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    No offense taken. I just stated what I see ,knowing her family as I do. They are spiritually unique.
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    MARCH 19,1962

    Mari-Loli ,in ecstasy, addressed the following short word to Fr. Jose Silva,who had just gone up to the village for the first time: “ The Blessed Virgin wishes a happy birthday to Padre Jose “. This happened when no one had recognized the priest “dressed in lay clothes “.

    “Garabandal” p. 125
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    Thanks for posting
    Eastern time is now daylight. But I just checked and Rome is 5 hours ahead of Eastern Daylight Time.
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    Yes I know, I posted it correctly 4pm EST is 9pm Rome .
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    I asked Conchita if she would be kind enough to offer some words of advice to all of us, in this troubling times. Here is her words. "God is detaching us from the securities of this world. In the silence of the Church or in our house, we are now able to make an examination of conscience so we can clean what prevents us from hearing the Voice of God clearly. With sincerity we can ask God to tell us what He wants of us today, and continue to do that every day. And spend as much time as possible with God at church or somewhere in your home or where you find the silence. He is all we need."
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    It’s 4 pm EDT today
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    It's interesting to note that we live in an era wherein the vast majority of people - at least in the western world - have lost virtually all appreciation for, and understanding of, the inestimable value of penance, sacrifice, self-denial, and mortification. The dominant mindset today would seem to be summarized by such statements as: "enjoy life to the fullest and live only for today" and "you deserve the very best... pamper yourself... splurge".

    However, we now find ourselves in the middle of Lent and the entire world has been 'invited' to live without many creature comforts and countless conveniences (and liberties) which only a few short weeks ago were taken for granted. While neither trivializing nor being insensitive to the difficult plights of those who are sick, afraid, or mourning the loss of loved ones as a result of COVID-19, let us hope and pray that this present stripping of the countless excesses in life will bring forth deeper conversions and spiritual transformations - assuming that we all leverage this unique time to avail ourselves of the manifold graces and opportunities which are available.

    Jesus' call to conversion and penance, like that of the prophets before him, does not aim first at outward works, "sackcloth and ashes," fasting and mortification, but at the conversion of the heart, interior conversion. Without this, such penances remain sterile and false; however, interior conversion urges expression in visible signs, gestures and works of penance. - Catechism of the Catholic Church, §1430


    As we know, Our Lady of Garabandal often stressed the need for penance. One story related to this topic has always intrigued me. It is the account of Mercedes Salisachs, whose 21-year-old son (Miguel) had tragically lost his life in a car accident (1958). A few years later, during the Easter Triduum in 1962, Mercedes visited Garabandal. Looking for reassurance that her son's eternal salvation was assured, Mercedes sought the help of the Garabandal visionary, Mari Loli. When Mari Loli inquired with Our Lady during a subsequent apparition regarding the eternal destiny and well-being of Miguel, she was provided a reply in addition to the following caveat: "Don't tell the lady [Mercedes] until tomorrow, after [Easter] Sunday Mass." The resultant maternal angst became a 'cross' (penance) which Mercedes was "invited" to carry for the few remaining days leading up to Easter Sunday. Curiously, this was not a Lenten penance which Mercedes had herself chosen. It was (seemingly) granted by heaven.

    For more on the testimony of Mercedes Salisachs, see location 17.30 on this YouTube video:

    Alternatively, you can read this article which provides more details:

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    very good post! Very good! Thank you.
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    You're most welcome, Beth.
    Simply stated, this has been the "word" on my heart for the past several days.
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    We're at eight times our normal Traffic. With over 8.000 daily visitors.

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    My page is always respectful, you know I don't tolerate any non-sense from anyone. God bless you brother for your efforts in running this site.
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    Just ban anyone who gives you any trouble, whatsoever, Glenn right way. Don't hang about. Don't ask me.

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    Remember Conchita's daughter called me " Our Blessed Mother's pitbull" . (high praise I thought). You don't have to tell me twice to boot problem posters. I got your back.
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    Translated from the Italian version:
    (In the picture, Don Stefano Gobbi in Garabandal)

    Message received from Don Stefano in Garabandal (Spain), June 14, 1979.
    Corpus Domini party.

    " My favorite children, continue with confidence to walk on the path on which the
    Heavenly Mother. My drawing is about to be done through you who responded to my maternal invitation.
    Just indulge my action that tends to transform you inside, to make you all
    Priests according to the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus. The triumph of my Immaculate Heart cannot happen except in the triumph of my Son Jesus, who will return to reign in hearts, souls, in the lives of individuals and nations: in all mankind.
    But Jesus, as he is in Heaven, so is on earth really present in the Eucharist: with his Body, his Blood, His Soul, His Divinity.
    His glorious kingdom will shine above all in the triumph of Him Eucharistic, because the Eucharist will be the heart and center of the whole life of the Church.
    Jesus in the Eucharist will become a summit of every prayer of yours, which must be prayer of
    worship, of thanksgiving, praise and propitiation.
    Jesus in the Eucharist will return to be the center of all liturgical action, which will take place
    as a hymn to the Holy Trinity, through the perennial priest function of Christ that will
    implement in the Eucharistic mystery.
    Jesus in the Eucharist will return to be the center of your ecclesial meetings, because the Church is his temple, his house that was built, above all, so that he may reflex his divine presence among you.
    Favorite children, unfortunately in these times darkness has also overshadowed the tabernacle: around it is so empty, so much indifference, so much negligence. Every day doubts, lengths and sacrifices increase. The Eucharistic Heart of Jesus is again wounded by his own, in his home, in the same place where he placed his divine dwelling among you.
    Back to being the perfect worshippers, the fervent ministers of Eucharistic Jesus who, for
    Half of you, still make yourself present, still immolates and gives to souls.
    Bring everyone to Jesus in the Eucharist: to worship, communion, to greater love.
    Help everyone approach Eucharistic Jesus in a worthy way, with growing in the faithful
    Consciousness of sin, with inviting them to present themselves to sacramental communion in a state of grace, with educating them to frequent confession, which becomes necessary, to those who find themselves mortal sin, to receive the Eucharist.
    Favorite children, make dike to the spread of sacrifices: never as in these times there are tantecommunions and in such an unworthy way.
    The Church is intimately injured by the spread of sacrificial Communions. The time has come when your Heavenly Mom says: stop.
    I myself will fill the great void around my son Jesus present in the Eucharist. I will form
    A barrier of love around his divine presence; myself through you, children
    favorites, which I want to place as a presidium of love around all the tabernacles of the
    land "
    Fr Gobbi n.jpg
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