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  1. Cardinal Joseph Zen quote: "Francis delivered the Church into the hands of the enemy."
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    I watched this from , 'The Remnant', yesterday. Wonderful, inspiring from Minnesota
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    The Red Pope
    Written by Elizabeth Yore
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    Francis has cast his lot with the Communists and red smoke enshrouds the Catholic Church. In the words of Cardinal Joseph Zen, Francis “delivered the Church into the hands of the enemy.

    Nobody has any illusion about Red determination to eliminate all religion.” - Shanghai Bishop James E. Walsh, Imprisoned by the CCP for 12 years (1958-70) for refusing to join the Patriotic Church.

    ON MARCH 13, 2013, white smoke billowed out of the Sistine Chapel chimney, signaling a newly elected pontiff. Cheers erupted from the crowd in St. Peter’s Square, “Habemus Papa.” On that portentous spring evening, the huge Vatican campanone bell bellowed throughout the chilly Roman evening air. Emerging onto the loggia, sans papal stole, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, S.J., the first Jesuit pontiff— the first Black Pope appeared before the multitude.

    The stage was set for a new papacy.

    Exit stage Left…. the Black Pope fades to Red. [​IMG]

    On that March evening, the Church militant were unaware of the impending danger that would befall them. With the curious and startling resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, the foundation of the Catholic Church seemed to be teetering, the ground was shifting, something was afoot, but the change was intangible and amorphous.

    Time would tell.

    Seemingly, the tumultuous events surrounding the papal handover were eerily suggestive of the ominous words of Vladimir Lenin: “Sometimes, history needs a push.”

    Jorge Bergoglio provided that historical push. His election would soon demonstrate that the Catholic Church was experiencing a titanic rupture, propelling the barque of Peter into treacherous waters, driven by dark forces, and engulfed by red skies. At the helm, Jorge Bergoglio, and his cadre of communist clerics and cohorts, steering the Catholic Church into the dark abyss of communism.

    Seven very long and tumultuous years later, consensus builds that Bergoglio, the Black Pope, governs as the first Red Pope, a sympathetic, secretive, and cunning ally of the world’s atheistic, repressive and violent Communist regimes. The omens emerge as Bergoglio donned his red moniker, a cross with the crucified Jesus Christ, embedded with the hammer and sickle, the symbol of the atheistic communism.

    [​IMG]Communist Evo Morales gifting Francis with a Hammer and Sickle Crucifix.

    Papal court of Communist sympathizers- Sorondo and McCarrick

    Bishop Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo, Chancellor of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, known as a flack for China with his outrageous and preposterous defense of Communist China as “the best implementer of Catholic social doctrine,” or praises of the Xi government “for observing the common good.” At an organ trafficking conference where China was a participant, Bishop Sorondo unctuously stated:

    China could be a model we need today to respond to globalization, a model for the dignity and freedom of human beings, a model for the eradication of the new kind of slaver-organ trafficking.

    For the hideous truth of China’s Organ Trafficking Program, see the independent China Tribunal findings here.

    Sorondo described the critics of the China-Vatican pact “as merely a loud minority.” Shockingly, he also praised the world’s biggest polluter, China for its “fight against poverty and pollution.”

    Communist China Secret Deal: Papal Priority

    June 2013

    Only 3 months into his papacy, Francis dispatches the notorious serial sexual predator and alleged Communist operative, Cardinal Theodore McCarrick to initiate negotiations with the brutal Communist regime of Chinese President Xi Jinping. Despite the fact that Archbishop Carlo Mario Vigano personally informs Francis that McCarrick is a documented sexual predator. The Pope disregards Viagno’s warning and sends McCarrick to China to restart talks with the Chinese Communists on behalf of the Vatican. [​IMG]

    Both Vigano and McCarrick’s Rome secretary, Msgr. Figuereido confirm that McCarrick is the Pope’s personal choice to serve as diplomatic envoy to Communist China. McCarrick would travel to China a number of times on behalf of Francis, and meet with Communist officials over a potential deal with the Holy See. Ultimately, McCarrick’s trips result in the calamitous secret September 22, 2018 Vatican-China agreement, which according to Cardinal Joseph Zen, would “drive the faithful Underground Catholic Church further underground” and trigger a massive surge in widespread religious persecutions by the Communist government.

    [​IMG]Jeffrey Sachs, UN Special Advisor on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, papal consultant, who spoke at the Francis Vatican at least 30 times.

    Francis’ Support of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals- the United Nations Communist Climate Manifesto

    July 1, 2013

    The following month, on July 1, 2013, United Nations official, Jeffrey Sachs, is honored by the Vatican with the prestigious lecture, Vatican Lectio Marginalis at Sorondo's Pontifical Academy. Sachs will become a close collaborator of the Pope, a fixture at the Vatican, as he directs the papal climate change agenda in close conjunction with the UN and Paris Climate Treaty.

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