Gay Marriage Referendum Ireland.

Discussion in 'Ireland' started by Sanctus, Aug 29, 2014.

  1. Sanctus

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    Looks like the referendum debate for gay marriage is about to start in Ireland. Undoubtedly it will be a biased campaign where opponents will be ostracised and labelled as homophobic. The government have been known to use illegal methods during campaigns, as they did in the Children's Referendum. No doubt they will use similar tactics in this one.
  2. Adoremus

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    The main reason I have begun trying to fast in earnest...
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  3. Sanctus

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    Very sad and discouraging predicament . It's not just marriage, it is the destruction of the natural marriage and family as there will be adoptive provisions aswell. (n)
  4. Torrentum

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    The Agenda 21 destruction of the family continues.
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  5. Bartimaeus

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    At the risk of sounding like a complete fruitcake -
    we just had a family movie night watching Maleficent. The story line was a lot better than I expected, but I am still left with the sense that the movie was a prequel for the first 'gay' Disney movie.

    I also had this sense after watching Frozen.

    I don't miss the over the top romanticism of early Disney movies, but I can't help feeling that we are being set up -
    -in Frozen the great love was between two sisters - luvely!
    -in Maleficent the great love has moved to an unrelated older woman.
    ...not too many more steps to go me thinks!
    But maybe me is bonkers!
  6. Torrentum

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    At the risk of sounding an even bigger fruitcake, I'm gonna agree with you Bart, and even take a step further:
    Most people think that TV (films/soaps etc) is designed to reflect modern life. I strongly disagree.
    I believe that modern life is shaped by what we look at; that agendas of the rulers/financiers of rulers, can actually be implemented by influencing what people believe by drip feeding them material on TV.
    I watched "Friends" when I was younger; a hugely HUGELY popular and, yes, often funny TV show, but, if you really look at it, what did it promote?
    It ran the following storylines:
    1. Most of the families featured were dysfunctional (Chandlers father was a sex-changed, divorced " woman ".) Pheobe's father had left them when she was little.
    Ross was divorced three times.
    Only the parents of Monika and Ross seemed normal.
    2. Family is secondary. Friends is much more important. Most of the occasions of Christmas, thanksgiving etc were spent with friends, not family.
    3. Pre marital sex is fine.
    4. Co-habitation is fine.
    5. Lesbianism is fine. (Ross' third divorce was due to his wife being a lesbian.
    6. Ross' role as a father was secondary to his wife and her ' wife' with the father only having visitation rights, the child seemed to live with the mother and the 'wife'.
    7. Surrogacy is fine. Phoebe was impregnated by her brother (!) And his 'partners' fertilized egg via IVF and gave birth to triplets, which she handed over, with some difficultly, to her brother.
    I could go on.
    My point is, that in the early 90s, when friends was just starting to get popular, gay adoption, cohabitation, surrogacy, sex change procedures were around, yes, but at tiny rates compared to today.
    Is all about planting the seed

    That's just one example. Friends.
    But, you know, Friends is cool. It's trendy. It's hip.
    A sickening and demonic example of how life can follow 'art'

    St. Elizabeth Seton apparently had a vision in the 1800′s in which she saw “in every American home a black box through which the devil would enter.”

  7. bflocatholic

    bflocatholic Powers

    It really is insidious. Ugh. God have mercy!!
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  8. Sanctus

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    The Irish media are relentless in their advocacy of the same-sex marriage and "gay rights". One news media outlet,, have been giving complete primacy to homosexual agenda over everything else. Everyday there seems to be a number of articles promoting it in some shape or form. It's unsettling to say the least.
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  9. Torrentum

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    Sanctus, I honestly couldn't agree more. I really detest that news site. It's got quite an agenda. And is unashamedly pushing the agenda, like you said, daily. Gay marriage and abortion - what would journal print without them?
    The comment culture is disgraceful and, though I've not read them in a while, usually if a gay marriage, gay adoption or abortion story is run, one of the first comments is: " when are we gonna grow up and get rid of the Church for good " or something to that effect. Quite telling. I've complained before about the venomous comments and got nowhere.
    Saddest part though, is that most young people I know use the journal app as their only source of news (because journal is hip and trendy). They never read the indo, or drudge, or anything like that. Its brainwashing of the youth on an industrial scale.
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  10. Sanctus

