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    I know this has been mentioned before but the Exorcist Fr Ripperger's series on generational Spirits is so excellent and enlightening I had to put them up again.

    They are reviewed here on, 'Spirit Daily'. He is just so knowledgeable about Spiritual Warfare:

    Exorcist On Generational Healing

    December 23, 2017 by sd



    Does something plague — haunt — your family?

    Does it go back?

    Is it nearly like clockwork?

    It’s an interesting topic at this time of year when families gather and when, ironically, there is the tradition of telling “ghost” stories.

    Are there certain issues that seem to have been handed down the generations or passed around your family like a virus or gene: division, depression, gluttony, financial distress, alcoholism, divorce, temper, crime, anorexia, mental illness, even suicide?

    When a particular type of bad trait or “luck” seems to recur, one is made to wonder if it’s more than just DNA, behaviorism, or coincidence (though these can be factors).

    And so it is that we turn once more to Father Chad Ripperger, a Doloran priest in Denver and full-time exorcist with uncategorical belief that family members past and present pass “familiar” spirits between one another. There is great hope and healing for it in the Eucharist [see here]

    Just as we have guardian angels assigned to us, says Father Ripperger, Satan may likewise assign a demon, often to an entire family. Lesser demons are sent to tempt and open the door to higher demonic realms. There are also generational spirits that afflict a population at large. Such was seen with the infection during the Sixties of the “hippie’ movement, believes Father Ripperger, who has penned an unusually powerful book, Deliverance Prayers For The Laity, to relieve and dismantle such largely unrecognized strongholds.

    [​IMG]And entire countries? Today we think of places such as the Middle East and North Korea; a while back it was Nazi Germany — although every nation and ethnic group has its spiritual “baggage.”

    When it comes to illness or crime, it can be an issue of life or death, literally.

    “A spirit can become ‘familiar’ if a person [it has attached to] has a particular headship in the family,” says the priest. “They can then pass that spirit on.”

    “It can also be over races,” maintains the exorcist. “Every single race has one. If you look at the Native American Indians, very often they are beset by a spirit passed on by the Native American spirituality.” With Hispanics, he says, there may be an Aztec or Mayan ancestry steeped in occultism or the effects of practices such as Santeria. Pagan practices in India and deep Africa pose special issues, he notes. Sometimes you see such a spirit skip a person — such that a whole family is affected but for the one individual.

    In other cases, it only affects one person in the family, leaving the others alone.

    Such are the dynamics and mysteries!

    Bohmos. Charter spirits.

    “You can also have it in corporations, where a demon gets his foot in the door and a corporation is dysfunctional and maintains that dysfunction all the way until it collapses,” he has preached.

    “It can be in regions. [For example] in Fresno, California, it’s a demon of illness. In Los Angeles — and this won’t be a surprise — it’s the demon of unreality. In the South, from Alabama to Georgia, there’s a particular demon that got in from the slaughter of Native Americans and the Europeans when they also slaughtered each other. The demon has been there for a hundred or more years.”

    [​IMG]It’s not just genes, emphasizes Ripperger, an adherent to the Latin way of Mass, which he finds particularly powerful: people also take on the traits of affecting spirits. Ignorance is not bliss. Fools die for lack of wisdom (Proverbs 10:21). Alcoholism can be genetic (one notes the stereotype of Irish), he says, but it is also passed on spiritually. “You can also get it in dioceses or religious orders, where a particular demon gets passed on,” says the Colorado priest. Most often, sin or abuse is at the root of original entry.

    We think here all the way back to Eve.

    Or, it can be from “some kind of curse,” which can also be passed.

    Father Ripperger has observed that spirits of Freeemasony are often associated in families with respiratory illnesses.

    In Italy, notes Father Ripperger, the Vatican investigated situations whereby children seemed to have become spiritually infected in the womb and maintained that infection because the exorcistic verbiage had been removed from the Rite of Baptism.

    There are entire towns that labor under a “curse.”

    Most often — eighty percent of the time, he claims (for our discernment) — the generational spirit begins with a man. He says the normal duration is four or five generations, before it begins to dissipate, often because God sends a person into that family who helps cleanse it.

