Gay Marriage Referendum Ireland.

Discussion in 'Ireland' started by Sanctus, Aug 29, 2014.

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    Without daily prayer, weekly adoration, this forum, and staying close to our lady, I would fold like a lawn chair. It really is a conscience effort and a decision to say yes to God to stay on this path. Otherwise it is so easy to get swept back to ways of the world.
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    But you spoke the TRUTH! Good for you.
  3. We need to make reparation to the Trinity, if we don't who will?
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    Maria Faustina I heard about this and the first thing I thought was that the Priest had all his friends there to support him....I don't know why that popped into my head. Teh Priest and those who clapped think it was a wise thing to do but I think it just shows what has been said before- that people are blinded right now to the truth about what is right and wrong. A lot of peple will consider it a wise thing even some who feel they are true Catholics. I dont think it was either neutral or negative - just another terrible example of wrong being sold as right.

    Sanctus - I gave up having a TV or reading newspapers here about a year ago now and I feel a lot better. I just keep praynng to Saint Patrick for Ireland now that he will help us.
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    We have a great Pope in Pope Francis.
    At last, at long last the pure devious media are beginning to report on the comments the Pope is making. The real comments, not distracting, untrue, "Who am I to judge" taken-out-of-context comments, but the warts and all comments.
    Here's the latest in a series of tough comments from the Pope about the attack on the family.
    His use of language here shows serious intelligence I think, especially the use of the word "colonization" when he is in the Philippines:

    "When imposed conditions come from imperial colonizers, they search to make people lose their own identity and make a sameness," he said. "This is ideological colonization." - Pope Francis.

    He was speaking about marriage being 'colonized' to other forms.
    He puts it so well.

    Oh the media Honeymoon's so over. This is the hero that we need, especially in Ireland.
    Thank God for Pope Francis!!
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    I listened to Marian Finucane's 'panel' show on podcast from yesterday, Sunday 18th. An interesting listen.
    I'd encourage all to listen to it.


    It shows, in brutal clarity, how outnumbered we are in opposing SSM and how we are looked on as 'lunatics'.
    They were incredulous at people who hold our anti SSM existing, and said 'I see the Pope holds these beliefs, then they obviously do exist'.

    The reason I post is to beg for prayers for our priests.
    Pray for them.
    Who among us here, would like to be a priest in Ireland today?

    I was struck by one politician saying that getting the SSM to law was "warfare".
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    I really hope that same- sex marriage does not come into this country. I hope the holy spirit will act and prevent it from coming to pass. Pope John Paul II said that "the greatest threat to world peace is same-sex marriage".
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    There is hope - I just had a look on at an article about Leo Varadkar 'coming out'. The vast majority of comments recognized the announcement as a diversion tactic!
    Never in a million years would I have expected that.

    p.s. what is the track record of 'gay' men in their care and attention for women and children? Just wondering.

    Who is victorious in the end? Oh yeah, God is.:D
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    Wow now that is a surprise. I generally don't torture myself with journal articles but If they can see a diversion tactic there hope all right!!
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    I try to avoid the comments too, wearing sackcloth would be less painful, and admittedly I didn't scroll all the way down, but i wanted to stay in the moment!:):whistle:
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    Deep breaths Torrentum....

    The saddest part of this article:

    "Marriage was seen as primarily about the protection of property and wealth"

    I'm not gonna let myself boil over this, but dear God, would the ACP membership please identify yourselves publicly! It's you, the ACP, a clandestine, unknown, anonymous group of an unknown number of priests, that have encouraged the formation of "We are (anything but) church Ireland", and the ACI.


    And let's not let the subtle but powerful fact that escape us, that they have chosen to make this statement one day after the Pope said that gay 'marriage' is a distortion of God plan.
    They are placing themselves, deliberately, in opposition to Rome.

    It's not because I'm homophobic, is not because I'm a bigot, but it's because marriage is between one man and one woman, who are open to the possibility of procreation. Marriage is not the 'next step of a relationship' or property or anything else, and if it's 'evolved' in Ireland before, that's news to me.
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    Its a real case of the battle between the Woman, Our Lady and the dragon, we know who wins. This is so sickening though... I still hold out hope and feel even though its a few years back the consecration of Ireland to Our Lady should still stand to us in these matters. I have great hope that Our Lady can help us here. I pray that Ireland will remain a light in the dark for the rest of Christianity, I know there isn't that much light burning .... but there is some. Pray pray.

    This was posted earlier, its very important.
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    The wording for the same-sex marriage referendum has been published in Ireland today. A quote from the Irish Examiner:

    "The Taoiseach Enda Kenny has described as "an historic day in our country" the Cabinet's approval of the wording for the referendum on same-sex marriage.

    The Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald has published the wording which states:
    "Marriage may be contracted in accordance with law by two persons without distinction as to their sex"."

    Marriage will no longer be recognised as it has in this country for over 1500 years as a union between a man and a woman if it goes through, and will no longer be constitutionally enshrined as such.
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    Im disappointed.
    Not one bit surprised, but hugely disappointed.
    Padraig Pearse, Michael Collins, what has happened to your Republic!???
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    You know, the floodgates have truly been opened now.
    Who knows, in a few years time, the debate will be around the word "person" - who, or what, constitutes person?
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