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    2 Great personal stories about Conchita.

    Conchita & Humility

    For a time, when she was younger, while she was living in Fatima many years ago, she went daily to an older priest’s residence to volunteer as a cleaning lady. As on other occasions, she went there using the name of Maria, in order not to be recognized. However, one day someone recognized her and immediately all the resident priests knew that the woman who swept the floors of their residence was Conchita of Garabandal. From then on, nothing was the same. Conchita told me that when the priests discovered who she was, they changed the way they treated her. She said she was sorry that they had found out who she was because she felt better serving those elderly priests anonymously.

    Reminds me very much of what Saint Bernadette said:
    "The Blessed Virgin used me like a broom. What do you do with a broom when you have finished sweeping? You put it back in its place, behind the door!"
    Conchita’s reaction to being robbed.
    When Conchita first came to America in 1972, she was working as a medical assistant to Dr. Dominguez in the Bronx. Everyday after attending morning mass, she would stop and pick up some coffee and also offer coffee to the homeless there, then proceed to work.
    One day while in the elevator, going up to her office, a man in there with her, stopped the elevator in between floors and pulled a knife on her. Not realizing that Conchita did not speak English well yet, finally yelled “ Money ! ” Conchita only had $20 on her, gave it to the robber, but then she did the unthinkable ! She told him do not use this for drugs, only to buy food and then she pulled out of her purse a Scapular, and also gave it to the robber ! A Saint among us.
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    Happy 72nd Birthday to Jacinta today ! May God continue to bless you everyday.
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    This short 2 minute video will give you an explanation of what the “ Warning “ is, as revealed to Conchita and Mari Loli, by our Blessed Mother.
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    On February 9, 1975 the magazine known as “NEEDLES” had recorded an interview with Conchita .
    In January 1966, Conchita arrived in Rome with her mother, a Spanish priest, Fr. Luis Luna, Professor Enrico Medi and Princess Cecilia from Bourbon and Parma. She had been called by Cardinal Ottaviani, prefect of the Holy Office, today known as the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. It was during this visit that Conchita had a private audience with Pope Paul VI, during which only five others were present. We have the reliable witness of Professor Medi, who at the time was president of the European Association of Atomic Energy and friend of the Holy Father; he was one of the five present. As Conchita had to wait a day before her interview with Cardinal Ottaviani, Professor Medi suggested that they go to San Giovanni Rotondo to see Padre Pio. Conchita herself tells about her visit, taken from her interview in NEEDLES magazine:
    We all agreed to go so we headed towards the monastery in Professor Medi’s rental car. We arrived about 9 o’clock at night and we were told that we wouldn’t be able to see Padre Pio until the next morning, after he celebrated the 5 a.m. Mass. Fr. Luna and the Professor went to the sacristy before Mass began. The Professor told me later on what had happened. He said that Fr. Luna told Padre Pio that the Princess of Spain was there to see him, Padre Pio replied, "I don’t feel very well and won’t be able to see her until later in the day." Then Professor Medi said to him, "There is someone else here to see you as well. Conchita wants to speak with you." Padre Pio replied, "Conchita of Garabandal? Come back at eight o'clock this morning." When we arrived we were brought into a small room, a cell, which had a bed, a chair, and a small table. I asked Padre Pio if this was his room and if he slept here, to which he replied, 'Oh no, you cannot see my room. This is a rich room.' At the time I did not realize what a holy man Padre Pio was, as I know him to be now. I was very young; I was only 16."
    Q: Who was in the room with you?
    Conchita: It was just my mother, Fr. Luna, and a priest from the monastery who spoke Spanish and took a lot of pictures. I don’t remember the Princess or the Professor being there.
    Q: Can you tell us what was said during your visit with Padre Pio?
    Conchita: I only remember a little. I do remember that the priest who had been taking the pictures asked permission from Padre Pio who responded, “You have been taking them since you arrived.” I remember that I had the crucifix that Our Lady had kissed and I said to Padre Pio, “This Cross was kissed by the Blessed Virgin. Would you like to kiss it?” Padre Pio took the crucifix and placed it in the palm of his left hand, over the stigmata. Then he took my hand and placed it over the crucifix, and closed his fingers around my hand. Then with his right hand he blessed my hand and the crucifix. He did the same with my mother when she asked him to bless her rosary that had also been kissed by the Blessed Virgin. I was kneeling the whole time I was with him, he held me by the hand, together with the cross, while he spoke to me.

