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    APRIL 11, 1963:


    On this Holy Thursday, Conchita learned about the future "Senal," the Sign which, right after the events of the "D" day, "will stay at the site of the Pines until the end of times, in the form of a luminous column, a kind of cloud by day and fire by night." This phenomenon will symbolize, through its obvious biblical, ecclesial and eschatological connotations, the presence of God in the midst of His people, so enlightened and guided in its worldly journey towards the "Promised Land." Who then would not see also that such a Sign will doubtless represent for the Jews themselves, at the beginning of this 21st century, as it were, a powerful and astonishing reminder of the Sinai Covenant and of its profound exigences? For "they are beloved (of God), for the sake of their ancestors; for the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable" (Rom 1:28-29). Indeed, in this way, Garabandal will reveal, in a broader prophetic scope, the richness of what we call the "mystery of the Carmel" . . . of which we are still too unaware. That mystery, with its obvious link with the huge figure of the prophet Elijah, so dear to the Jews, obviously refers to the "mystery of the people of Israel" with whom Yahweh had concluded an alliance in the past, but also to the whole People of God, the eschatological Israel."

    At the very spot where this prodigious "Senal" will emerge, a sanctuary will eventually be built in honor of the Archangel St. Michael, "Protector of the People of God." We may also note that this great "Sign" will necessarily have a profound affinity with the very nature of the Miracle to come. It will not only be visible for everyone, but it will even be possible to photograph and televise, but not touch, such an extraordinary supernatural phenomenon.
    [From 'Garabandal' Book, 172]
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    Padre Pio's visit to Garabandal in bilocation!
    Conchita had written to Padre Pio requesting his advice on various subjects that concerned her, and before the letter had time to reach San Giovanni Rotondo, a group of Padre Pio's spiritual children composed of five Italians, one Frenchman, one Canadian, one Filipino and a Belgian priest, visit her in Garabandal, announcing to her the visit of Padre Pio to respond directly to her questions.
    Then, on October 10, 1967, through a phenomenon of bilocation (the capacity of one person to be present in two places at the same time), Padre Pio's visit to Conchita took place at her house, where he was about an hour . She can see his figure, unmistakable habit, hear his voice, kiss his hands and notice the penetrating and characteristic perfume that comes out of his wounds.
    During his visit, he said among other things that he had been in Garabandal four times and, as proof of the authenticity of his presence, he writes in a letter in Aramaic the phrase "in union of prayers" and signed P Pio.
    Note: It must be reported that Padre Pio never left during his entire religious life, from the Convent in San Giovanni Rotondo, Italy. His visit to Garabandal only happened by the process of bilocation that only happen to some saints. 10-10-67
    Retrieved from the book "Garabandal 67, spiritual chronicle of a year"
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    I'll be on vacation for a week. Posting will resume if I decide to come home :LOL:
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    Dear Glenn. Regarding the moment when the Pope travelsto Russia, is there anything in the message of Garabandal that points to actual the reason of that trip. I remember reading that at the time of the trip there will be tensions between Russia and Europe, so the question is will the Holy Father go to Moscow to try to prevent a war? Apologies if this has been asked before.

    The reason I ask is tensions are rising due to Ukraine, Uk and France are expanding their military capabilities, US with Biden is escalating confrontation with Russia and a wider military conflict with begins to loom on the horizon, it is starting to look real.

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    Very interesting Jarg. I always believed that the Pope would travel to Moscow upon the request of the Catholic Bishops of Russia with the permission of the Patriarch of Moscow. Since revolution is to break out immediately upon the Pope's arrival back in Rome it would seem that the situation in Europe would already have been very dangerous due to some type of economic troubles that had occurred for some time before that. Maybe the Pope does go to Moscow to try to bring some type of peace between Ukraine and Russia. Interesting thought. A major war in the region could be a major signal for the coming events that lead to the Warning. Conchita is 72; time is ticking.
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    I might be mistaken and maybe Glenn can answer, but I read somewhere that it will be difficult to travel to Garabandal at the time of the Miracle, a war or a virus?
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    When communism comes again i.e. when Russia overcomes the West suddenly. That and its aftermath is what will make travel difficult to Garabandal. Seems the virus has got the ball rolling.
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    Rapidly rising over valued (Price to Earnings ratio of 37) stock market (SP 3900 to 4178 in last month) will supposedly lead to large sell off in the second half of this year (50% to 80%). Expecting the SP to rise to 4700 or more by the end of June and then the blow off. Will cause massive financial dislocation in world economy. Will open the way for Russia to overcome the West and bring forth the Warning.

    Keep your prayers going. Now is not the time to slacken off.
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    Hello, back from vacation, I'll get busy answering questions and posting today.
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    Mari-Loli's 3-day journal written on
    April 19-20-21, 1967.

