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    SAINT MADRE MARAVILLAS OF JESUS, O.C.D. (1891-1974) St. Maria Maravillas of Jesus This extraordinary Carmelite nun, who was beatified in 1998, less than 25 years after she died, founded the "Association of St. Teresa," with the purpose of restoring the rule of life of the original Constitutions of 1581, rigorously established by Teresa of Avila one year before her own death. Mother Maravillas "knew" that Garabandal was authentic. She even clearly shared her conviction with her spiritual daughters, assuring them that "the phenomena occurring at San Sebastian de Garabandal come from God!"

    In an unusual side note. St. Maravillas warned Bishop Puchol Montis on April 25, 1967 (one of the former Bishops of Santander ) that he would have a sudden death. Bishop Montis seems to have opposed the events of Garabandal irresponsibly in her opinion.

    Monsignor Vincente Puchol Montis, reports in his Note of March 17, 1967, that

    1) There was no apparition, neither of the Blessed Virgin,
    nor of the Archangel, nor of any other person from Heaven.
    2) There was no Message.
    3) All the events that occurred (at San Sebastian de Garabandal) have a natural explanation . . ."

    On March 19, the Spanish Television made this Note public.

    He died as a result of an automobile accident on May 8, 1967.

    Now there is some very interesting "coincidences" relating to the Bishop's death. After his written letter of March 17,1967 trying to discredit the apparitions and messages, he is warned by Mother Maravillas. He refuses to change his stance on Garabandal. He is told of his future death on April 25th, and dies on May 8th, ( THE FIRST FEAST DAY OF ST. MICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL,Who started the apparitions at Garabandal ! )
    Not only that but when found dead in the car, his hands are " blackened " ,but there is no fire ???? Draw your own conclusions.

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    she's very beautiful
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    On October 6, 2002, Pope John Paul II canonized the founder of Opus Dei in St Peter’s Square, Rome, in the presence of more than 300,000 people from all round the world.

    The link between St Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer with the Garabandal apparitions is not well known. In the summer of 1962 he spent a few days of holiday in Suances, Cantabria, during which he visited Garabandal, accompanied by several young men , members of Opus Dei. He spoke cheerfully and profoundly to the girls, an experience they still recall fondly after all these years.
    As it happens, news of this visit came out by chance years later when somebody showed the girls a prayer picture for God’s favour through his intercession, printed during his canonization. It was then that the girls joyfully recounted the meeting.
    He would not have risked his reputation if he did not believe in the apparitions,and tell others about his trip to talk to the girls. This was also confirmed by Mother Nieves.
    Video with Mother Neives (in Spanish )
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    Saint “ Mother “ Teresa , Garabandal ,and Conchita

    Pope Francis canonized “ Mother “ Teresa at a ceremony on September 4, 2016 in
    St. Peter's Square in Vatican City.

    The famous Foundress of the Missionaries of Charity has never expressed any doubts about her profound belief in the divine origin of Garabandal: "It was in 1970 that I heard about the apparitions of San Sebastian de Garabandal for the first time . . . From the beginning, I felt that the 'events' were authentic . . ." (Letter of November 10, 1987 to Msgr. Del Val).
    During her frequent trips to the United States, notably to New York, Mother Teresa had the opportunity of meeting Conchita who has lived on Long Island since 1972. This was the beginning of a strong human and spiritual friendship with Conchita and her family, that never faltered. Mother Teresa is the Godmother of Conchita’s third daughter, Anna Maria.

    Personally , it speaks volumes to me about the authenticity of the apparitions, that her two closest friends were St. Pio & St. Teresa.

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    So apparently God continues to keep us totally confused and off balance re THE SYNOD that will be the one shortly before the Warning. There’s one scheduled as we know next Oct (2018)
    And now this: (in God’s time and not 1 second before. He’s in control. Amen!)

    “Pope announces Oct. 2019 Synod for Amazon region.”
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    The Warning close to us my Good Friend Glenn as you know I never talk for Nothing, let me remind you that you are Great, what you have done for years at the Service of the Lady of the Carmel is to me Something unbelievable, please be sure that next to you I am Nothing, thank you again for all your Work, we are close this is what they said to me and I trust them, we keep in touch my Friend, thank you again.
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    When Blessed Padre Pio died, on September 23, 1968, Conchita was very perplexed. The Blessed Virgin's prophecy, predicting that he would see the Miracle, had apparently not been fulfilled . . .
    But, on October 16 of the same year, the visionary received a telegram from Lourdes. It was sent by a lady friend of hers, urging her to go to the world-famous Sanctuary, to receive a letter written by Blessed Padre Pio (written, by the way, just . . . one day before the Blessed Capuchin "confirmed," once more, the supernatural authenticity of Garabandal to a French author in spiritual matters, whom we know very well (J.S.)

