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    June 18,1961 -1st appearance of St. Michael
    July 2, 1961 - St. Michael appears with the Blessed Mother (her 1st )
    July 31,1961 - the girls in ecstasy , move on the rocks on their knees, and also recite the rosary, without having learned it,without rosary beads, and without making mistakes regarding the “Mysteries”.
    August 8, 1961 - Fr. Luis Andreau has a vision of Mary,and is shown the “great Miracle”. He yells “ Miracle” 4 times. Later that night he dies on the way home.
    August 19 ,1961 The girls are 1st kissed by Mary.
    Oct. 18, 1961 - 1st Message given by St. Michael (from Mary )
    June 19 & 20 1962 - the “2 nights of screams”, where the girls are shown the future possible “Chastisement”.
    June 22, 1962 - St.Michael tells Conchita that there will be a miracle of a “ Visable Host”, and she will announce it 15 days in advance.
    July 3, 1962 - Conchita announces the Visable host will appear in 15 days.
    July 18, 1962 - at about 1 am, the host appears on Conchita’s tongue out of thin air, and is caught on film. Called “The Little Miracle”.
    February, 1963 - Joey Lomangino goes to confession to Padre Pio, and asks if the apparitions are true in Garabandal, and Padre Pio says “ Yes”, and Joey goes to Garabandal and becomes friends with Conchita.
    March 18,1964 - Conchita speaks to Mary and the Blessed Mother tells her that Joey will receive his “new eyes” on the day of the great “ Miracle”.
    July 18,1964 - Conchita is told that the body of the Fr. Luis Andreau (who died on August 8,1961) will be found incorrupt,the day after the “ Miracle”.
    January 1, 1965 - Mary tells Conchita at the Pines, about the “Warning”.
    June 18 1965 - St. Michael appears at the same spot he did 4 years ago
    and delivers Mary’s 2nd message.
    Nov. 13,1965 - Mary appears for the last time, holding the child Jesus (to Conchita alone). She kisses religious objects, tells Conchita “to visit her Son in the tabernacle, where he waits for us”, tells Conchita she can not be brought to Heaven right now because “her hands must be filled with deeds, and now her hands are empty”.
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    Our Lady of Fatima and Garabandal: deep connections, Padre Pio, Anne Catherine Emmerich (must watch)
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    and to John T who agreed with Franciscan.

    My apologies to all involved in this discussion, I totally missed the continuation of the discussion, on the "possibility" of Holy Thursday be able to qualify as a date for the Miracle on April 14,2022. Here is my thought process.

    This really a question for Scott Hahn, lol. But my thinking on this was technically (the Holy Thursday meal) a Passover meal always took place in the evening after sunset, because in the ancient Jewish world a new day began at sunset ,not at midnight. This Jewish custom originated from the Old Testament Book of Genesis 1:5: “God called the light ‘day,’ and the darkness he called ‘night.’ Evening came, and morning followed — the first day.” Thus, the Last Supper was purposefully held on the evening of the first of three days (actually being FRIDAY) that included his passion, death and resurrection. Remember only Catholics consider that Thursday as a Holy day, so it "may be possible" that Holy Thursday might be a viable day for the Miracle, according to Jewish custom and law.

    Again, this is just my guess as to why it might be viable, and I reopen and welcome a discussion for any other opinions either way. -Glenn
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    Thanks Glenn. I never thought of that. So based on Jewish tradition “Holy Thursday” is part of “Good Friday”:)- then Yes its possible Miracle could happen on the “Catholic Holy Thursday.” “Nothing is impossible with God.” Peace!
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    John T,

    The Church also respects this concept of the timing of a new day. This is why Catholic Holy Mass on Saturday evenings are able to fulfill our Sunday obligation and the Sunday Holy Mass usually isn't allowed past 5pm. In addition, the Easter Vigil is still considered part of the Easter Sunday celebration. And likewise, the Holy Thursday celebration is in the evening which connects it to the Good Friday Passion.
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  10. And of course in Garabandal the villagers were of Jewish descent and Our Lady identified herself as Jewish.
  11. Another Jewish Connection - Muriel Catherine a believer in Garabandal whose Father was Jewish -had to wait until she came of age to be baptised, the parents being opposed to her initiative. She was baptized in the cathedral of Burgos, at twenty-one years of age, onOctober 20, 1963, under the name of Maria del Carmen Catherine. She can be considered as a figureof the Synagogue called to be "baptized," or of theChurch arising from the Synagogue.
    (The Garabandal Book)
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    Padre Pio's Superior in San Giovanni Rotondo addressed a letter (in Spanish) to Conchita, on behalf of the famous Capuchin:

    Peace and Greetings,
    Padre Pio is praying with (his) heart for your intentions and exhorts you to pray, placing your trust in the Divine Mercy in order to acquire the patience (to bear) all the trials and adversities of life, and also the spiritual blessings and graces for the sanctification of your soul.

    Padre Pio assures you that he remembers you constantly in his prayers and sends you his paternal blessing.

    Fr. Superior.


    It is therefore above all a vibrant call to holiness that Conchita received, "a right and a duty of every faithful," a central guideline of the most ancient tradition of the Church, significantly taken up by Vatican II (John Paul II, June 24, 1995 Address). This little message, the third one at least, from Saint Padre Pio, was thus a new personal confirmation of the supernatural authenticity of Garabandal, a confirmation stemming doubtless from the supernatural lights that the famous stigmatist had already received on this subject since . . . the very beginning of the events! Other analogous and even more important "signs" would again be given to the visionary by the holy Italian priest!

