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    Glenn has all the necessary knowledge and experience to take care of this thread without any help and he has all my confidence, I have only love and respect for him, my Brother, we will be together at the Pines as I said it to you and as you know, the rest does not matter.
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    Glenn, thanks so much for your swift effort on our behalf to order properly, once again, the events of Garabandal, even more necessary in our current world. This is great....really easy to get the main facts and witness quotes and dates. My poor old brain needs this kind of order after being overloaded with so much coming at us these days. Sometimes I think it might be a good thing to hack/cleanse my brain in order to get the cobwebs out and concentrate on what's most important!! Things must be getting close for this to happen to you....old "red legs" isn't very subtle lately with his time getting shorter.
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    Quick question Glenn. Conchita gave those 3 clues back in the 60's. Does she confirm them NOW?

    Keep up the great work!
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    Finally you get it ! He never stops attacking me, he just posted again !
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    She has never changed her original testimony.
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    Dear Glenn
    I have the book of Albrecht Weber (last edition) and can not find this statement. Nevertheless, I support this version. Can Conchita remember today and confirm this Statement?
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    I have finally found an original version (in German ) and am having it translated in to English,so Im waiting anxiously.
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    Dear Glenn
    I speak German and have read the book intensively, but I never found this statement. If you find this statement, it would be very helpful.
    Or could Conchita remember this Statement? Thank you very much for your great efforts.
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    Some of the sources reporting this statement made by Mr. Weber, the author of the book....perhaps not necessarily in the book but within an interview of the author:

    The source for this information was also requested. Mr. Weber responded: "Conchita said this in a long conversation at her house on November 14,1965."
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    The "Little Miracle"
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    1971 First color Garabandal video by Richard Everson
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    The Virgin Mary referred to “the Pines“ : "God loves this place very much. This place is sacred."

    GARABANDAL- “The Pines - Sacred ground “ .
    We all know about the special area of Garabandal called "The Pines" (the 9 Pine trees where the Blessed Mother appeared, and foretold of the great Miracle that will take place there),but there are some other facts that have been forgotten about over time. Mary called this place "sacred".

    Conchita 's Grandfather Serafin,( Conchita's grandfather on her father's side.) In 1947, in his younger years when he was the mayor of the village, had the idea that every child, in commemoration of his or her First Holy Communion would plant a pine tree on the heights above the village as a symbol for his or her life. Of those planted, nine survived and grew into massive trees, at the place to which the Virgin Mary referred ' saying: "God loves this place very much. This place is sacred." Today they are called "los pinos" and we await the great Miracle announced by the visionary children. Mary said "It will be the greatest miracle that my Son, Jesus, will have ever performed for mankind. It will also be the last one before the end”.

    Garabandal has a history of doing a nightly Rosary for over 500 years ! It’s no wonder why “God loves this place very much,this place is sacred !”
    Spending so many years working with Joey afforded me the opportunity to become close friends and hear many personal stories about his life. This one relates to the " 9 Pines".

    I have a funny little story about when Joey Lomangino bought his house in NY. When he and his wife went to buy a house ,his wife Marilynn was describing the outside of the house to Joey. The person showing them the house mentioned
    the “Pine trees “ that lined one side of the house.
    They asked ,"how many pine trees are there ?

    The person said " 9 " !

    Joey said : " We'll take the house ! "
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    The following words are taken from two letters written by Conchita to youth groups from France, during their pilgrimage to Garabandal in 1970 and 1972.

    Conchita‘s written messages to youth group in France in 1970

    Life of Virtue
    The Eucharist
    True happiness
    The Rosary
    Jesus’s passion
    Examination of conscience
    Look at Mary

    The following words are taken from two letters written by Conchita to youth groups from France, during their pilgrimage to Garabandal in 1970 and 1972.

    "Be models for other young people"
    "The Blessed Virgin wants you to help convert the world and, thereby, prevent the wrath of God over our sins.
    She trusts in you; she trusts that your example and self-denial might make you models for other young people that haven’t received the graces that you have in hearing Our Lady’s messages."

    "She asks you to have a spirit of penance, sacrifice and prayer. Without these weapons, we can do nothing."

    Visit the Blessed Sacrament frequently
    "In the Blessed Sacrament you will find the strength to take on the life that the Virgin Mary is constantly asking of you. Make frequent visits to the Blessed Sacrament. Empty your hearts of earthly things that don't allow you to listen to God."

    It comes from being with God
    "The happiness which you have never felt is found only in the surrender to God and the Virgin Mary."

    "Pray to her with faith and trust."
    "Pray for one another, for yourselves, pray to Our Lady. Pray to her with faith and trust. She will give you everything that is good for you."

    Think of His Passion
    "Let us all together think more about Jesus' passion, in order to forget about ourselves."

    God speaks to your soul
    "You who listen to these words, listen to God who speaks within your soul, follow the voice of your conscience. Pause each day for just a few minutes to think about the bad you’ve done, the good you have failed to do and also the good you have done; ask forgiveness for the bad you've done and for the good that, through negligence, you failed to do and begin your Christian life again."

    Would the Blessed Virgin do it?
    "Pray before acting and ask yourself, beforehand, ‘Would the Virgin Mary do this? What would the Blessed Virgin do?’ It’s possible that at this moment, when you are about to do something bad, you change your mind."
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    Conchita’s Polaroid

    Conchita was given a Polaroid camera and took a this picture during her ecstasy of the Blessed Mother at the pines in Garabandal. This fact is stated by Mother Maria de las Nieves.

    Mother María de las Nieves García was told by Conchita that people wanted a photo of Our Lady, so one day they put a camera in her hands and told her how to operate it because she had no clue. After falling into ecstasy, Conchita started handling the camera as she had been instructed, and Our Lady smiled at her. Conchita told Our Lady that she was holding that thing because people wanted a photo of her, and Our Lady said to her, "I've come out [in the photo]." When the ecstasy ended, the photo was looked at: the result was a light shape of Our Lady on a dark background. Conchita's mother kept and cherished the photo on her bedside table until her death. No date is mentioned.

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    I have just re-read Conchita's diary.
    The more I come in contact with these dialogues, the more I love their simplicity. And I feel increasingly attracted to imitate it in dealing with Jesus and Mary.
    I have only read the original version of the diary sofar. In Spanish, of course. I wonder if the translations conserve this sweet naivety?
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