    Convent of the Capuchins, August 22, 1968,
    For Conchita - Padre Pio has said:
    "I pray the most Blessed Virgin to comfort her and to guide her towards sanctity. I bless her with all my heart."
    Fr. Pellegrino

    This note dictated by Padre Pio the very day, at the time of the Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, to Fr. Pellegrino, then Superior of the Monastery of San Giovanni Rotondo, was brought to Conchita by one of the famous Capuchin's messengers and friends, the Franciscan Fr. Bernardino Cennamo, who himself had been in San Sebastian de Garabandal on June 18, 1965, and had witnessed the spectacular ecstasy of that famous day, but still doubting about its divine origin . . . until the famous Capuchin of Pietrelcina asked him to offer Conchita the little veil that was to be used to cover his face soon after his death -- a most exceptional 'relic' that the visionary inherited at Lourdes. She also learned from Fr. Bernardino that Padre Pio had clearly "seen the Miracle" shortly before dying (on August 22, 1968): "He told me so himself," the Franciscan insisted.
    A few days later, Conchita wrote to Joey Lomangino and mentioned the altogether important recent "event." She would later write a complete account of this for Elisa, a friend of Barcelona. ( Fr. A. Combe, a French priest, who had accompanied Conchita and her mother to Lourdes, also would provide us with a full account of that most remarkable, providential trip). Furthermore, all the irrefutable facts occurred before and after the famous Note of Msgr. Cirarda, October 9, 1968! (see next post). As to Fr. B. Cennamo himself, he will eventually corroborate firmly what has been said above, in a letter of July 4, 1969, to an English gentleman.

    [From 'Garabandal' Book, pages 216-217]
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    Pope Francis has announced another Synod for October 2019. Now the only reason I mention this because it is at the end of that year, and a few months later it is 2020 ( an even year ). Lets hope we don't have to wait that long.
    For those who don't follow or know, the "Pre-Aviso " signs, a Synod will happen prior to the Warning.
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    Yes Glenn Exactly. Thanks for posting the details (as always) for the 2019 one. We have the Same Scenario next Oct With The Scheduled Synod in Rome. So maybe one of these two Synods is THE SYNOD before the Warning. (Same scenario in that it’s an even Yr from end Oct-Dec-2018 anyway) Time will tell. Fascinating times just ahead!
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    Thank you for your generous and very kind words Aviso,my friend. Neither of us is "great", we just both are ordinary men who said "Yes" to our Lady of Mt. Carmel , to serve her, to the best of our ability. We share the same Mother in Heaven, and the same mission here , and when we work together, we make our Blessed Mother happy, and we accomplish more in promoting her message. God bless you for all you have done and I look forward to both of us fulfilling our mission ,and informing the world of the great Warning and Miracle to come ! Our Lady of Mt. Carmel pray for us !
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    John, Or maybe an "emergency" synod will be announced in which some clergy will discuss the confusion created from the last synod? This is just a guess.
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    Yes. Anything can happen. But like I said With the now 2 Scheduled Syonds And Maybe an “emergency”’Synod God is keeping us not to know. Bec that’s the way He wants it. He’s in charge! :);)
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    the warning can come anytime in a even year. I pray for the salvation of souls. God bless you
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    when I saw about the synod of the Amazon, I remembered this news
    "Pope Francis says the church must study whether it's possible to ordain married men to minister in remote communities facing priest shortages"
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    I would have a question to Glenn or someone else who knows it:
    So far I only knew about "something like a schism" what should take place before The Warning. Is what you said about a synod before The Warning a different prior sign?
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    Today in Garabandal History:October 17th, 1961:
    Testimony by the Brigadier Leader of the Civil guard in Garabandal, Mr. Juan Alvarez Seco

    I went up that day with 14 pairs of guards to maintain order, as it was the day before the 18th. Conchita came up to me in ecstasy and gave me the Cross to kiss, which for me was a sign of hope that everything was going to turn out well, despite the huge number of people that came to Garabandal and despite the heavy rain that hadn’t stopped all day. There wasn’t even the slightest problem. I calculated that there were about 12 thousand to 15 thousand people in Garabandal that day. The fact that there were 8 hundred to a thousand cars and no accidents, to me was a huge surprise.- Mr. Juan Alvarez Seco,
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    Well, its different, but the "event" or schism mentioned actually was in reference to happening before the Miracle ( not the Warning ).
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    Ok, thank you!

    That means the "event/schism“ could be between the Warning and the Miracle, but also could be before the Warning, and it´s also possible that the synod mentioned and the "event/schism“ mentioned are correlated, we just don´t know? Is the synod before the Warning mentioned by Mari Loli or Conchita?
    Is the pope´s visit to Moscow mentioned to happening before the Miracle or the Warning?
    Thank you for your efforts!

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