Gates of Heaven - swing fully open!

Discussion in 'Prayer requests' started by DesertStar7, Jan 6, 2021.

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    "Put up a statue of St. Michael in the White House and convert to the Catholic Faith, then go into battle and behold the power of God."

    Wish Pres. Trump would've heeded Michael Voris' admonition. It's too late as he's concerned, but we must continue to call "Swing open wide, oh Gates of Heaven! Send forth your mighty angels to defend and protect! Sweep away the evil and harmful!"

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    interesting that this is all happening on the Feast of the Epiphany, which arguably, might be the point where Christian Civilization really began; the day when kings came and bowed down before the King of Kings made flesh, and His Immaculate Queen. I believe Christian Civilization has been in a dormant state (kind of like Our Lady before Her Assumption) since the dethronement of Blessed Charles of Austria and his wife, the Empress Zita, servant of God. Who knows what the near future holds for Christian Civilization now? There may still be some bastions that hold out, like Poland, Brazil, (which President Jair Bolsonaro consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary) Liechtenstein, San Marino, maybe Andorra, and persecuted and impoverished pockets in Asia and Africa. One thing is certain, our hearts and homes can and must hold those glowing embers of Christian Civilization and we must hold on to them in the dark and turbulent times ahead, we must hold on to quicken Christendom's resurrection even if we don't live to see it.

    Seek first the Kingdom of God and His Justice, and all else shall be added unto us.
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    It's amazing what has happened today, on the feast of the Epiphany.
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    Quite honestly, I think the United States of America is pretty much over now, I can't see anyway forward after this; it's time for the states to secede.

    Granted, secession itself would also require the "Gates of Heaven to swing fully open," because the powers that should not be are determined to do everything in their power to stop people from living happy, moral lives.
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    At the end of the Christmas season. I used to remember, as a child in the protestant church, singing Christmas songs in the weeks leading up to Christmas. No talk of Advent, just it being almost Christmas. Anyway, when I became a Catholic as an adult, I was almost disappointed in how long we sang the Christmas songs. I still love them, but have gotten used to the Advent season with it's songs. Now, with this outbreak of chaos, I worry. Probably more than I should. I made a resolution to make this year a year of prayer for me. The rosary to start off with, but other prayers as well. As the days pass, and I see the chaos in America, I realize the real need for prayer and dedication to the Lord. I pray for this country, and I pray for mercy to be shown. Ok, I recently read a book called "Preparing for the coming persecution." It was written a couple of years ago. Reading that, and seeing the news today, I really pray and worry. Will my meager prayers be enough?
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