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    I have always viewed Purgatory as God's greatest act of Mercy. The reason I say this is that , for the most part, most people do not deserve Heaven or hell immediately upon their demise. Purgatory at least gives us that hope and that someday, we can attain Heaven ( and we have avoided hell also ). The Warning will be God's next greatest act of Mercy, by allowing us to see the gravity of all our sins, as he sees them ,and a chance to repent , and correct our ways, before a final judgment one day.
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    The final locution, and what a remarkable one, of the Blessed Virgin to Mari-Loli, then a boarder with Jacinta, at Borja, in the College of the Sisters of Charity of St. Ann where famous Madre Maria Naya herself had spent several years:
    "I had a locution from the Most Blessed Virgin. She told me that I would have much to suffer in this world, that I would be subjected to many trials, that this is what would make me suffer most."
    I asked Her to tell me if I was to become a sister. She did not answer me.
    She told me that She was very happy that I was here in the boarding school.
    I asked Her if She would come back to speak with me. She did not answer.
    I asked Her to give my father a proof of the apparitions so that he might believe. She told me that he would soon believe in them and that everyone would also believe.
    She told me that She was very happy with my sacrifices, but that I ought to be better and more mortified in everything each day, that, as I had done until now, I ought to recite the Rosary every day, a devotion most agreeable to Her, that She loves us all very much, that She wanted us to be very good so that we may soon be together with Her in the glory of Heaven."
    Mari-Loli Mazon

    (below: Conchita & Mari Loli )

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    Today in Garabandal history: October 25, 1966 (interview with
    Conchita) She remembers a conversation with Our Lady:
    Conchita: " What should I do so as not to have empty hands? I examine myself and I see that I don't do bad; but . . ."
    Mary: " It is not only not doing bad, but also practicing good".
    C: "That is just what the Virgin said to me!"
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    Today in Garabandal History : October 26,1966
    ( The girls would receive 3 "interior calls" to alert them when the Blessed Mother was coming )
    Q. I heard that the Virgin called you prior to your falling into ecstasy. What were those calls?

    Conchita:" The first was a sudden feeling of mild joy. The second was a stronger joy. The third made us go outside, overwhelmed with joy.
    What it was like to live in those times when we were seeing the Virgin so often! Although we had to remain without sleeping, it didn't matter to us. We were so happy ! "
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    Conchita’s Polaroid

    Conchita was given a Polaroid camera and took a this picture during her ecstasy of the Blessed Mother at the pines in Garabandal. This fact is stated by Mother Maria de las Nieves.

    Mother María de las Nieves García was told by Conchita that people wanted a photo of Our Lady, so one day they put a camera in her hands and told her how to operate it because she had no clue. After falling into ecstasy, Conchita started handling the camera as she had been instructed, and Our Lady smiled at her. Conchita told Our Lady that she was holding that thing because people wanted a photo of her, and Our Lady said to her, "I've come out [in the photo]." When the ecstasy ended, the photo was looked at: the result was a light shape of Our Lady on a dark background. Conchita's mother kept and cherished the photo on her bedside table until her death. No date is mentioned.

    pic by conchita ecstasy.jpg
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    No offense, but that is one terrible polaroid.:confused:
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    First of all its the 1960s camera, taking a picture in the clouds, what did you expect ? Also, did it occur to you that Mary didn't want a clear picture? Its called taking it on FAITH.
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    Padre Pio's Superior in San Giovanni Rotondo addressed a letter (in Spanish) to Conchita, on behalf of the famous Capuchin:

    Peace and Greetings,
    Padre Pio is praying with (his) heart for your intentions and exhorts you to pray, placing your trust in the Divine Mercy in order to acquire the patience (to bear) all the trials and adversities of life, and also the spiritual blessings and graces for the sanctification of your soul.

    Padre Pio assures you that he remembers you constantly in his prayers and sends you his paternal blessing.

    Fr. Superior.
    It is therefore above all a vibrant call to holiness that Conchita received, "a right and a duty of every faithful," a central guideline of the most ancient tradition of the Church, significantly taken up by Vatican II (John Paul II, June 24, 1995 Address). This little message, the third one at least, from Saint Padre Pio, was thus a new personal confirmation of the supernatural authenticity of Garabandal, a confirmation stemming doubtless from the supernatural lights that the famous stigmatist had already received on this subject since . . . the very beginning of the events! Other analogous and even more important "signs" would again be given to the visionary by the holy Italian priest!

    In March 1962, in answer to the first letter received from the Saint Padre, Conchita spontaneously and naively suggested to him that he come to Garabandal to visit her . . . : "Do you think that I can travel about like that, according to my whim, and why not like Santa Claus, and come down the chimney into your home?", the Capuchin retorted, amused.
    [Excerpted from 'Garabandal' Book, page 184]
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    Just before the Warning takes place (or at the same time), a revolution will break out in Spain. This statement is said to have been told by the mother of Conchita, Aniceta, who told her her daughter.
    Glenn, can you confirm this statement?
    Not so long ago, a revolution in Spain would have been considered impossible. If one now observes the daily events in Catalonia (Spain), the danger of a revolution appears to be within reach.
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    there are prophecies that speak of revolutions in Spain and other European countries, some mention that Paris will be burned by its own inhabitants, I can not imagine what would cause all this fury in the inhabitants
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    Thanks Carol55 for your response, "poor sinner" Ive been so busy today ( helping a new Marian Apparitions page on fb ) just seeing this now. Here is the exact quote:

    Conchita mentioned that Padre Pio, during her visit with him, said to her "The great wonder of God [Miracle] must be paid for with much blood throughout Europe." [Since this information is new to many English readers we contacted Mr. Weber to confirm the source. He responded that Conchita mentioned it in the presence of his mother, Eloise Deguia and himself, and that his mother wrote it down word for word.]