    Once a demon has attached, it’s like a fly: other “flies” come. Some families, regions, and countries have “bigger dudes” plaguing them, he notes, than do others.

    The generational demon in the U.S.?

    “Avarice and fraud,” says Father Ripperger.

    All evil pretenses, he notes, ultimately collapse of their own weight.

    Demons are allowed by God because He wants us to react with and develop virtue — for example, if there is pride, a demon may be allowed to cause humiliation that cleanses a family line and leads a family reacting correctly to humility. Humility is very powerful against Satan. If there is deception, we react with the truth. If there is avarice, we are called to react with charity, mercy, and generosity — in short, humble kindness and unselfishness, which chase many dark spirits away.
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    I am still decorating. I hoped to have the whole appartment done but am still on the front room I set aside a week to do it, but am bogged down. :) But on the brother side it give me loads of time to watch Catholic videos so I will watch the very learned Fr Ripperger again today.


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  4. jackzokay

    jackzokay Archangels looks good Padraig.

    I enjoy ripperger as well. He’s a no nonsense and very knowledgeable priest. His insight is remarkable. Usually when I’m washing dishes or peeling spuds or undertaking other such chores I will listen to Sensus Fidelium. Might order one of his books from amazon for a wee treat.. anybody recommend a good one? Not just by father Ripperger, but by anyone.

    Speaking of books, I read ‘the dolorous passion of our lord Jesus Christ’. Blew me away!
    Highly recommend it. Visions are given to a German nun from just after the last supper thru the crucifixion. Brilliant, brilliant read!
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    Lovely Padraig. Just lovely. Very cozy.
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    Yes on all counts . I too mean to order FatherR’s book. Anne Catherine Emerich is astounding. Mel Gibson used much of her book in writing the Passion.
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    jackzokay Archangels

    That’s true.

    I read another good one recently by the famous and deceased Father Malachi Martin: ‘hostage to the devil’.
    It was as if Father Malachi pulled back a veil to another world. Not for the faint hearted this one.
    He speaks of 5 Exorcisms in great, great detail. Tis a book for those that aren’t wary of such topics.
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    jackzokay Archangels

    Has anyone noticed the change in TV schedules/programmes.
    Every year for as long as I can remember we would get to see the classic religious films at Christmas and Easter.
    Ben Hur
    Jesus of Nazerath
    The Ten Commandments
    King of Kings

    These last years, these films aren’t aired anymore. And newer ones like the passion of the Christ don’t get a look in either.

    Alas, I shouldn’t really be surprised.
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    Here in the US we get to see The Ten Commandments on Holy Saturday night but it airs so late
    The others you mention are very scarce here
    Can’t count on seeing them
    And there is plenty of garbage on in place of the good films
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    Nice job on the decorating
    Looks very comfortable and homey
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    Apparently copies of this book are flying off the shelves in their tens of thousands. I have not had a chance to but one yet though I will. People are raving about it. Spiritual Warfare kind of stuff has not been on my radar too much, but I am going to get this one certainly.

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    It is very ,very ,very slow. But I find being slow means less mistakes. I took a week off work to do it and find that is not enough.:)

    I am offering it up as a Penance. :)
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    Exorcists always impress me. Perhaps the one who most impressed me was from the West coast of the USA and is in haven quite a while now. Apparently he did hundreds of exorcisms as though he was just cleaning the house it fazed him so little. When someone asked him how he managed so well he laid it down to Devotion to the Blessed Virgin . Most exorcists experience kick back, this remarkable priest seemed to have none whatsoever.

    However times have changed and the devils have much, much more power than they used to . Sometimes Exorcisms take months or even years; sometimes fail altogether or even kill the poor people taken over.

    A sign of the terrible, terrible times we are in.

    Good exorcists remind me of Drill Sergeants in the army, common sense and down to Earth with loads of fighting courage.:)
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    I would be careful about this. I read the reviews on Amazon. The vast majority are favourable but two in particular are not. I'll quote the two critical reviews for people's discernment. I'm not doing this to start an argument but we laity need to be very, very careful not to overstep our competence where these matters are concerned.

