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    God Bless you Glenn
  2. Hi Glenn did Conchita mention one time something about a conflict between Iran and Israel before the warning?
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    Prayers for you Glenn...
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    Prayers for your health, Glenn!:notworthy:
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    Glenn knows the miracle date conchita told him jk
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    Mary says the word "Purgatory" !

    "GARABANDAL" Magazine, April 16, 1983 Interview with Jacinta Gonzalez Moynihan

    Q. “ Did the Virgin ever speak about Purgatory?”

    A. “ Yes”

    Q. “ Did she actually use the word Purgatory ? “

    A. “Yes, because she said many souls go there”.

    (Reprinted in the GARABANDAL Magazine July-September 1983 Issue, page 6
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    I could fill this page with the endless list of names of people who told me something was going to happen on April 8th or April 11th this year and when I try to talk about facts that it wasn't, most did not listen. Here's some more advice you might want to take . There's a very small handful of Garabandal experts in the world that you can count on one hand ,most of the people you see on YouTube are not. And to those who still slander my name ( especially on this site) being a frequent visitor to Garabandal , does not make you an " expert". Having access to all of Barry Hanratty's library (the Editor of the GARABANDAL magazine) and speaking to him while he was alive, decades of talking to Joey Lomangino , and still being able to have direct contact with and speaking to 2 Visionaries, one being the "main " visionary for 30 years ! Just saying, have a good day. God bless.
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    How are you feeling Glenn?
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    Much better ,thank you.
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    Remembering Pope Benedict XVI on his Birthday,
    April 16,1927 and his interest in Garabandal.

    Pope Benedict XVI knew all about Garabandal , and had been very receptive to learning more about it. Not only has he met and interviewed Conchita, ( When I personally spoke to Conchita about the meeting in the Vatican 1968 , she told me she only met him when he was Cardinal Ratzinger, not as Pope Benedict obviously.)

    He had all the latest investigation papers, eyewitness testimonies of the miracles, etc. performed through the intercession of Our Lady of Garabandal, sent to him by the well known promoter the late Fr. Francis Benac, S.J. He has also read the Garabandal book “ O Children Listen to Me “ .

    Cardinal Ratzinger became the Prefect (head) of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, on November 25, 1981,the Vatican department in charge of protecting the sacred deposit of the faith handed on from the apostles. Considering how close he was with Pope John Paul II, who was a vocal supporter of Garabandal, him meeting Conchita, reading up on the subject, it’s no surprise to me, that he was a believer too.
    1989 Monsignor del Val finally opens the Second Commission (with the support of Rome) testifies that the findings of the investigation of the Apparitions of the Most Holy Virgin Mary in Garabandal were sent to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith; more specifically, to Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger. The case for Garabandal is STILL OPEN.
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    Good to see you back, Glenn. :)
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    “All my children”
    The Blessed Mother says to Conchita: “Conchita, I do not come for you alone, but for all my Children, with the desire to bring them closer to our hearts”
    From : Garabandal: Message of Hope”. Fr. Jose Luis Saavedra, pg. 174

    During the course of the Garabandal apparitions, it was observed that one of the Seers, in ecstasy, offered the “kissed crucifix” to a non-Catholic. The witnesses were surprised to see this and when the apparition was over, asked the child about it. During the next apparition, the visionary questioned the Blessed Virgin as to why she had been directed to give the crucifix to a Protestant. Our Lady simply replied, “ Because they are all my children”.
    “GARABANDAL “ magazine , Oct.-Dec. 1979 Issue, pg. 6
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    What a beautiful reply from Our Lady. It echos the upcoming second reading at this Sundays Mass:

    See what love the Father has bestowed on us
    that we may be called the children of God.
    Yet so we are.
    The reason the world does not know us
    is that it did not know him.
    Beloved, we are God's children now;
    what we shall be has not yet been revealed.
    We do know that when it is revealed we shall be like him,
    for we shall see him as he is.
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  15. Glenn

