Garabandal and Traditionalist Catholicism

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    Just wondering if the two sit well together,

    In the days of the apparitions the Old Mass was the only Mass and the piety of the messages certainly reflects what we would call traditional Catholicism.

    In terms of Our Lady's messages it is clear she does not like the lack of reverence paid to her son in the blessed sacrament which can be much more prevalent in Novus Ordo especially with the evils of communion in the hand and the way people get up and go straight after mass.

    But the apparitions have a much more ambiguous relationship with Vatican 2, it is clear that Our Lady seems to understood as saying that through the miracle and the council the world would be converted..... it seems hardly accreditable to vatican 2 any success in conversion..... since the council there has been widespread loss of faith and decline in vocations (at least in the western world and in Spain most certainly), even the growth in other places hardly seems down to the council, rather it seems down to the fact that Catholicism, even post vatican 2 catholicism is still a darn sight more appealing and beautiful than paganism

    Maybe Our Lady was talking about another council?

    Certainly when it also mentions that Our Lady was pleased because the council would speak well of her, that is definitely true, even sspx superiors have admitted to me that the texts in Lumen Gentium on Our Lady are very beautiful.

    In terms once again of the Old Rite,

    I know from experience going to Garabandal that the PP there does not tolerate the Old Mass being offered in the Church, I asked him myself, when I go I offer mass where I am staying and on one occasion I said mass on the padre pio monument up on the pines.

    Some major traditionalist figures have been supporters of Garabandal though,

    perhaps you do not know but Bishop Williamson, formelry of SSPX is a great believer in Garabandal and visited there a few times, including in the early 70s where he met and conversed with Conchita,

    When I visited Garabandal twice (as a priest in a cassock) the PP persumed I was sspx, so clearly sspx supporters and priests are visiting.....

    Anyway, interested to hear what you think, I havent seen this discussed in another post.
  2. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    There is a thread on this forum for Garabandal and Glenn looks after it. I think Glenn would be the best one to address your questions. I think there are also other Garabandal dedicated followers who frequently visit that thread who might be able to share well informed opinions. Peace :)
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  3. Mary's child

    Mary's child Powers

    Welcome to our heavenly mother's forum, Father Miles! :) Julia is correct, the Garabandal thread is full of information and Glenn who is an encyclopedia of info would be your best resource.
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  4. Xavier

    Xavier "In the end, My Immaculate Heart will Triumph."

    Welcome to the forum, Father Miles. I agree that Glenn would be best poised to answer your question.

    I believe Our Lady of Garabandal would support the FSSP/Indult or St. John Cantius style Holy Masses with reverence, whether OF or EF. I think it was interesting one of the Eucharistic Miracles in Garabandal had Conchita receiving on her tongue - perhaps showing Our Lady preferred that mode of reception, as far as it was possible. But it would be interesting to know what is the case. I hope Priests in general distribute Holy Communion like that.

    But beside that, Eucharistic and Marian Devotion, Penance, Self-Denial etc should be staple Catholicism. Unfortunately, in the years after the Council, and also after many churchmen sadly decided to ignore the urgent call of Our Lady of Garabandal, doctrinal laxity had set in.
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  5. Mario

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    Thank you Fr. Miles for your forthright position and appraisal of Garabandal. It is easily apparent that most Traditionalists pay little heed to apparitions subsequent to Fatima. Whenever you are able, we look forward to your future input.

    May Our Lady cover you with her Mantle in the months ahead!
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