    If memory serves me correct, this will happen AFTER the Pope goes to Moscow.
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    I also found this quote


    And Conchita has said that communism will return to Spain, [Garabandal—Nuevo Pentecostes, 1984.] but she went on to say that it will suffer less than other areas of Europe because of the persecution it had already endured during the Spanish Civil War (1936-39) where 13 bishops and more than 7,000 priests and religious were put to death. With no human force able to stop the persecution, God will have to intervene. “These difficult events will take place before the Warning because the Warning itself will occur when the situation will be at its worst.”
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    Glenn, Your welcome but you are better than I am at giving more specific answers to questions. Thank you.
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  15. So it would appear that we are awaiting the trip of the Pope to Moscow followed by the sudden "invasion" of Russia with Communism into Europe and thus the suffering of Europe due to that (and perhaps their continuing suffering due to terrorism as is occurring currently) before the Warning and therefore also before the Miracle. Much is still then expected to happen and so people might be advised to not attempt to pinpoint any imminent dates for those two last events.

    And Mari Loli I believe (or someone else maybe?) said that the Pope would also not be able to celebrate the Faith in the open (that it seemed so to her) after Communism comes again. But did any of the seers say or think that the Pope would actually have to flee Rome as other prophecies have mentioned? Glenn?
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    These events will unfold and could do so rather quickly now, as many European countries are in disarray. I sense when ever the nukes start flying from NK and the US it could spiral out of control and give other countries like Russia and China an opening to advance their communistic agenda's.
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    First Mari Loli DID NOT say anything about the pope not being able to celebrate mass. Here is her quote :
    Interview with Mari Loli. October 19, 1982
    Q. Do you remember what the Blessed Mother said about the communist tribulation that is to precede the Warning?
    A. It would look like the communists would have taken over the whole world and it would be very hard to practice the religion, for priests to say Mass or for people to open the doors of the churches.

    Second, as to the pope fleeing Rome.

    Mary Loli again on Oct. 19, 1982 interview gave this answer to that question, here it is :
    Q. Did the Blessed Mother ever say anything about the Holy Father having to leave Rome at the time of the Warning?
    A. " No, but what it looked like to me — maybe at this time I was confusing in my mind what I was seeing and what the Blessed Mother was saying to me because it's been so many years — but what it looked like to me was that the Pope couldn't be in Rome either, you know what I mean, out in the open. He was being persecuted, too, and had to hide just like everybody else. "

    I would say the answer is NO, because if the Blessed Mother wanted to reveal that FACT to them she would have said " yes" this was Loli's interpretation of what she saw, not what was told to her. None of the other visionary girls said it would happen either.
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    I find it very incongruous that the phrase "when comnmunism comes again" is meant to be Russia simply for the fact that after the breakup of the Soviet Union, Russia is no longer a Communist country. Politically Russia is a federal presidential republic
    with the executive power split between the President and the Prime Minister, but with the President being the dominant figurehead. The President is the head of state and is elected by popular vote every six years for a maximum of two consecutive terms. The head of government, the prime minister, is appointed by the president and confirmed by the State Duma. Shortly after the breakup of the USSR, criminal oligarchs co-opted large swaths of the agricultural, manufacturing and technological sectors and after years of turmoil managed to make Russia into a market economy with private ownership of business headed by the billionaire Oligarchs. The Oligarchs are far from honest businessmen but they are far from Communists. It has a stock market which is probably not highly regulated and presents a higher risks for investment. It's state religion is Russian Orthodox, whereas during the Soviet times, the USSR were unforgiving atheists with the Russian Orthodox Church used as a convenient patsy for the centralized Soviet government. Today the Orthodox Church remains the state religion and tries to maintain a level of control over competitive religions. There is freedom of expression by these other Christian religions who are allowed to celebrate their Services or the Mass without fear of being shipped to Siberia. The press also has been liberalized with more (although not absolute) freedom of expression which was impossible during the Soviet communist time. Citizen services are socialist in orientation and available to most Russians for a price. In summary, Russia is a different beast and Putin is trying to build legitimacy of their system to the world. Is it corrupt, yes. Is it communist, no. So when the seers say.... "when communism comes again", the closed political and market system of the Chinese seem to be the better option. Also with their officially atheistic government and society, and the sheer numbers of troops and armaments at their disposal, they could shut down the celebration of the Mass, and Christianity as a whole, quite easily. Yet as I say this, the strength of NATO would be on the Chinese like white on rice ending in a long protracted war but not necessarily shutting down churches ala Stalin, Kkhrushchev, Brezhnev and their ilk. The only way this can occur is with the destruction/incapacitation of the United States in some such environmental/ecological disaster or the demise of a fully functioning NATO system. This is how I see it.
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    I am no expert of everything you describe re Russia and its Gov. So maybe you are correct or not. I don’t know. However the one error you did state above is: “when the seers say when Communism comes again.” Why is that in error? The “seers” didn’t say it. The Blessed Mother DID! She, as God is are 1000% NOT Liars. EVER! They are COMPLETE TRUTH ALWAYS! WE just don’t always understand the truth. Or sometimes to quote a famous movie line: “Can’t handle the TRUTH.” Time will crystallize the TRUTH! Peace Be with you!!
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