Garabandal: unstoppable waterfall

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  1. I haven't watched the movie, Garabandal: only God knows. I haven't had the opportunity but I felt put off by the appalling fact that there was no mention whatsoever of the Warning, the Miracle or the Chastisement.

    The movie, Garabandal, sólo Dios sabe, was made without funding, with amateur actors, without resources but with great faith. I read some beautiful things shared by those involved about what they experienced during the filming. This movie has been a success of public and has taken the Garabandal topic out of the closet and into plain daylight.

    AND NOW ... this is the best part I think ... THERE IS A SEQUEL:

    Garabandal, Catarata Imparable - that is Garabandal, Unstoppable Waterfall.

    As the first Garabandal movie becomes available free online in You tube, tomorrow, June 7th, so the sequel, Garabandal Catarata Imparable will be premiere FREE, ONLINE, IN YOUTUBE, on June 18, 2020.
    This sequel speaks clearly about the Warning, the Miracle, etc: now that there is interest, people will get the whole "dish" served.

    This is the official trailer and the place where it will be aired -in Spanish so far:

    This means that there has been an incredible work behind the scenes by many people truly wanting to bring forth this information and making it available -FREE- for the world at this time. They first created the interest and then they are providing the whole message.

    May this bring many graces to people, and help to awaken the consciences to what Heaven has been saying, and repeating for decades in so many places, inviting conversion of hearts and change of life. And may this help to bring Garabandal to where it belongs.

    Hope this will be of help, and if it is not yet in English, at least we can rejoice that this is happening.
  2. The official trailer of the Garabandal sequel has now English subtitles here:

    as you can see my translation (as in the above post) "unstoppable waterfall" was a literal translation, the official trailer translates it as "Garabandal: Uncontainable Cascade".

    Also the original Garabandal movie in Spanish with English subtitles can be watched here:

    It seems that the movie will be free in You Tube during the month of June. It may be removed afterwards.
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  3. andree

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    So the English version will be free on YT on July 2nd. I've marked my calendar, thank you for sharing this, the trailer looks very promising indeed.
  4. Thanks, Andree, yes, the English version of the second movie will be release on July 2, which I think is the date of the first apparition of the Blessed Virgin to the girls. On June 18 was the Angel. (please correct me if I'm mistaken with the dates).

    The first movie will be free in You tube, -the Spanish original version- only during the month of June -or at least that is what can be read below the movie.

    I don't know if it will work in the same way for the first Garabandal English movie. I'm including here the full movie English audio version
  5. I'm copying here an explanation given in the comments about the development of the two movies and the reasons that moved the authors following the question of a viewer:

    Garabandal: Only God Knows 3 days ago
    Why does the film not mention certain events like the warning or the miracle?

    When the film was originally planned, the idea was to present the objective facts of what took place in Garabandal during the apparitions and, in particular, to focus in on the credibility of the apparitions. Our Lady gave many signs (especially through the ecstasies) to help us “modern men” to believe. The film producers have decided to focus in on the credibility of what took place, as well as faithfully transmitting the overall message of Our Blessed Mother: her maternal love and the call to conversion. However, you are right in saying that it is an important part of everything that took place in Garabandal. There is just too much to fit into one film.

    The documentary that is planned to premiere in July 2, “Garabandal, Uncontainable Cascade”, deals with the Warning, the Chastisement and the Miracle, as well as the death of Fr. Andreu and the second commission that was sent to “study” the events that took place. I think that the two films complement each other very well. And we have already seen many testimonies of people who have deeply experienced the maternal presence of Our Blessed Mother through the first film. I hope this helps!​
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    Yes, great idea to post these links and make it so easy to watch both movies. I saw "Catarata Imparable" yesterday. Don't expect too much about the second commission. More can be found at Valmadian, that I suspect is a pseudomym, was a member of the second commission to investigate Garabandal, posted the following on that site. An English translation of this and more that Valmadian revealed about the weaknesses of his commission can be found in A Walk to Garabandal A Journey of Happiness and Hope (2017)

    La postura "oficial" del Obispado fue de auténtica persecución, y no sólo por parte de un único obispo, sino de varios. Se llegó a prohibir que se celebrase la misa en el pueblo. Se prohibió que sacerdotes y monjas fuesen al pueblo si quiera como visitantes. Se envió un escrito a todos los obispados de España una recomendación en base a un canon, ya derogado en aquel momento, para que prohibiesen a sus consagrados dirigirse a Garabandal. Se autonombraron varios individuos como parte de una imaginaria comisión que, en nombre del Obispado de Santander, sometieron a la mayor de las videntes, Conchita, a toda clase de pruebas absurdas y ridículas en Santander, incluidas visitas a adivinadores, echadores de cartas y otras lindezas por el estilo. Se la amenazó a ella y a su familia si no se retractaba. Puro pistolerismo moral al estilo de la mafia. Afortunadamente, hubo muchos consagrados que no obedecieron semejantes disparates y siendo testigos de todo lo dejaron recogido en sus libros.
  7. Blizzard

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    I am halfway through "catarata".

    It seems a much, much better effort than the first movie - definitely worth watching.

    Maybe not a lot new for those of us who have been following garabandal for years, but its a very good introduction, it seems.

    Garabandal never ceases to amaze.

    What an extraordinary manifestation from heaven! Absolutely astounding.

  8. Last Sunday I finally watched Garabandal Solo Dios Sabe, and today I celebrated the solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus watching Garabandal Catarata Imparable. And this is what I think.

    The first movie -Only God Knows- presents the apparitions but is not centered on them so much as it is centered on how different groups of people saw them and responded to them, particularly clergy, and the diocesan authorities -which was simply put, a complete shame.

    The second part, Catarata Imparable, I found it VERY powerful. The full first hour is totally centered on the apparitions themselves through the testimony of very significant witnesses, and scholars of one science or another. The "narrator" is a young priest who has written the first doctoral thesis on Garabandal. He knows the topic so well!! He leads the script I think very well, alternating with first hand testimonies and lots of footage of the time.
    The testimonies are very powerful, first hand witnesses in very different capacities, from family of the seers, to young men of the village who acted as a personal guard to the seers (by request of the parents of the girls), to someone who was part of the second "Commision" created to study the apparitions -and explains the sham he got caught in ... , etc.

    This very engaging documentary is made to show that there never was a study of the Garabandal phenomenon by the Church, and is calling for it.
    It is worth watching because it explains very clearly and simply what is the status and where it comes from at every turn of the way.

    I highly recommend this second part to anyone interested.
    As mentioned above, it will be premiered free in English, in YouTube, on July 2.
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    Thank you everyone for the feedback, can't wait to watch the English version on July 2nd.
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    Hi guys,

    I'm new to the forum, I posted a review of the new documentary film

    I thought it was very good, I was pleased to see more of a mention on the prophetic side of garabandal and the eschatological program.... the film made no reference to these and left me a little disappointed.

    I am looking forward to discussing the Garabandal Apparitions more with you guys... I am trying to become more and more of an expert on them, I think I am 6 books in now over the last 3 years and have been able to visit twice, praise God!
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    Thank you Miles.
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    Welcome to our little forum!

    If you like garabandal you came to the right place.

    Check out Glenn’s thread GARABANDAL INFO when you have time.
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    I see that the movie will be premiered in 13 hrs, so I guess it's July 2nd US time but for many in Europe or elsewhere it will be July 3rd.


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