Garabandal; The Night of the Screams

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  1. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    I have watched this video a couple of times. The first time was a struggle because the Spanish? Priest bless him was difficult for me to understand.

    The second time watching it after taking on board the other recent Garabandal videos, opened new doors in my understanding, and it is truly remarkable.

    I remember first hearing we should pray for our Priests, and it was confusing because we thought Priests were saints. How on earth would saints need to be prayed for, we had absolutely no idea why we would need to pray for them, we were the ones needing to be prayed for. We do pray for them now that we have heard of the scandals and in charity pray for all Priests that God protect and preserve those who are keeping Faith, and praying for God to restore those who have fallen.

    Oddly enough in the last week we were wondering what had happened to two Priests who were run out of town here from different parishes who had been caught downloading child porn from the internet. One of them is supposed to be playing in a band/group in London. While the other whom I knew and received the Sacraments from, first went off and got a job driving a van. Today I hear he was recognised having moved to Ireland and was teaching children the faith. I think he will be run out of that town now he has been discovered. He had been caught with more downloaded material some years after the first offence it appears.

    Clearly that second Priest felt he missed the contact in the Church, or was it the contact with children he missed. :eek: He was never accused of touching any child, but caught downloading child porn from the internet. I wonder if these poor Priests need exorcism.

    Mind you there is a huge industry in porn and many men and I hear some women are addicted to it. Will there ever be an end to it.

    The other remarkable thing from the video is hearing how the traditional supernatural Faith seemed to pose a threat to the new Second Vatican Council trend towards modernism. And this little mountain community were at the very front line in facing what none of us or them recognised was happening. How interesting Blessed Mother insisted on the girls announcing the message about Cardinals, Bishops and Priests on the road to perdition, and leading many souls with them.

    We simply could not understand what she was talking about then. But we sure do now.

    I think that as we watch what appears to be a marxist takeover of the USA, the whole message from Garabandal takes on a new and powerful meaning about communism coming again.

    What I loved to hear above all was how Blessed Mother played hide and seek with the girls at Garabandal. She also did this with the girls at Kibeo. This helps me understand how Blessed Mother really is like a mother who wants to convey to us how she understands our nature and our needs to feel loved and accepted by her and have interaction with her. It gives me great hope that no matter what happens, Blessed Mother is with us, and since we know the Lord is with Mary. Jesus is with us too. Very encouraging. Praised be to God the Father, Jesus His Son, Holy Spirit and Blessed Mother.
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  3. Fatima is definitely hilly. But a drop in an ocean if compared to La Salette!
  4. Glenn

    Glenn Moderator

    If I may offer some quotes, going by what Conchita and Mary Loli said,

    CONCHITA: “The Chastisement is conditional and depends on whether or not mankind heeds the messages of the Blessed Virgin and the Miracle. If it should take place, I know what it will consist of, because the Blessed Virgin told me about it, but I am not permitted to say what it is. Moreover, I have seen the Chastisement. I can assure you that if it comes, it will be worse than being enveloped in fire, worse than having fire above and beneath you. I do not know how much time will elapse between the Miracle and the Conditional Chastisement.“

    On the feast of the Holy Rosary, October 7, 1962, Maria Herrero de Gallardo was in Garabandal and took the occasion to question Mari Loli about the visions of June 19-20, 1962 (the Nights of the Screams), and what she and the other visionaries could possibly have seen to cause them to cry out in such a terrifying manner. Sefiora Herrero reported:
    "Oh!" exclaimed the girl. "That was horrible to see. We were really frightened, and I know no words that could explain it. We saw rivers change into blood.... Fire fell from the sky.... And something much worse still, which I'm not able to reveal now."
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  5. Hi, Glenn.

    Do you know the year that Conchita made the statements you just quoted about the Chastisement being “conditional”?

    The reason I am asking is because, in the video I have linked, which was made after Conchita was married with young children, from about the minute mark 33:15 until the end, she expresses that she believes the Chastisement will occur.

    Am I to understand, then, that the Chastisement is both imminent AND “conditional” with respect to its being able to be mitigated (lessened)? In other words, am I to understand that Conchita believes it will happen—no question—but that our prayers and sacrifices may lessen its severity?

    Thank you!
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  6. Glenn

    Glenn Moderator

    Most of her quotes were in her 1965 "Diary". Now DONT confuse what Mary said that it is" Conditional" , to what Conchita's personal opinion of mankind's reaction to the Miracle will be. BTW, she also believed the Packers were going to be in the Superbowl this year. (true story) :(
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  7. Thank you for responding so promptly, Glenn. So, to clarify (because this is SO important!)—Our Lady used the word “conditional”; but, it’s Conchita’s opinion, as shown in the video, that it would come upon us. Correct?
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  8. Glenn

    Glenn Moderator

    YES !
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  9. Great—case closed!
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