a way be found to protect the civil rights of gay people without undermining
    the fundamental meaning of marriage as commonly understood across cultures, faiths and
    down the ages?

    Already, in The Children and Family Relationships Bill, it is proposed to remove mention of
    mothers and fathers from a whole raft of previous legislation.

    We encourage everyone to think about these issues and to vote on May 22nd. The effects of this
    proposed amendment will be far-reaching for this and for future generations. We say to all
    voters: Marriage is important – Reflect before you change it.
    We invite people of faith to bring this decision to prayer. In the coming weeks, and particularly
    in May, the month of Mary, we call for prayer for Marriage and the Family.

    Statement from the Spring General Meeting

    of the Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference

    10 March 2015
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    Great this is happening, we must pray for more of this and for getting this type of message out.

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    Fair play to your priest. It's a tough time to be a priest in Ireland now.

    My priests have said nothing.
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    Elton John's comment about IVF is very telling; he describes it as "a miracle that has allowed legions of loving people, both straight and gay, to fulfil their dream of having children." This is gay parenting and IVF in a nutshell; it's all about adults' own "fulfilment" while having a total disregard for the rights or needs of the child.
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    My biggest problem with IVF is it's inseparable from abortion. They are one and the same. Fertilized eggs are placed in the womb in groups to increase the chance of success. If one egg takes, then the rest need to be removed.
    Man oh man, the world mocked Pope Paul VI 1968 encyclical "Humanae Vitae". If only he could see his warnings of the objectification of women, the decline in morals and the destruction of the family take place in 50 years! Just 50! What on earth will it be like in 2068?
    God help us!
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    This generation is in for a great shaking right to the foundations. Unbelievers are in for the greatest of shocks I am afraid. Even we believers will struggle with what is to come and what is to take place. Read the Akita prophecies!
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    Garabandal, I totally agree and I was just thinking of the Akita prophecies earlier today as I gasped in horror as the BBC reported that Russia was prepared to put it's nuclear missiles into "combat readiness" during the Crimea standoff last year:
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    It is a dreadful thought but the world has been plunged into an immense darkness of sin unlike any time in human history even worse than before the Flood. In my short lifetime I have witnessed a moral decline that prophets and saints have warned us about. The seven deadly sins have become embedded in society and the collapse is beginning to occur all around us - the foundations are crumbling but few see the full picture.

    God will purify the world by fire and the Akita prophecies I believe reveal the Third Secret of Fatima and the chastisement of Garabandal so all three are one and the same thing. But before this comes mercy in the form of the Warning and humanity's response to this determines the future of the world.

    I do think the chastisement will come as the repentance of humanity will be short lived. Although there will be many true conversions many retrobates will fall back into sin and exhaust the patience of God for they will have known the will of God but chosen the flesh instead of the spirit and sin gravely against the Holy Spirit.
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    In any case there has been a worldwide call for a 54 day novena, seeking Our Lady's help in averting a yes vote in the referendum: . It's to start today (St Patrick's day) and contine until the 54 days are up, after the result. All you have to do is add an intention, to your daily Rosary, asking for a No vote on same sex marriage in Ireland.
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    I'm in, starting today.
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    Me too. Thanks for posting this Scolaire Bocht.
  15. Mario

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    So will I.

    Safe in the Flames of the Sacred Heart!
  16. Infant Jesus of Prague

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    Count me in! ....I pray my Guardin Angel sharpen my eyes and steady my hand of the Rosary! As I shoot toward Ireland

    1 Samuel chap 17
    40 Then he took his staff in his hand, and chose five smooth stones from the brook, and put them in his shepherd’s bag or wallet; his sling was in his hand, and he drew near to the Philistine.
    50 So David prevailed over the Philistine with a sling and with a stone, and struck the Philistine, and killed him; there was no sword in the hand of David.
    DAVID AND Goliath.....prototype of the Rosary
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    I figured that this thread was as good a place as any for my input. A Cardinal named Dolan leading a St Patrick's Day Parade and demonstrating all that .. "Houston we got a problem" I'm not a huge Voris fan but I found his latest "Vortex" disturbing
    “Love to Have Ya!”- Once liberals show up, the games begin.

  18. Infant Jesus of Prague

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    CREW, an hour ago I watched the World over on EWTN with a clip of Cardinal Dolan on St Paddys day saying this a day of great unity (having the gay community @ NBC news march for the FIRST TIME in the parades History while denying PRO LIFE groups to march under a pro life banner!) Cardinal Dolan, I believe doesn't have the same courage as Cardinal O'Conner to resist and face the eggs thrown at him! I stand with Bill Donagugh (sp)/Catholic League that the Hibernians threw him under the bus.This parade is no longer about a Great Saint, but another secular carnival.....sighhhhhh
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    Having just watched the video, I've mixed feelings.
    I'm not sure if its right for the LGBT people to be in the parade, the same parade that pro lifers were banned from. But this I am sure of: Voris' style is appalling. He needs to be wayyyy less confrontational and careless with his language.
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    Crewdog and IJP,

    This is in response to posts #117 and 118. There is no way one can sidestep the retaliatory decision of Cardinal Dolan.:( However, in sharing this specific misuse of power, what benefit does Michael Voris seek to derive? To show that the cardinal is too human? Or perhaps that the Church of Nice is failing to uphold the gospel? Apart from pray and fasting, what am I or we expected to do? In history, there have been many evil prelates. The immediate one that comes to mind is the Archbishop who eavesdropped on Joan of Arc's confession to garner evidence against her in her trial! But normally, the only active redress I would have is to complain to the Vatican about His Eminence. I believe the most effective step, however, would be to pray for this servant chosen by God.

    On the other hand, in my opinion, Michael Voris borders on the sin of detraction for though his revelation is true, I don't foresee much good fruit (see my highlight below). It actually seems rather divisive, splitting the Church between "faithful Catholics" and the hierarchy, and sowing seeds of malcontent. In this I do not intend to judge Mr. Voris, only to question the value of what he has aired.

    As Fr. John A. Hardon, S.J., writes in his Modern Catholic Dictionary, detraction is "Revealing something about another that is true but harmful to that person's reputation."

    Detraction is one of a number of related sins that the Catechism of the Catholic Church classifies as "offenses against truth." When speaking of most of the other sins, such as bearing false witness, perjury, calumny, boasting, and lying, it is easy to see how they offend against the truth: They all involve saying something that you either know to be untrue or believe to be untrue. Detraction, however, is a special case. As the definition indicates, in order to be guilty of detraction, you have to say something that you either know to be true or believe to be true. How, then, can detraction be an "offense against the truth"?

    The answer lies in the likely effects of detraction. As the Catechism of the Catholic Church notes (para. 2477), "Respect for the reputation of persons forbids every attitude and word likely to cause them unjust injury." A person is guilty of detraction if he, "without objectively valid reason, discloses another's faults and failings to persons who did not know them." A person's sins often affect others, but not always. Even when they do affect others, the number of those affected is finite. By revealing the sins of another to those who did not know of those sins, we do damage to that person's reputation. While he can always repent of his sins (and might indeed already have done so before we revealed them), he may not be able to recover his good name after we have damaged it. Indeed, if we have engaged in detraction, we are obliged to try somehow to make reparation—"moral and sometimes material," according to the Catechism. But the damage, once done, may not be able to be undone, which is why the Church views detraction as such a serious offense.

    Safe in the Divine Mercy of Christ!

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