    Several years ago Julia Mazon, the mother of Mari-Loli, one of the four Garabandal visionaries, found some packed-away things long forgotten from the days of the apparitions and beyond. Among these precious objects was a journal Mari-Loli kept while making her retreat in Balmori, Spain, in April 1967. She was not quite 18 years old.

    Loli's writings are so deeply profound... never before read or published by anyone but what shines through is her simplicity and sincerity in such a way they cannot but help to increase the spiritual life of one's soul. Her intense desire to be so completely united with the Lord through the Holy Virgin Mary, is so overwhelming that she manages to capture her most intimate thoughts as she takes pen in hand to record them. Never did it cross her mind that one day her writings would shine out with tremendous hope not only to those who profess and try to do the will of God and yet fall so many times but to all humanity particularly the youth in the world. Therefore, I feel compelled to share them with you during this point in time:

    1st Day - Spiritual Exercises - April 19, 1967
    I am going to start my exercises in which our Lord and the most Holy Virgin will speak to me by means of Rev. Father Gustavo Morelos. I propose to listen with great love and confidence so that our Lord by these means will illuminate my life so I can walk down a righteous path. I desire that in these days of intense union with our Lord and the Blessed Virgin my spiritual ideas will become clear.

    Virgin Mary, grant that I through these exercises I may learn to love you as you deserve and wish to be loved. Please don't forsake me not even for an instant. I am so weak that I immediately stumble and fall. Do not permit Oh Lord, that at the final judgment you will ask me to give an account and find my hands empty.

    2nd Day - First Talk - Summary of the Talk Regarding Meditations - April 20, 1967
    In order to meditate well, it is necessary to keep your mind centered on the theme about which you are meditating because otherwise your imagination will wander to other things that have happened or you might want to do.

    Oh Virgin Mary! Help me to be holy and carry the small crosses that you send me with joy and resignation, so that all that I do I will do for the love of your Holy Son and you.

    Second Talk - "From Whom Do I Come?"
    To think that I am here because of an act of God's love towards me. This alone is enough for me to be good. So many beings in your imagination to whom you have not given life.

    Oh Lord! Thank you so much for having chosen me. Help me Lord, so that I can do everything well, and in that way you will be pleased in having selected me.

    Why Am I Here?
    Oh Lord! I know you have created me to be a saint. Help me to attain this title and try day by day to be more so, that my life may be a continuous act of love towards you. Lord, when I do not feel You near me, don't permit me to be dejected as I am now. Help me, otherwise I cannot have peace and interior joy.

    Where Am I Going?
    I know Lord that I have to go toward You. Help me so that this idea becomes engraved in my soul. I know this because it has been made know to me through the Holy Church.

    3rd Day - Horror of Sin! - April 21, 1967
    Lord do not permit me to lose the enormous grace you have given me due to an act of sin. May your grace increase in me each day more and more and may it never be taken away from my soul. It is so grand Lord, to think that you have a place for me in Heaven.

    Oh Lord! Help me to acquire it. I know that with my efforts alone I would be unable to do it, but with Your great love which You have for me You aide me so that one day I shall be able to sit in Your celestial glory.

    At home do not get upset when nobody helps me with my homework, when I think it is not done properly. On the street, show myself agreeable with those who do me harm. This means humble myself so as not to belittle them. When I pray with God our Lord, the principal thing which is the fountain of all the other good acts must not be done routinely particularly when receiving Holy Communion during Holy Mass.
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    Specifically no, but the trip can really only arise from an invitation from one of two people. Vladimir Putin or Patriarch Kirill of Moscow.
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    There may be many factors making it difficult traveling there. Yes, the corona virus, Govt. restrictions of who can enter ( may need the vaccine shot to enter ?? ), the serious possibility of hostilities ongoing, and the amount of people trying to squeeze into this quaint little town ,which can only house and feed so many. So there will be great obstacles to overcome.
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    HAIR DRY IN RAIN ,by Placido Ruiloba

    “As the ecstasy was prolonged and the pathways became more difficult to traverse, my arm got tired from holding the umbrella and I closed it even though the rain continued without letup. I accompanied the girl for twenty minutes and was soaked through and through; my feet were swimming in my shoes. At the end of twenty minutes, we passed before a house lit by a small electric light bulb which enabled me to see to my amazement that the shoulders and head of the girl were completely dry. To make sure I passed my wet hand three times through her hair and dried it as if I were using a towel. All this I affirm, and would swear to it with my hand on the holy Gospels. “


    Another interesting miraculous phenomenon was the returning of rosaries. Now that people started to believe the Blessed Mother was actually appearing at Garabandal, they would bring their rosaries and medals to be kissed by her. They were all piled on a table for the girls to offer up to her. Entangled when presented by the girls to be blessed by the Blessed Mother, the rosaries and medals would incredibly untangle smoothly when being returned to their owners. Even without any pre-established order, the Garabandal visionaries also never erred in returning each object to its proper owner.

