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    May 18, (1920) - Saint Pope John Paul II Birthday !
    Pope John Paul II & Garabandal.

    During a special general audience with the Pope at the Vatican ... "special" because it was held on Saturday, rather than the usual Wednesday... Father Robert introduced Garabandal Visionary Mari-Loli and family to him. Father Robert who was holding 7 year old Maria Dolores, one of the three Lafleur children, said to the Pope: "Your Holiness, a special blessing for your littlest children who come on behalf of The Blessed Virgin from Garabandal." Our Holy Father exclaimed "Garabandal!" (picture below )
    From “ A walk to Garabandal” Revised Edition , Ed Kelly, page 305
    JPII ML daughter.jpg
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    We have discussed the Mission of Divine Mercy before:

    Yesterday the archbishop of San Antonio issued a public statement on Mission of Divine Mercy. He cited the disobedience of the mission in publishing prophecies, and the group's refusal to take down their statements; in particular, the statement calling Pope Francis a "usurper." He removed the faculties of the mission's leader, Rev. John Mary Foster.

    The Mission of Divine Mercy was a canonically approved Catholic apostolate, not an canonically approved religious community. Its status has been revoked and supressed as of March 15, 2024.

    Full statement is here:

    This was pretty quick action by the archbishop.

    Mar 16, 2024

    It's not an uncommon thing for fake prophesies to name other well known apparitions to bolster belief in their prophecies.
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    INTERVIEW WITH Mari Loli (Mazon ) Lafuer July 27, 1975 “Needles” magazine, Autumn issue, pages 6 & 7

    Q. You have said that you know the year of the Warning. Can you tell us if it will occur in the next few years or is it still in the distant future?
    A. No. I can't say anything.
    Q. Did the Blessed Mother tell you not to speak about the Warning?
    A. No, she didn't , but, because the Warning and the Miracle are within the same year, I feel it inside not to say anything.
    Q. How do you know the Warning and the Miracle are within the same year"
    A. During an apparition-I don't remember just when- the Blessed Virgin told me.

    * Now adding my research to this qoute gives a clear picture of how close they will be together. I have proven the “MIRACLE” is in the month of APRIL, so we can only conclude that since the WARNING happens in the same year, it has to happen from January – the end of MARCH that year. -Glenn
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    I concur.
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    Mary Loli herself said that "the same year" means "within twelve months."

    Listen at timestamp 2:42.

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    Loli also said the Warning,3 weeks or 3 months before the Miracle, That means the SAME year.
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    Hey @Glenn we are all tired of dates and guesses and waiting. Can you do all of us a favor, just talk to Conchita and get this thing going already :)
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    Can you please provide the citation for that quote from Loli? Thanks.
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    I have always been struck by the beautiful way that the girls blessed themselves in a unique manner at Garabandal.

    Do you know if our Lady taught them to bless themselves that way or was this a customary way that people blessed themselves in that part of Spain?

    You will see the blessing from 1min 51 seconds to 2mins 10 on this video (and also at 4 minutes).

    It is also amazing how the girls bless themselves in a synchronised manner and so dignified.

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    A Doctor’s experience ( Testing Mari Loli & Jacinta in ecstasy)
    August 1961. Dr. Felix Gallego and his wife Josefa test the 2 girls. "My husband approached the kneeling girls, grabbed Loli under her arms, and attempted to lift her. It was impossible to even budge her. She appeared welded to the floor, more like a block of stone than a little girl. The he tried to tip her over, pulling her to the \side, and again could not move her. He tried several times with no results. He couldn’t even move her enough to pass a piece of paper between her knees and the floor. "
    “ He then tried the same test on Jacinta with the same results. My Husband is a strong man, and it’s unbelievable that he couldn’t move two small 12 year old girls, they appeared to weigh tons.”
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    I received an email from the late Author Thomas Fahy.


    Miracle after the Warning ,3 weeks or 3 months?