    Glenn Garabandal Expert

    Mari-Loli's 3-day journal written on April 19-20-21, 1967.
    Several years ago Julia Mazon, the mother of Mari-Loli, one of the four Garabandal visionaries, found some packed-away things long forgotten from the days of the apparitions and beyond. Among these precious objects was a journal Mari-Loli kept while making her retreat in Balmori, Spain, in April 1967. She was not quite 18 years old. Loli's writings are so deeply profound... never before read or published by anyone but what shines through is her simplicity and sincerity in such a way they cannot but help to increase the spiritual life of one's soul. Her intense desire to be so completely united with the Lord through the Holy Virgin Mary, is so overwhelming that she manages to capture her most intimate thoughts as she takes pen in hand to record them. Never did it cross her mind that one day her writings would shine out with tremendous hope not only to those who profess and try to do the will of God and yet fall so many times but to all humanity particularly the youth in the world. Therefore, I feel compelled to share them with you during this point in time:
    1st Day - Spiritual Exercises - April 19, 1967 I am going to start my exercises in which our Lord and the most Holy Virgin will speak to me by means of Rev. Father Gustavo Morelos. I propose to listen with great love and confidence so that our Lord by these means will illuminate my life so I can walk down a righteous path. I desire that in these days of intense union with our Lord and the Blessed Virgin my spiritual ideas will become clear. Virgin Mary, grant that I through these exercises I may learn to love you as you deserve and wish to be loved. Please don't forsake me not even for an instant. I am so weak that I immediately stumble and fall. Do not permit Oh Lord, that at the final judgment you will ask me to give an account and find my hands empty.
    “ The Vigil “, January - April 1997
    Julia (Mari-Loli's Mother), Mari-Loli.jpg
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    Glenn you have to have a sense of humor just some Irish Craig. I love the messages I read almost all of them when I converted. I won't be at the miracle as my heart has already converted and continues to convert through purification and sanctification as the messages point to sacrafice ,penance and the rosary. But for those who need a push it's beautiful I try to live the messages though. It's sad so many put the visionaries on a pedestal from such a young age it's a cross being in the limelight. I know it's real by the messages and humbling smiles of the visionaries at a young age a sign of purity. I've seen the Madonna once in my life for about an hour before seeing God the father confirmed by Frank Kelly at a healing service so I will try to live righteously and what I'm called too in my state in life.
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    Glenn Garabandal Expert

    Mari-Loli's 3-day journal written on April 19-20-21, 1967.
    Several years ago Julia Mazon, the mother of Mari-Loli, one of the four Garabandal visionaries, found some packed-away things long forgotten from the days of the apparitions and beyond. Among these precious objects was a journal Mari-Loli kept while making her retreat in Balmori, Spain, in April 1967. She was not quite 18 years old.

    2nd Day - First Talk - Summary of the Talk Regarding Meditations - April 20, 1967 In order to meditate well, it is necessary to keep your mind centered on the theme about which you are meditating because otherwise your imagination will wander to other things that have happened or you might want to do. Oh Virgin Mary! Help me to be holy and carry the small crosses that you send me with joy and resignation, so that all that I do I will do for the love of your Holy Son and you.

    Second Talk - "From Whom Do I Come?" To think that I am here because of an act of God's love towards me. This alone is enough for me to be good. So many beings in your imagination to whom you have not given life. Oh Lord! Thank you so much for having chosen me. Help me Lord, so that I can do everything well, and in that way you will be pleased in having selected me.

    Why Am I Here? Oh Lord! I know you have created me to be a saint. Help me to attain this title and try day by day to be more so, that my life may be a continuous act of love towards you. Lord, when I do not feel You near me, don't permit me to be dejected as I am now. Help me, otherwise I cannot have peace and interior joy. Where Am I Going? I know Lord that I have to go toward You. Help me so that this idea becomes engraved in my soul. I know this because it has been made know to me through the Holy Church.

    “ The Vigil “, January - April 1997
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    St hermengild is the martyr April 13 is his feast day and one or two of the visionaries said the saints feast day is in April. It will be in April. It's tied to the great french monarch because they are the same bloodlines especially on the Seville line. People will see at the warning how they persecuted and made poor the true king of France the great french monarch the line of Seville. That is the connection. It's possible they even switched feast days st tarcisus and st hermengild. The end sentence is plausible. Wasn't it also said the great french monarch will mirror the martyr?
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    None of the three martyrs fits 100%, St. Tarcisius fits the description, but not the feast date. The others were men, not young boys or teens. There is NO mention of a French Monarch in the Garabandal prophecies.
  20. Glenn

    Glenn Garabandal Expert

    April 20, 2009 - Mari Loli Mason died.

    Mari Loli Mazon LaFluer (one of the 4 girls) died on April 20, 2009. She was only 59 years old. She suffered from Lupus and Scleroderma which ultimately caused fibrosis of her lungs. Loli died surrounded by her loving family and sister Sari (visiting from Spain at the time).
    She lived in Massachusettes first, then moved to New Hampshire in 1982. At the time of her death, Loli had been married to her husband Francis for over 35 years. Mari Loli had lupus, and her father had brain cancer and died the night of her wedding. The life of a visionary is not an easy one; it is filled with sufferings that you never hear about. Remember her on her death anniversary today in your prayers.

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