Frances Hogan, Divine Will retreat, this Saturday

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    I just came across this yesterday- very interested that Frances is giving this retreat. Its very short notice but someone might be able to make it.

    Day retreat by Frances Hogan on the Divine Will, Pallotinee College Thurles on Saturday January 30th 9.30a.m. Mass at 5pm. Celebrant Fr. Con Doherty MSC. Booking essential phone
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  2. Wonder did anybody from here attend this?
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    Yes, i was there.
    In summary:
    Divine Will creates a future full of hope.
    I've watched some of her programmes on EWTN and some talks on youtube, and read one of her books, so i was very interested to hear that Frances considers the Luisa Piccarretta Divine Will devotion to essentially be what will get us through these times - for Ireland, the Church and the world.
    Most of the day was spent going through some of the prayers, line by line, and the start of volume one. Frances' emphasis is on relating these back to scripture, and really encouraging us to view our prayer from the perspective of their eternal impact for other souls- "all souls past, present, and future " being continually repeated in the prayers snd talk.

    Putting our suffering to work - our participation in redemption.

    Frances is planning a full weekend immersion in the writings retreat, probably after Easter, if anyone fancies it.
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