    I asked Conchita for a picture, and she said :” I don't have the photo, and Fr. Alesio who promised it to me, died. (conversation) “ 4-16-18
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    Conchita must suffer too..

    “Conchita’s Diary” p204, 1966 : He [Jesus] replied..."I want to tell you, Conchita, that before the miracle occurs, you will suffer much, for few people will believe you. Your own family will believe that you have deceived them. I am the one who wants all this, as I have already told you, for your sanctification and so that the world may comply with the message. I wish to advise you that the remainder of your life will be a continual suffering. Do not be frightened. In your suffering you will find me and also Mary whom you love very much... I will be with whoever suffers for me."

    " I remember my village caused me to suffer. I felt as if I was imprisoned. I acted by the commands of others who constantly advised me " Go to mass, Pray the rosary, Do this, Give up that ". At times I thought I would be happy in a hermitage away from everyone, and to work there alone for God and see what I was capable of doing without their forever telling me." Conchita 11-25-66

    On one occasion I asked Conchita a question that in my mind pertained to the future events. She perceived it as an ordinary question, not one pertaining to the events. (Her answer shows how she deals with her cross each day ). The question was, “What is the most important thing we must do?” She replied “Keep the Commandments,”. This sums up the way she lives her life today. People who think that she lives it waiting for the Miracle are misinformed. She does not. Her life is well anchored in her faith,and a daily spiritual practice of her faith. Conchita has stated to me, “I don’t know how anyone gets through the joys and trials of life without prayer. I would rather have not had the experiences, because it is so much nicer just to love God.”
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    For those new members who would like a brief explanation of the Marian Apparitions at Garabandal,Spain (or to share this with family or friends who don’t know about Garabandal) a short film by actor Ricardo Montalban.
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    zamora  bishop.png
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    TODAY IN GARABANDAL HISTORY: MAY 1,1949 Mari “Loli” Mazon was born.

    María Dolores Mazón González was born on May 1st, 1949. She went by the name “Loli” and was the second of Ceferino and Julia’s six children. Ceferino was the village mayor, and, in addition to working in the fields, the family owned a small shop and bar. Loli married Francis Lafleur in Massachusetts, U.S.A., in 1974, and they had 3 children: Francis, María Melanie and María Dolores. For 7 years, she suffered from “lupus erythematosus” in her respiratory system, which eventually caused her death on April 20th, 2009, at age 59. She died in her home in Plaistow, Massachusetts (U.S.A.).
    mari loli.png
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    Conchita recounts the the story in the book "Our Lady comes to Garabandal" . She said " I was returning from the fields,we met my Godmother Maximina Gonzalez, she was very excited and said this to us "Do you know the voice of the Blessed Virgin has been heard on a tape recorder ?" " What did she say I asked ? " She replied " Loli and Jacinta asked her (The Blessed Virgin) "Speak, Please Speak" and the people heard an answer : " No, I wont speak " . My Godmother told me that people began to cry because they were very moved at having heard the Blessed Virgin's voice.

    You can download this story from the book ,"SHE WENT IN HASTE TO THE MOUNTAIN" CHAPTER 7 on page 156. Here is the link
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    On that day, Mari-Loli and Conchita received new and prophetic revelations about the future tribulations of the brief but very difficult time of the “Pre-Aviso”( Pre-Warning) . Conchita also said during her ecstasy that “ Communism will also come back in Spain”. The Blessed Virgin also predicted to the visionary that “ the Pope would go to Russia, to Moscow”, a trip absolutely unthinkable in the political climate of the 1960’s. She also added among other important things, that “ As soon as the Sovereign Pontiff would return to the Vatican, successive violent persecutions would break out here and there in Europe”.

    These would be signs that the world, and particularly the Church (people would then believe that She will be on the point of disappearing, etc. ) were entering into the relatively short yet very difficult period of the Pre-Warning.