    The events of January 1, 1962.

    Dr. Ortiz tells us the following story:
    “I was in the village with Miss Margarita Huerta who had come from Madrid with a group of people. Three of the girls fell into ecstasy and were walking together through the street just above the plaza, going towards the Church. One of the men from the group, who was following at a distance, suddenly thought, ‘If this is from God, let the middle girl come to me now and offer me the crucifix to kiss.’
    Immediately, the girl fell back from the other girls and held up the crucifix for him to kiss! He was very excited and later told us the story”.

    A Dominican in Disguise

    Conchita’s mother Aniceta tells us the story:

    A young man arrived here with a young woman, a couple. He was dressed like any normal young man, and I assumed that they were just a young dating couple. It was raining a lot and the place was full of people. Conchita, in ecstasy, came into the house. My sister was amidst the crowd and the young man approached her and said, “Give this cross to the girl.” My sister responded, “Why should I try to give it to her? She’s not going to take it. When she’s in ecstasy, she never receives anything.” “Well, give it to her mother then, so that her mother can give it to her.” My sister came up to me and said, “Here, that man said for you to give this to Conchita.” I responded, “Why am I going to give it to her? She never takes anything.”
    Then, I had an idea. What he wanted me to give to Conchita was a cross on a string, and so I thought of hanging it on her fingers, since she had her hands folded. Although Conchita spoke softly, I was close by and heard her insist to her vision, “I didn’t bring anything. I really didn’t bring anything.” She continued, “Well, if I have something, take it.”
    At that moment, Conchita took a step forward, lowered her hands and, in doing so, the cross fell on the ground. She took another step and stepped on the cross, “Ah! I’m stepping on it?”
    She bent down and picked up the cross, still in ecstasy, and held it up to her apparition to kiss. Then she turned around, facing the young man, made the sign of the cross over him and held it up for him to kiss. Turning back to the vision, she held it up again to be kissed and said, “Having such a beautiful habit as the Dominican habit, what a pity that he came dressed like that!”.

    Then, turning back to the man, she took his glasses off and put them in his hands. The man was afraid and I said to him, “Don't worry, she won’t break them.”
    She made the sign of the cross over him, held up his cross to be kissed again, and then put it around his neck. However, she put it on him backwards, the image was turned inwards. “Oh! I put it on him backwards?” She took it off, turned it around and put it back around his neck.
    Then she opened his hands, took his glasses and put them back on his face. Then she repeated, “What a shame that they come dressed like that!”

    He was a Dominican priest in disguise, wearing normal clothing, and accompanied by a young lady, who appeared to be his girlfriend, but who turned out to be his sister“.


    June 1961. With her eyes fixed straight above, Conchita stooped slightly and reached down about 50 centimeters (20 inches) from the ground. Then before the attentive and stupefied eyes of all of us who witnessed it, the crucifix came out of the mud by itself to the level of the girl's hand. She immediately grabbed it with both hands while remaining in ecstasy.

    Witness: Don Placido Ruiloba

    Conchita and the Glass of Milk

    One day Conchita was eating near the elevated kitchen fireplace on a small stool where she usually sat. Suddenly Loli came inside in ecstasy and said to her: — “Conchita, the Virgin says you should finish quickly, since she is going to come to see you.” Conchita sped up her motions a little, and then as she lifted her glass of milk, to everyone’s surprise, she fell into ecstasy, the glass of milk in her hand. She came down slowly from the fireplace, and at the doorway of the house, she started running swiftly toward the church. She stopped abruptly in front of the portico. There they were able to take the celebrated glass of milk from her hand. To everyone’s surprise, not a drop had been lost. (Just another little example of the daily signs of proof )

    Falling on the ground: 6-11-67

    Mother Nieves: " Why did you fall on the ground ? "
    Conchita: " We were not aware of that, we were with the Virgin ! And we followed the conversation or communication with her, without knowing if we were running or not, if we were on our knees or lying on the ground."
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    page 2
    "Foot Race", A story from Serafin Gonzalez ( Conchita's Brother )

    “On one occasion, a boy who was a good athlete arrived and said: ‘No one can beat me in a race. No girl can beat me.’ One of the girls had an ecstasy and set off running, and this boy ran after her. It was clear that the Blessed Virgin wasn’t trying to outrun him in the race, but at this point the girl was running at such a speed right toward the wall of a house that the boy thought: ‘If this is not from God, this girl will kill herself running into that wall.’ The boy had to stop to give him time to slow down, but the girl continued running without stopping until she reached the wall, and then she stopped in an instant. She said to the Blessed Virgin: ‘Oh, it is so he will believe…!’ The boy heard this and believed, since it was not humanly possible to stop in an instant at that speed.”

    Light bulb story
    The Chief of the Civil Guard, Juan Alvarez Seco, who lived nearby, remembers this case.

