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    The day starts out with the entire village going to confession and communion , from the previous evenings “night of screams” visions of the Chastisement.
    This is the second appearance of St. Michael , and the first ecstasy observed by witnesses. The girls describe him in detail. From the book The Village Speaks - “ In the afternoon, the angel appears at the “calleja”…He wears a long blue robe, without a belt, and has large pink wings, clear and beautiful. His face is neither long nor round. He has a very nice nose, black eyes and a dark complexion. His hands are very delicate and his nails are cut. His feet are not visible. He appears to be about nine years old. Although he looks so young, he gives the impression of invincible strength “.
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    JUNE 22, 1961

    At approximately 8:30pm in the “calleja”, in the presence of Fr. Valentin Marichalar, who is the Pastor of Cosio (a neighboring town to Garabandal) , the four girls fall into ecstasy and see the angel again. The first medical tests determine that the children while in trance are insensitive to pain ! The “Commission “ doctors ,in trying to discredthe girls claim of being in the presence of our Lady (while in ecstasy ) , put the girls through a number of seemly torturous tests,yet they were unharmed . For example , when pinching and poking the girls got no reaction, they resorted to sticking them with pins and needles, trying to see if a lighted match would burn them, throwing sand in their eyes ,to try and make them blink or react. Flashing camera bulbs in their eyes to try and make them blink, or trying to pick them up and drop them on their knees, but 2 men couldn’t pick them up. These events only convinced the onlookers and the Doctors, of the apparitions authenticity !

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    Pediatrician Dr. Celestino Ortiz studied the visionaries for twenty consecutive days. Outside of the ecstatic state, he found these children to be normal and well balanced. Of their ecstasies he said, “To keep silent would be true scientific cowardice. We do not find any convincing explanation for such phenomena.”

    Dr. Ricardo Puncernau, an internationally renowned neuro-psychiatrist, widely regarded among the elite in his profession, performed the most extensive series of tests on the girls over a twelve day period. He concluded that the quantity and the quality of the phenomena ruled out any natural explanation. He said, “From a strictly scientific point of view, one cannot deny the possibility of a supernatural cause in all these phenomena.”

    Then of course there was this nonsense:

    This was the Commission's doctor's " medical opinion" The doctor in charge of the district, Doctor Jose Luis Gullon said " that these were seizures and diseases, that all that was happening was due to an illness that the girls had."

    He never said what illness it was. WOW can you believe this ? Now you know why the Bishop Dal Val Gallo ordered a new investigation !

    "This is no way supernatural. It is a psychogenic reaction to the situation . . . Vulgar hysterical phenomena . . ." Such was Dr. Morales' opinion on the one ecstasy that he had attended. His report, quickly drafted, influenced the negative verdict by the "Commission" concerning the supernatural origin of the phenomena of Garabandal. He, who had really been the "directing head" of the
    "Special Commission," completely reversed his position in 1977. In May 1983, during some lectures he gave at Santander, then at Madrid, he publicly defended the authenticity of the apparitions.
    [Excerpted from 'Garabandal' Book, pages 59; 61]
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    JUNE 22, 1962
    St. Michael announces to Conchita the miracle of the Visible Communion. (later to become known as the “ Little Miracle “, when it will appear on her tongue out of thin air. )
    The date will be announced 15 days in advance. Conchita considers this a small miracle.

    The “Little Miracle “
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    "The Virgin has told us that the world continues the same, that it has not changed at all, that few will see God. There are so few that it causes the Virgin much sorrow that it does not change. The Virgin has told us that the chastisement is coming; [as] the world is not changing, the cup is filling up. How sad the Virgin was! Although she did not let us see it, because the Virgin loves us [so much] and she suffers alone, since she is so good. Be good, everyone so that the Virgin will be happy. She has told us that we who are good should pray for those who are bad; we should pray to God for the world, for those who do not know Him. Be good, [be] very good."
    Maria Dolores Mazon, 13 years
    Jacinta Gonzalez, 13 years LOLI-JACINTA night tears.jpg
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    In the afternoon, St. Michael appears to the children in the “calleja”. At his feet is an inscription on a plaque made up of letters and some Roman numerals, … ” XVIII- MCMLXI“. The Visionaries do not understand the meaning of the inscription ( it is the DATE the FIRST MESSAGE from Mary was to be made known, October 18,1961 ).
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    I have not seen a "Vatican verified" date.
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    Thank you, Dave for the kind words. Rene Gracida, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi writes, "I couldn't stop reading it once I started.". What do you think of "Catarata Imparable"? Watch at, if you haven't seen it. I like the way that you see the girls in ecstasy while different eye-witnesses tell what they saw and heard and felt. I feel fortunate to be included in such an impressive group. I will chide Brother Brian Jackson, the producer, for not telling me to speak faster. The English version opens on July 2, the anniversaries of the first visits of two people to the village - the Blessed Virgin and the undersigned. Now that is impressive company! Ed
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    Hi Glenn, do you have any text or document to show that Mari Loli and Conchita received messages from the Blessed Virgin Mary that the Warning will happen on an even year, that it will happen after the holding of a synod, and that it will also happen after the Pope's visit to Moscow. Thank you for your time. God bless.
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    The crowds become larger and larger. At least 5 priest and many known medical doctors are present. Doctors from the local area are making various experiments to test the sensibility of the children during the ecstasies. For the first time the witnesses become aware of the extraordinary change in weight which the visionaries are undergoing. After the ecstasy, the young girls notice, especially on their legs, slight traces pinching, pricking, fingernail marks, and lumps due to the experiments made while they were in ecstasy. They claim that they did not feel anything. The children are taken to the church sacristy where they are questioned in the presence of priests and doctors. Their legs are examined.