    From the book : “ GARABANDAL “ -J. Serre, p.133
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    Many of you write me publicly and privately, asking about the date of the "Warning", the date of the " Miracle", or the Miracle Martyr Saint, or the time line for future events ,and I just want to remind you of THE MOST IMPORTANT thing that Conchita ever said (in my opinion) "LIVE THE MESSAGES !"
    At age 16 Conchita was already was spiritually wise: "There is no point in our believing in the apparitions if we do not heed the message."
    “To guess at dates regarding the [prophesied] Miracle shows a lack of faith in the Blessed Virgin. Indeed, the energies expended on this are so much better spent on living the Message! “

    March 2013 Glenn’s conversation with Conchita
    With all of the arguing over which of the different visionary’s is right, predicting dates, the direction of the church, I've learned one thing, it’s all distracting, and detracting from our spiritual goals. The best advice I ever got was from Conchita ( when I asked her about the direction of all these things) ,she talked about what is most important, maintaining your spiritual life, (Confession, penance ,mass, communion, the rosary, the Morning Offering, etc.) and she said :
    " I surround myself with good people, pray and don't worry " .
    ( Sounds like she took the advice of her friend Padre Pio ).

    When asked the question, “What is the most important thing we must do? She said: “Keep the Commandments,” This sums up the way she lives her life today. People who think that she lives it waiting for the Miracle are mistaken. Conchita has said to me, “I don’t know how anyone gets through the joys and trials of life without prayer.”

    Many years ago when I started promoting the apparitions, while having a conversation with Conchita, she asked me " Do you do the rosary every day? " I said " well, ...not every day, I'm busy, I have several jobs". She said " Don't promote the messages, unless you are going to live the messages". Wow, that kind of knocked me for a loop, but she's right ! It is amazing that when you make the time to do those things, it seems like there is plenty of time to do them. God is funny that way. One of the most powerful weapons we all have, is sitting right in our homes every day, waiting to be used.

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    Modesty, Humility, Obedience, Piety, Charity, Penance, Purity of Soul & Patience.

    After re-reading this article today,it struck me, this is how Conchita lives her life, by these very virtues Mary taught her.

    SCROLL TO pg.120 Use “+” sign in bottom right to enlarge print size.
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    This is the documented information I have:

    WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 11, 1961:


    ( Albecht Weber with Conchita in 1965 )

    The conversations between the deceased Father Luis and the visionaries have, it appears to us, always held a very positive ecumenical trait. On the Feast, then, of the Divine Motherhood of Mary, Fr. Luis and Conchita spoke about this extraordinary prophecy already partly revealed by Our Lady on the previous October 1: "Ah, the Churches will be reunited? . . .

    Yes, they will be reunited! . . ." Conchita rejoiced over this formidable prophetic news. In November 1965, the visionary, as she had already done many times since October 11, 1961, confirmed the accuracy of that great revelation to the German editor, Albrecht Weber. She also clarified somewhat what the Blessed Virgin had told her concerning the great Church event to come.

    "She (Our Lady) again told us that the divided (Churches) will reunite. There will be only one 'religion.' A better translation: "The Christian Churches will then be One in the Catholic Church."

    In the light of such a prophetic revelation, the meaning and scope of the "one, Catholic, apostolic and Roman Church" that the visionaries, in ecstasy, had professed for the first time on August 1, 1961, at the time of the recitation of the Creed, acquired their full significance.

    [Excerpted from 'Garabandal' Book, by J. Serre. page 107]
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    On May 6,2012, Bishop of Santandar Vecente Jimenez Zamora, celebrated mass in Garabandal in commemoration of the completion of the restoration of the village church. This was the first time a Bishop celebrated Mass in Garabandal, since the apparitions began ! The fact that he came himself, and did not send someone in his place,and the fact that he returned again on May 1 2013 ,and kissed a crucifix belonging to villager David Toribio that was kissed by the Blessed Virgin at Garabandal, were signs of his acceptance and personal approval of the apparitions. image-5.jpg
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    Our Blessed Mother said in Garabandal on October 18th, 1961,
    "We must make many sacrifices, perform much penance, and visit the Blessed Sacrament frequently. But first, we must lead good lives. "

    In 1945 Jesus told Lucia, the seer of Fatima, "The sacrifice and penance I now seek and require is the fulfillment of your state in life and the observance of my laws." Whatever your state in life may be you can sanctify all your daily actions if upon arising you recite sincerely the morning offering prayer. Through the "Morning Offering of Reparation" every act you do becomes a sacrifice. The word "sacrifice" means to make "holy." Once you have made your morning offering you make "holy" every act you do throughout the day. Whatever trial God permits to pass your way during the day becomes a penance — whether it be work, bad weather, rebellious children, sickness in the family, tight economic conditions or misunderstandings by relatives or friends. All these sacrifices and penances obtain graces the Blessed Virgin needs for the conversion of sinners.
    Padre Pio said it best, "If you knew the value of suffering, you wouldn't give it up."


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