Fulton Sheen, Abortion, and the Atomic Bomb

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    In a classic speech, Fulton Sheen details how our society went from abhorring Abortion to enshrining it as a protected right. I recommend listening to the entire speech, but a particular section caught my attention, beginning around the 9:00 mark. Fulton Sheen says:

    "Once that philosophy is proclaimed, that the Ego is supreme, there are no limits, then abortion follows. I wonder when we ever got into this position of denying limits? I wonder why our young people are so concerned with their identity? Thirty and forty years ago nobody had the problem of identity. Why not? Because we recognized boundaries, limits. How do you know the limits, for example, of the identity of the State of Illinois? By its boundary lines. How do you know the identity of a basketball court? By its foul lines. How do we know our own identity? By limits, by boundaries, by Law, by Order. And I think we lost all of these at 8:15 in the morning August the 6th 1945 when we dropped the bomb on Hiroshima. That bomb blotted out boundaries of life and death, civilian and the military, and trust among nations. And so, abortion from that point on is defended on the ground that one may do whatever he pleases."

    This got me thinking about the atomic bomb and whether it was really necessary. In answer to that I thought I would bolster what Fulton Sheen said by what some of the top American military commanders said at the time, along with other influential Americans. I think you will be shocked by what they said:

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