    In March 1962, in answer to the first letter received from the Saint Padre, Conchita spontaneously and naively suggested to him that he come to Garabandal to visit her . . . : "Do you think that I can travel about like that, according to my whim, and why not like Santa Claus, and come down the chimney into your home?", the Capuchin retorted, amused.
    [Excerpted from 'Garabandal' Book, page 184]
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    Did Our Lady ever mention in Garanbadal that in the future there will be a day in the liturgy dedicated to the memory of this apparition?
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    Not to my knowledge.
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    Also a long interview. Conchita spoke at length about the times when the Virgin was appearing to them . . . (with Mother Maria Nieves Garcia )

    Certainly — the Sister Nieves stated — the Virgin prefers to appear to children. Since they don't have human respect, they'll transmit her messages better.

    Conchita— I think that I would have done the same even if I had been an adult. One day when I had finished speaking to her, the Virgin told me to turn toward a couple who were behind me and tell them, You aren't living right. I did this, although it embarrassed me. I know that they were moved, since they began to cry and went to confession on that same day. She told me many things like that . . .
    What do you think the Angel was like? An adult? No, he was about 9 years old, with a blue tunic and rose-colored wings. We didn't see his hands, except when he gave us Communion.
    Many times the Virgin didn't look directly at us, but farther away at the people who were behind us. Sometimes she changed her expression; but she didn't stop smiling. I asked her, Whom are you looking at? She said to me, I AM LOOKING AT MY CHILDREN.
    We talked to her about everything, even about our cows . . . She laughed very much. We also played together. How happy we were then! We didn't suffer a thing, although some of the people bothered us.
    She seemed to be about seventeen. Because of this, I was pleased when a retreat master said that we would see the Virgin about this age.
    I like to hear the Virgin talked about. I've heard only a few priests speak about her. One of them told me one day. If these things about Garabandal aren 't true, I won't put faith in anything. Do you think that's good? It troubled me.
    Sister wrote down that Conchita was preoccupied with the expression of that imprudent priest, and recalled it frequently.
    —How nice it was to be with the Virgin! She was really like a friend; just as if she were living with us. And she called us by our nicknames like the people did. She didn't say, Maria Conception, but Conchita; not Maria Dolores, but Loli.
    Now we get weary in our periods of prayer; but then we didn't feel weary, or sleepy, or anything. We saw her so many times!
    “SHE WENT IN HASTE TO THE MOUNTAIN” Book 2 CH.3 pgs.80-82
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    (Conchita) " I learned many things in my village since the people confided their problems to me. Some of them were tremendous. The ones that made the biggest impression on me were those of priests; these troubled me! A confessor told me to ask the Lord for the desire of suffering, and also to accept pain with joy. I couldn't speak to the Lord like that, since it doesn't come from me. I'm afraid of suffering! 82 “We saw her so many times!” 83 “FAITHFULNESS IN EVERYDAY LIFE” — I understand; but we ought to trust in Him, and know that we ought to serve for something in His Hands. God wishes to take us as little instruments, perhaps as "tapers for lighting the large candles." —That's true. We are instruments; people shouldn't notice us. In the village they shoved us, they pulled on our clothes . . . They sought after us. And although so many went up to the Pines, not all of them approached the tabernacle.”

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    Conchita’s husband Patrick died on October 31,2013
    I am making a rare request today and asking for your prayers for Conchita and her family, and especially her late husband Patrick who passed away today, 7 years ago of cancer.
    May your prayers bring comfort and solace to her and her family, and may Patrick already be rejoicing in his heavenly rest and reward. God bless them all.

    Below I written the little known miracle that happened to Patrick ,through the intercession of Saint Mother Teresa. Also a portion of Conchita's letter to me afterwards.
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    I was talking to Conchita today (December 16, 2013 ) and she has given me permission to tell the amazing story of how through the “Power of Prayer” and the intercession of Mother Teresa, God did in fact answer our prayers for Patrick before his death.

    Patrick was being released from the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. There was nothing that could be done for his advanced stage 4 cancer. Doctors feared he might not even make the flight home. The tumors now had now spread through his spine, kidneys and bladder, so much so that they were visible even through his shirt. They informed him that he should be on Morphine for the painful flight home and everyday to deal with extreme pain he would face. During the flight home, he experienced an unusual sensation in his back, leaving his clothes wet, but NO PAIN. When he arrived back in New York, his family was helping clean him up from the flight and they noticed that the inflammation and tumors were gone from his back and his skin was clear ! It was as if it was “drained “ from his back into his clothes.

    For the next three weeks, Patrick was joyful, even in planning his funeral ! He was able to see family members and spend quality time, with them, PAIN FREE ! He even worried that there was too many visitors and even offered Conchita to cancel some visits if it was too much burden on her, but obviously she never entertained the idea.
    She embraced the time to spend with family while he was able to, and
    in such good spirits.

    Sometimes our prayers are answered in God’s time and according to his will. Even though we thought all of our prayers went unanswered, God’s plan for Patrick was to be Heaven bound, BUT through the enormous amount of prayers sent asking Blessed Mother Teresa to intercede for Patrick, God did in fact grant him several miracles.
    God granted him more time than the doctors told him he would have, joyous, pain free, medication free, quality time to be with his family, to say good bye for now (until they would be reunited in Heaven ), and God sparred his family (and especially Conchita) the agony of watching him die , suffering the last weeks of his life.
    Conchita has asked me to thank all of you who prayed for Patrick, and for the blessing you gave her and her family those last three weeks.
    She and Patrick attributed all the prayers to Mother Teresa , for her intercession, for the relief of pain and discomfort ( of which he had none) , until the day of his death. She said to tell you all “ Remember the power of Prayer ! “

    Thank you all again,
    Patrick was born on Oct. 26 ,1939
    Patrick died on October 31,2013, Funeral Nov. 2, 2013.
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