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    Also what is said in the fatima secrects about "the russian mistakes“ that "will spread over the world“ can be seen in this context.
    The mistakes of communism like abortion, euthansia, anti-christian laws etc. have already reached th EU.
    Like you said it is a little ironic that russia is reverting to christian values.
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    From Garabandal...

    2. The Great Tribulation of Communism: During the first of the “nights of the screams” the young girls (then ages 12 and 13) were shown the “sudden and unexpected” Tribulation of Communism led by Russia that will have an effect on the whole world, and which will happen before the Divine Warning to the entire human race. No one expects this because the world has been lulled into the false belief that Communism has died with the fall of the Berlin Wall and the dissolution of the Soviet Union.
    It seems that the greatest trauma of this Tribulation will be felt in Europe. St. Padre Pio is reported to have said that the great Miracle to occur at Garabandal will be paid for by the blood of the Europeans—oceans of blood. Our Lady told Conchita that Communism will “come back” and that it will also come to Spain, but Spain would not suffer as intensely as the rest of Europe apparently because it had suffered Communism in the 1930’s. Conchita’s Aunt Antonia testified that she heard the girls say, while in ecstacy, that “if we don’t amend our ways, Russia will take possession of the whole world. Our Lady told the girls that during the time of this Tribulation the Church would seem to disappear, the Sacraments would be difficult to receive and the Priests would have to go into hiding. [Apparently many Priests will be killed.] When things are so bad that all hope seems lost, then God will send the Warning to all mankind. The Great Miracle will follow within 12 months, and there will be conversions of many nations, including Russia.
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    So on the day of the Miracle everything will go well, but before that it will be difficult to reach Garabandal for the Miracle. Perhaps after the Warning people will be too confused and it will be difficult to get petrol etc. to get there :rolleyes:. Well we will see what will happen. I still think that God does not want to reveal to much before, because we should trust in Him, day after day. Please pray for me because I need a job. My precedent interim mission finished already in May... and invoices are increasing...
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    Here are some other words attributed to St Pio.
    “Indeed,” he states, “One day Padre Pio said to me very sorrowfully: ‘You know, Gabriele? It is Satan who has been introduced into the bosom of the Church and within a very short time will come to rule a false Church.’”

    Did Padre Pio say anything else to you about future catastrophes: earthquakes, floods, wars, epidemics, hunger …? Did he allude to the same plagues prophesied in the Holy Scriptures?” [asks Mr. Zavala]

    Nothing of the sort mattered to him, however terrifying they proved to be, except for the great apostasy within the Church. This was the issue that really tormented him and for which he prayed and offered a great part of his suffering, crucified out of love.” [says Fr. Amorth]

    The Third Secret of Fatima?”


    “Is there any way to avoid something so terrible, Fr. Gabriele?”

    There is hope, but it’s useless if it’s not accompanied by works. Let us begin by consecrating Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, let us recite the Holy Rosary, let us all do prayer and penance …” [emphasis added]
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  7. What is the official church status concerning these events at Garabandal .?

    My understanding , subject to correction , is that no church approval has been given to what is alleged to have occurred.

    In the absence of such approval it can never meet with my approval.
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    The reason the Vatican And Holy See has not approved it is very prudent. They are waiting for the date to come. Garabandal is the ONLY apparition that contains a SPECIFIC-NEVER CHANGING-date to come. The Miracle Day. When Conchita was summoned to the Vatican she told Pope Paul VI the date. The Vatican knows date. They will wait for that date to announce approval. Totally understandable and prudent thing to do. Until then the official status is still under review/investigation. So we wait. Peace!
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    Ok so question to lighten the mood some in these tense times..

    If you were Conchita what would you be doing? Id be having some fun and living life grande while i continued my prayer life.

    Why.. what do i mean.

    Well she knows the date. And she knows she is alive at least 8 days before it so.....

    Why not live it up, eat what you want, drink what you want, jump out of airplanes and walk tightropes high above the earth. You know you won't die :)
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    :ROFLMAO: Good one. Thanks for the laugh. But that is so NOT Conchita. She is the most humble person you’ll ever meet. Has nothing to hide and doesn’t really care what people think or say about her. She answers to God. God Bless her. And prayers for her. Amen. Peace!
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    And i guess that is why God picked her and not me :/
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    Dean, I think you under estimate yourself. This comment is meant as a complement to you, nothing more.

    Dean has been working on becoming a "saint" in another way, he and his wife recently welcomed the birth of their 8th child.

    Conchita has absolutely been a wonderful example to all of us. I wish that I had learned of Garabandal a long time ago as so many people here have. Thank you all for all you do. First and foremost, thank you to Conchita and her family also!
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    Well there's good news for you ! The Vatican has never released a decision yet,and the reason is that Pope Paul VI met with Conchita in Jan. 1966, and was quotes as saying
    "Conchita, I, the Pope, bless you and with me the whole Church blesses you." At this meeting Conchita revealed the date of the future " Miracle", and the Vatican has decided to wait until that date arrives,and sees the Miracle come to fruition, before pronouncing a verdict. And for your information, 3 Popes have been favorable ( Paul VI, John Paul II, and Benedict XVI ). So while we wait for an approval, there has never been a negative word issued.
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    Obviously , you do not possess her "saintly " mindset. She does the opposite ! She offers up as many sacrifices and penance NOW, while she is still here and able. Earthly joys are meaningless to her, her "joy" awaits her when she gets to Heaven.

    I received a letter from Conchita on this date, after the passing of her husband Patrick. I wanted to post the last sentence of her letter, it's TRULY PROFOUND.
    She said: " Death for sure is not the end, it is the beginning and the vanities of the world are a loss of energy because it distracts us from the reality of life, and true happiness. "

    Conchita Gonzalez Keena - December 17, 2013
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  15. John T

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    SIMPLY WOW! An example
    For us ALL TO strive to! God
    Bless Her Always!!
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    Glenn, it was very much a joke. Trying to have some fun when all we hear about is death and terrorism all around us.
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    I have no sense of humor when it comes to her.
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    I believe the church to come will be the true church of Christ, the 'catholic' church, the universal church, but I am certain it will not be the Catholic church as we know it today. As it says in Revelations, God found fault with all of the churches, all. And, we can all see errors in all of the churches. But, I believe the church to come will be Catholic more as it was in the beginning.
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    A member asked privately " Why would she want to move away from Garabandal ? "

    There was no chance of her having a realistic life there in the village. Everyday she had people telling her what to do, and it would be impossible for her to go outside or even do her chores because of the countless visitors wanting to see her, talk to her, question her, touch her ( as if she had powers to heal ),that is why her mother sent her away at 17 to another town for her education .
    Here is Conchita in her own words :
    " I remember my village caused me to suffer. I felt as if I was imprisoned. I acted by the commands of others who constantly advised me " Go to mass, Pray the rosary, Do this, Give up that ". At times I thought I would be happy in a hermitage away from everyone, and to work there alone for God and see what I was capable of doing without their forever telling me."
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