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    Another interesting miraculous phenomenon was the returning of rosaries. Now that people started to believe the Blessed Mother was actually appearing at Garabandal, they would bring their rosaries and medals to be kissed by her. They were all piled on a table for the girls to offer up to her. Entangled when presented by the girls to be venerated by the Blessed Mother, rosaries, medals, and multitude of objects would incredibly untangle smoothly when being returned to their owners. Even without any pre-established order.

    The Garabandal visionaries also never errored in returning each object to its proper owner, and never actually had to look for the owner, Mary led them to the owner while gazing upward at her. UnTangled rosaries.jpg
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    For those of you who have never heard my interviews, here's the latest one .
    “Garabandal Interview “ with Glenn Hudson Easter podcast” 4-4-21

    "The Midnight Truck Stop"
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    So many Divine manifestations! I wonder if any accounts by the recipients were ever recorded?

    Sorry for the repeated empty posts, trouble with my tablet.
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    If you're referring to the rosaries tangled story, yes many times. Here's a few.

    This story is mentioned in the “ Garabandal” book, by J. Serre, pgs 50-54

    “She went in haste to the Mountain” Book 1, pgs 76-80
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    You catalog everything...thank goodness! Thank you Glenn.
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    Glenn, Wonderful interview, simply wonderful! Thank you for posting it and again thank you for all that you do!!!;)

    Around the beginning of March 2020, I felt that God was telling me to do what the Blessed Mother has told us to do and that I should take a step back from trying to figure out the details of these future events. In addition, as you know my health is not very good and I was definitely spreading myself thin and not addressing things that I should have been addressing in my life including my home, my health etc. It took me a few months to actually let go and do what I knew I should be doing but it so good to be reminded of the essence of the Garabandal messages as you have done in this interview. Thank you again.:love:
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    Conchita’s Locution with Jesus regarding Heaven ( July 20, 1963 )

    Conchita─ Will I go to heaven?
    And He answered me:
    Jesus ─ You should love much and pray to Our Hearts.
    C─ When will You give me a Cross?
    C─ What will I be? [This is another of Conchita’s worries—her destiny. That is,to discern the designs God has for her life. For awhile now, she has been questioning whether she has a religious vocation, and she frequently asks the apparition about it, but—according to her own words—the Virgin has never responded in the affirmative.
    In the same way, during this locution Our Lord keeps his silence when asked the question “What will I be?” Conchita has always received confirmation of her suffering and of the cross, wherever she is.]
    He didn’t answer me. He only told me that everywhere that I would be, I would have much to suffer.
    I said to Him:
    C─ Am I going to die soon?
    J─ You have to stay on earth to help the world. [This seems to be a clear announcement of a “concrete” vocation; it is a call to live in the world and not in a convent].
    And I said to Him:
    C─ I am very small. I couldn’t help in anything.
    J─ With your prayers and sufferings, you will help the world.
    C─ When does one go to heaven? When one dies? [This question seems rather childish. Conchita’s lack of education makes some of her questions seem simple, as though they don’t correspond to her age. In contrast, the response is profoundly astonishing.]
    J─ One never dies. (I thought that we didn’t go to heaven until we were resurrected).
    C- I asked Him if St. Peter was at the gate of heaven to receive us. He told me” no.”

    “Memoirs of a Spanish Country Priest” pg 60
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    Thank you for your kind words Carol. You need not worry about dates, things will be clear enough as they unfold, and I sure you will have spent the time from now till then, in much better use, preparing your soul. God bless.
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    I dont see how the response is profoundly astonishing, we have a soul, we dont die.
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    Because the response is simple and direct enough for someone with the mentality of an 8 year old (Drs. attested to ) to understand.
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    Glenn, just finished listening to your podcast interview. FANTASTIC.....I'm so glad I took the time to listen this afternoon.....
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    Thank you, please pass along to others. God bless.
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    I have emailed it to 10 friends....and I am sure they will forward as well.!
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    thanks to all for beautiful contributions....
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    This being Divine Mercy Sunday,
    Reprinted with kind permission from GARABANDAL JOURNAL July-August 2004

    THE PASSION "Fix your gaze upon the Passion of my Son." --- Our Lady to Faustina (Diary, 449)
    "Think about the Passion of Jesus," --- Message of Our Lady, June 18, 1966

    APPEARANCE OF OUR LADY "I saw the Mother of God in a white garment and blue mantle with her head uncovered." (August 15, 1935) (Diary, 468)
    "The Blessed Virgin appears with a white dress, blue mantle and a crown of small golden stars." [but no head covering] --- Conchita's Diary (On one occasion Our Lady appeared as above however without her crown.)

    HUMILITY AND SIMPLICITY "I keep company with you as a child to teach you humility and simplicity." --- Our Lord explaining to Faustina why He sometimes appeared to her as the Child Jesus (Diary, 184)
    "Love humility, simplicity." --- locution of Conchita with Our Lord, February 13, 1966

    NOT FOR YOU ALONE "The graces I grant you are not for you alone, but for a great number of other souls as well." --- Our Lord to Faustina (Diary, 723)
    "I have not come for you; I have come for everybody." --- Our Lord to Conchita, July 20, 1963

    ABORTION "I was seized with such violent pains that I had to go to bed at once ... Jesus had me realize that in this way I took part in His Agony in the Garden, and that He Himself allowed these sufferings in order to offer reparation to God for the souls murdered in the wombs of wicked mothers." --- September 16, 1937 (Diary, 1276)
    "Can you imagine how somebody could kill children in the womb without thereby killing the mother? ... Well, the Blessed Mother spoke about this and she let me know that this will happen with the overflowing of the chalice [of iniquity]." --- Conchita to Albrecht Weber of Germany, November 14, 1965.

    HUMBLE AND PROUD "He [God] is well pleased only with the humble; He always opposes the proud." --- Our Lady to Faustina (Diary, 1711)
    "What God loves most is humility; what most displeases Him is pride." --- Words of Our Lady at Garabandal as recounted by Conchita to Sister Maria Nieves in Burgos on April 19, 1967

    COMMUNION FROM AN ANGEL "I saw at my bedside a Seraph who gave me Holy Communion ... This was repeated for thirteen days..." (Diary, 1676)
    “The angel appeared to us with a goblet that looked like gold ... and then he gave us Holy Communion. He gave us Holy Communion over a long period of time." --- Conchita's Diary .
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