    “One day María Dolores ( Mari Loli ) was on the second floor of her house where she had apparitions many times. Her father Ceferino had said that, when they came down from there to the floor below where the tavern was, they would unscrew the light bulb since there was no switch to turn it off. Loli, while putting her hand on the bulb this time, fell into ecstasy, and she didn't take away her hand. We all feared that if she continued like this, holding onto the lit light bulb, she would burn her hand. Her mother said, “Heavens, take away the light bulb!”

    However all our efforts were useless. Then we called Mari Cruz who wasn't in ecstasy, and she—with the greatest of ease—made Loli let go of the bulb. Her hand was not burned. Then the girl went down the stairs and continued her ecstatic march “.


    The girls would have their fingers full of wedding rings, and while in ecstasy they'd raise up their hands and ask the Virgin to kiss them. After this they would return the rings to their owners without making any mistakes and without seeing who they were giving them to as their heads were always tilted backwards and their eyes fixed on the apparition above them.

    Garabandal and the Holy Shroud

    Only after Father Eusebio Garcia de Pesquera had written his comprehensive book on Garabandal, SHE WENT IN HASTE TO THE MOUNTAIN, did it come to light that the Shroud was mentioned at Garabandal. It was during one of Conchita's ecstasies when the Blessed Virgin spoke to the visionary about the Sabana Santa (Spanish for Holy Shroud). Among the spectators at that ecstasy was the Marquesa de Santa Maria, an excellent witness, and it was from her that Prof. Jacques Serre learned what the Virgin said about the Shroud. The Marquesa heard Conchita repeat the words of Our Lady:

    "It is the divine imprint of my Son."

    Sign of the cross, except one

    One of the visionaries made the Sign of the Cross on all the persons around them except one . . . We can imagine that person's dismay. The parish priest asked the girl later why she had not made the Sign of the Cross over this person. And the girl responded that the Virgin had said that this person was the only one of those present who had made the Sign of the Cross on getting up in the morning. On questioning all those involved, it was learned that it had indeed been like that.»


    I have a rarely heard story of Our Lady kissing a woman's powdercase. We know most of the stories are about kissed religious objects. The reason I post this ( besides being a rarely heard story ) is that it reminds me of we don't always understand everything that happened at Garabandal , until later on. I think this story proves my point. Never question our Blessed Mother's intentions, even if we don’t understand it right away.

    One day Conchita was in the kitchen of her house surrounded by persons who were waiting for the moment of the apparition. On the simple table that served for the family meals, the objects that she was going to give to be kissed were being gathered. Together with these, someone had put there a stylish woman's powder case. The child and those present wanted this removed. How could the Virgin come to kiss an object so profane and used only for the service of vanity? Nevertheless, the powder case remained there.
    The ecstasy began and those present saw with astonishment that the visionary's hand, without her looking at it, before going to any other object, went first of all toward the previously discussed powder case. The child raised it toward the invisible Virgin and then set it down with great respect on the table. Among those present, surprise must have been mingled with doubt. Was it really the Virgin who was appearing? It didn't seem that she would kiss such an object . . .
    As soon as the ecstasy was finished, Conchita was asked for an explanation. And she declared that the Virgin had asked immediately for the powder case in order to kiss it, saying that it was something «belonging to her Son».The girl did not know anything more. But the person who had put the powder case there did know more and revealed the secret. During the terrible Spanish civil war (1936-1939) in the Red Zone when priests were being executed and had to be hidden, the powder case had been used to bring Communion Hosts to various locations and especially to prisoners whom the Reds held captive in order to execute. Thus it had served as a Pyx.
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    “The Devil & Garabandal” -An interview with Fr. Robert Lewis.
    Needles Magazine 1977

    Fr.Robert Lewis s an exorcist priest who works at St. Jude’s in Pakshikere,India

    Interesting quotes from Fr. Lewis : “For quite some time, the possessed persons at the Shrine have been making direct references to Garabandal, showing their anger because many souls are snatched from satan’s clutches, because the spreading of the message “.
    “The name of Mary is so powerful that Lucifer himself begs the exorcist never to mention it ,confessing with shrieks and shouts that is was she who crushed his head “.

    St. Michael: After the names of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, there is none more terrible to demons that St. Michael ! “ We hate him” shouts Lucifer. “ Why did he dislodge me from my place in Heaven and thrust me down to hell ? He is everywhere to defeat my hosts”.
    JL & Fr lewis.jpg
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    “Garabandal Interview “ with Glenn Hudson Easter podcast” 4-4-21"The Midnight Truck Stop"

    My latest interview from 2-2-2021 with Carol Kelso from " Being Catholic Media",in the UK

    My June 26, 2020 Garabandal Q&A session with noted Author Regan Long, I hope it is helpful in answering some basic questions.

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