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    Hi Torrentum, yes the comments section is usually very, if not predominantly, anti-Catholic on! I have decided to stop reading that news site because it is morally corrosive.:sick: The Indo is actually fairly good and has a decent enough moderated comments section that attracts alot of people of the faith. There is definitely brainwashing going on as you said, there is no denying that. They say that certain media outlets have a liberal agenda, however seems to go beyond that to another level.
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  11. Bartimaeus

    Bartimaeus Archangels

    What amazes me when I do read the comments is that some determined faithful souls do try to swim against the tide of hate. I take my hat off to them but I have no sense that it softens any hearts. I would be a quivering basket case if I spent much time in the land of comments.
    Clarification: I'd be a bigger basket case than I already am :giggle:
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  12. Scolaire Bocht

    Scolaire Bocht Archangels

    I wouldn't be so pessimistic on that score Bartimaeus, people can change their minds based on some good comments even among a sea of bad stuff. I don't think either that we can blame some of those comment sites as such either because unfortunately there are real people out there who think that way and mostly then they are real - if daft and insulting - views that you are reading.

    More shocking I think is the lack of opposition to the referendum from other quarters. This article is about the St Vincent de Paul giving money from their Maureen O'Connell fund to create an LGBT drop in centre in Galway: .

    Makes you wonder whose side they are on. Maureen O'Connell was a Galway publican, well known for her strong family views, who left her valuable property in the city to the SVP.
  13. Sanctus

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    I remember I left a comment on the Journal saying that the reason we are in such a mess in the world at the moment is because we have forgotten God and we need to come back to him. I received over 800 dislikes and alot of abuse needless to say :eek:
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  14. Scolaire Bocht

    Scolaire Bocht Archangels

    800 dislikes shows you hit a raw nerve alright! Even they might pause later and realize how strange it is to get so worked up about these issues if, as they claim, there is no God.
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  15. Sanctus

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  16. Dublin priest says he is gay during Mass – receives standing ovation.
    Calling on his Dublin city congregation to support same sex marriage in the upcoming Irish referendum, set for the end May, Dolan said “I’m gay myself.”

    What do you think? Was this 'coming out'
    a) a wise thing to do
    b) neutral
    c) negative

    Why? And how do you see the response of the congregation?
  17. Sanctus

    Sanctus Guest

    Definitely it would be negative because same-sex marriage is contributing to the abolition of the family unit, and the fact that this came from a priest is very concerning. The congregation's response also reflects the lack of obedience to the teachings of the Church that is prevalent in Ireland. Nothing new here unfortunately.
  18. garabandal

    garabandal Powers

    a. 'Coming out' is an oxymoron. God created us male and female. Man is made for women and women for man.
    b. Nor is it neutral as he chose to reveal that he has embraced the 'gay' myth. Gay is a social construct. It is a created 'fantasy world' divorced from reality.
    c. It is a negative since he chose to say he is gay (rather than has 'homosexual' tendencies).

    If he had said 'I struggle with same sex attraction but for the love of God remain celibate and chaste in mind and body', 'pray for me' then maybe we could say - here is a saint in the making.

    Language is important. 'Gay' is a word I associate with the New World Order.

    The congregation are more attached to the world than to the Gospel. It is a perfect illustration of what is wrong with the Church as Sister Lucia forewarned about a diabolical disorientation infiltrating to the highest order.

    Romans 12: 2 Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.
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  19. Miriam

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    Michael Voris latest Vortex.

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  20. Sanctus

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    It appears that the media and society have become saturated with homosexuality, every newspaper has some article promoting it. It is very difficult to watch society breaking down and being replaced with this.
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