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    Praised be the Most Holy and Blessed Trinity!

    Show me, oh God, how to immerse my will into Thine. To accept my total weakness and Thy Almighty power. To imbed my deepest needs as jewels of prayer into Thy Magnificence and Beauty, where I let go of them and give Thee their complete ownership. This is holy trust. This is real faith in action. In that sublime place of meeting, I beg Thee to perform Thy miracles of Love in my soul.

    Sweet Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, do draw me into Thy Most Sacred Heart—a well of solace—where we can exchange my pain for Thy joy, and my reparation for Thy Divine Intimacy by virtue of Thy Holy Cross.

    Oh, dearest Holy Mary, my Mother, do direct this poor daughter of yours! Thine Immaculate Heart is a womb of refuge for my weary soul. Form and fashion me by Thy Graces. St. Joseph, do protect me from the Evil One. Guardian Dear, always remind me of Thy presence, power and intentions.

    I am so grateful and so blessed! Amen.
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