    The first critical review:
    "I returned my copy for the reason that the author's name was not found anywhere on the book. Maybe mine was a pirated copy. There are a lot of prayers in it that a lot of us recite normally but I feel that there are things written in this book that are dangerous in the hands of the laity. You have to be very careful about what you read. Definitely do not want to open the door for the devil to come in.
    I recommend the book "Unbound: A Practical Guide to Deliverance by Neal Lozano" This book will open your eyes and help set you free."

    The second:
    "I don't like this book's format. The print is very small. Hard to read. There is no explanations on the various prayers. In one area it says "to name the spirits". Being a Catholic Apologist myself, I know full well this is never to be done by a lay person. I think Fr. Chad Ripperger needs to reexamine the Church's teaching on LAY involvement in this area. Very very poorly done. I would have expected more substance and more correct presentations by a priest who has a PhD. I can probably understand why this book was not published by a more well known Catholic publishing company."
    Someone posted a comment in response to the second critical review which is probably recommending a sensible route to follow for anyone considering buying or reading the book:
    "I recommend you listen to Fr. Ripperger's conferences on spiritual warfare and on binding prayers or those on generational spirits. He explains in many of his conferences that laity cannot bind spirits when and where they don't have the authority, even priests/exorcists much have the proper dispensations or authority given by the bishop. Hopefully those purchasing these books will either have listened to these conferences already or will, prior to buying or using this manual. His conferences shed light on where the boundary lines lie for laity using binding or deliverance prayers. He does quote the pontiffs or councils regularly throughout his conferences, so I do believe he has knowledge of Church teaching on laity using these prayers. I'd think as an exorcist, he'd have to know much of that. The problem lies on laity using them inappropriately. Someone mentioned the introduction of this book sheds light on that fact, but if it's still too vague, I recommend the conferences which you can listen to on YouTube or They'd probably be labeled as Spiritual Warfare, Generational Spirits, or Binding prayers. God bless! "

    I'm fairly sure that there are priests who do deliverance prayers from generational spirits. Perhaps it's better to leave this to the experts who have the extra graces and authority of priestly ordination.
  15. AED

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    Yes I have noticed that. The freezing out of truth.
    I read hostage to the devil some years ago. Not for the faint of heart but it surely brings home the concept of personal baleful evil and the power of Christ over all. Moderns need to be reminded of it.
  16. AED

    AED Powers

    I remember Malachi Martin saying they are straightforward practical men. “Nothing airy about them”. And not a lot of vivid imagination either. Just down to earth workmen. He went on to say “we don’t breed that kind anymore...”
  17. padraig

    padraig Powers

    I think also loads and loads and loads of humility.
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  18. HeavenlyHosts

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    I have read recently that demons can’t harm us if we are in the state of grace
    I can also imagine that they shrink from the Marian-devoted Catholics who pray the rosary
    I agree with Dolours that it may be quite harmful for lay folks to get into binding spirits
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    Don_D ¡Viva Cristo Rey!

    I really appreciate Father Ripperger. If we believe what has been told to us by then Father Ratzinger we may come upon a time when a Priest may be in very short supply. As well, educating ourselves about the nature of evil is fulfilling our duty to be as wise as serpents IMO.
    Men have Dominion over their house holds, this carries a great responsibility with it.
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  20. padraig

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    I think I would be inclined to trust Fr, Ripperger here to know whereof he speaks. He is a very experienced exorcist and very leanred to boot.

    I don't think he is talking of dealing with exorcism but dealing with a Spirit who causes trouble. I suppose we are all of us in a battle with demons to one extent or other , which is why we say say in the Our Father , 'Deliver us from Evil'

    I am inclinded to trust the Father. You know even to find a priest to do an exorcism nowadays might not be so easy, to find one to deal with a generational spirit who is causing trouble, well you might search forever.

    I don't think God has left us helpless. I know we are only layfolk but I don't think God has left us unarmed. I think the Father knows whereof he writes.

    Of course of ourselves we can do nothing, but with God. on our side. Apart from which finding clerical assistance in such matters these days as I mentioned can be a huge, huge ask. I have found difficulty at times even having salt blessed, which is pretty basic.
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