    “ The Village Speaks” - pg. 16

    Loli on rocks.jpg
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    The young men of the Village set up this rectangular enclosure made of tree trunks and stakes so that the Visionaries might be better protected from the crowd. The only ones authorized to go in were the parents of the children, their brothers, the priests and physicians, who came to examine the girls while in ecstasy.

    “GARABANDAL ‘’ pg. 37
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    Now the story has been told that Loli said the Warning would be in an "Even Year".

    Here's how that came about. In the book, “Suddenly & Unexpectedly, The end of our Times” by Tom Fahy .pg .93 (Published November 11, 2012 )

    "We know that the Warning must precede the Miracle. I happen to know, as per Maria (Saracco ) that Mari Loli had at one point been questioned by a priest who was trying to extract the year of the Warning from her. She would not tell him. Finally, he asked if she could at least tell him if it was an even or odd year. She relented and told him that it would be an “ even year. "

    When I researched this many years ago, I found out that the priest in question was Fr. Gustavo Morelos that she said this to.

    SYNOD before Warning
    INTERVIEWER: Mother... Mother Nieves García, you have a prophecy about Garabandal that you want to tell us, in relation with a synod or big synod before the Garabandal´s Warning. Could you speak to us about it?

    MOTHER NIEVES: Yes. During the apparitions, in one of the apparitions, the Virgin told Conchita that before the future events there will be a synod, ... an important synod. Then (so?), Conchita´s aunt heard it, and when Conchita told it she (her aunt) said to Conchita: "you mean the Council" (because we were then in the Second Council). Then, Conchita replied to her aunt: "No. The Virgin has not said to me council. The Virgin has said to me synod." "And, it seems to me that a synod is a little council". It is impossible that a twelve years old girl, without knowledge, without culture (education) speak about a synod that did not exist or if it existed we did not know about it; and (it is impossible that...) moreover that she defines, as she did, a synod as a little council. This was told me by Father Lafiner. He had told it Father Pesquera (who wrote one of the first books about Garabandal). He told it to Jacques Leserre (scholar in La Sorbona, Paris). This one told me, and he considered it as a pre-warning. And many letters written by this man, in French,... speak me about the pre-warning.

    INTERVIEWER: Thank you, Mother Nieves.

    MOTHER NIEVES: Every thing to the greater glory of God and love to the Virgin.

    INTERVIEWER: Thank you.

    Tom Fahy confirmed to me on Sept. 15, 2017 , that when he interviewed Albrecht Weber in 2006 for research for his book "Suddenly and Unexpectedly", Albrecht told him that when the Pope returns from Moscow " there would be a revolution at the VATICAN", involving Northern Spain,Italy & France, from the advance of " Communism ". -Glenn Hudson

    "Garabandal" by Jacques Serre, pg 132.
    pope to moscow.jpg pope to moscow.jpg
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  16. Based on what I read in the book The Mystical City of God, this synod will make a concession that is not God's will, for example, the release of married priests, or allowing communion for people in second union or gay marriage. as long as there is no such spurious concession, nothing will happen.
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    Thanks for posting that Ed. It looks like a very well made production. Looking forward to watching the English version next week.
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    The upcoming Germán synod is planning to make such concessions. If they pass, there will a crisis in the Church like we have never seen before in our generation.
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    The end of time is not the end of the world!

    After the death of Pope John XXIII, Conchita had this conversation in Garabandal with her mother Aniceta

    Conchita: - Now there are only 3 Popes left and then the end of time comes, which is not the end of the world.

    Aniceta: So you mean the end of the world is near?

    Conchita: - Our Lady did not tell me "end of the world", but "end of time".

    Aniceta: - Is not it the same?

    Conchita: - I do not know.

    Aniceta: How do you know that only three Popes are left?

    Conchita: It was Our Lady who told me. In fact, she said that four Popes were left, but that She did not consider
    one of them.

    Aniceta: But then ... why do not you tell one of them?

    Conchita: - She did not say, just told me that one would not consider. However, he told me that he would rule the Church for very little time.

    Aniceta: Then that must be why it does not count.

    Conchita: I do not know.

    Aniceta: And what next?

    Conchita: - I did not say
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