    Dear Glenn,
    In the late 1980´s or early 1990´s, two Priests, whom I knew personally at that time, visited Mari Loli in Massachusetts. On their return one of the Priests told me that Mari Loli disclosed to them, when they were leaving, that the Warning would be in an even-numbered year.
    Several years later I asked the same Priest if Mari Loli said even numbered year. He said, "Yes". I have also read about or heard the same from other sources, which I do not recall now.
    In another situation, I was told by a man in Massachussets, who knows the Pastor of the Church that Mari Loli attended, that Mari Loli was speaking to her Pastor in Massachusetts one day, after he came to know about her relation with Garabandal, and told him that she could not remember
    whether the Blessed Virgin told her that it was 3 weeks or 3 months that the Warning would precede the Miracle. That would confirm that the Warning and Miracle are in the same year, as she said in her July 27, 1975 publicized interview. I take the same year to be the same calendar year.
    Thomas Fahy

    YES. Actually, I heard this from the Priest who was with Fr. Gustavo. I have not been in contact with either of them for several years now.

    Fahy is the author of “Suddenly & unexpectedly” The end of our Times.

    At the 20:00 minute
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    Hi Glenn. Thank you. But I asked you for a quote from Mari Loli herself. Instead, you have provided a quote from Thomas Fahy, who was quoting, from his memory, Fr. Gustavo Morelos and "a man in Massachussetts" who told him something that Mari Loli's "pastor" had heard her say.

    However, in 1988, Fr. Gustavo Morelos was interviewed at length about his discussions with the Garabandal seers. In that interview, Fr. Morelos says absolutely nothing about the events taking place in an "even-numbered year." If he actually believed the "even-numbered year" thing, why did he not mention it in the 1988 interview with Maria Saraco? Here is that interview:

    Did Maria Saraco or any other interviewer ever quote Mari Loli directly on those points? If not, then we are left still with no quote from Mari Loli herself confirming an "even-numbered year" or "3 months or 3 weeks." As of now, those opinions seem to come from a single source--Thomas Fahy's memory.
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    Maria Saraco told the same to Fahy,supposedly from Loli herself.
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    “The coming Warning and great Miracle” by Anthony Ambrosio
    “NEEDLES” magazine July-September 1977 ,page 8


    Q. Would you repeat for us what you know about the Warning?

    Conchita: What I remember now is that the Virgin told me that before the Miracle God will be sending us a Warning, so as to purify us or prepare us to see the Miracle, and in this way we may draw enough Grace to change our lives towards God. She told me what the Warning consists of but not its date. I am not able to say what it consists of but I am able to say what it will be like, more or less. It is a phenomenon which will be seen and felt in all the world and everywhere I have always put as an example that of two stars that collide. This phenomenon will not cause physical damage, but will horrify us because at the very moment we will see our souls and the harm we have done, it is as though we were in agony but we will not die by its effects or perhaps we will die of fright or shock to see ourselves. May the virgin forgive me if I do not explain it the way it is but I am trying to tell you, after knowing, what the Warning will be like that day.
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    Thanks for your opinion, I disagree with it, and with the ArchBishop. This AB is the one who shut down a good Catholic family and destroyed their business, because a Priest was saying Mass in their private chapel, as well as cancelled the Latin Mass in his Diocese. This is also the AB who believes Francis really is Pope (I do not, I stand with Conchita here, Benedict being the ‘last’ and 4th Pope). Frankie is a usurper and does his bidding (aforementioned cancelling of the Latin Mass). Sister A has been receiving these locutions for a long time (I think for decades) and they have always respected the ArchBishop’s wishes but they just couldn’t any longer and I think they were right to go against him. We are very close to the Warning, imho. Time will tell, but I do believe they are real. They have not gone against the Faith in any way. They’ve only gone against a man.
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    "Conchita Speaks"
    By Dr. Jeronimo Dominguez in May 1973
    (the man who brought her to America )

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    Conchita didn't say Benedict XVI was the last pope of all time, but the last pope before the End Times begin.

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