Fr. Michel Rodrigue - importance of Knock Ireland

Discussion in 'Marian Apparitions' started by lynnfiat, Apr 3, 2020.

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    Just watched this. Amazing.
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    I must say with Fr Michel.

    I find him personally very, very off putting.


    Well I have faced Death full on many, many times.

    I have faced very direct attacks from the devil, many, many times .

    Been in very Great Darkness , I mean grond down to the tiles for years and years..

    I'm sorry \I far more relate to Padre Pio than the Father above... yes I can relax and be happy.. but I feel far closer to Padre Pio....I admit I am unconmfortable with the laughing and joking of he Father.

    I feel far closer to Padre Pio...this priest amkes me feel ,very, very, very, very uneasy...
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    He is very, very dissimiliar to Padre be honest I do not trust him..
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    He is not like Padre Pio at all. Padre Pio is like an Idol to me.. a very, very Great Saint...

    But then again who was ever like Padre Pio.? I know Padre Pio laughed and joked in private...

    mmm.. I don't know ..I feel so uneasy...

    Mother Angelica was the same, she loved to laugh and joke.. but at the end of the day she was very, very solid....
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  9. padraig

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    i guess I'd like to see the father loose the jokes and smiles

    ... and kinda point the finger...

    loose his temper..maybe be a little bit angry...

    maybe a little bit wrathful.....

    maybe throw things about a little......

    Oh I don't know the constant, constant, constant laughs.

    the constant ,constant , constant jokes...

    the ever present smile..the unceasing comedy...??

    It's not where I'm at/...
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  10. padraig

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    I don't know it's just not me.

    The smiles the jokes? It just totally wears me out.
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  11. Carol55

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    I had similar thoughts to you Padraig the day before yesterday and then upon waking up yesterday morning I had the thought to compare Father Michel Rodrigue to Ven. Archbishop Fulton Sheen, their personality seems a bit similar to me. But to my knowledge, Sheen never stated that he received messages from God and I don't think that he ever performed exorcisms. So, I do understand what you are saying.

    I think it is always wise for us to be cautious about these things, ask questions and allow others to ask questions and such; unless we find something that is really not right with a particular seer and/or their message(s) than he/she would be a definite "no". So far, I think that Fr. Rodrigue is in obedience with the Church and he appears to uphold the Church's doctrine etc.

    Personally, I would like to read through the messages that he has allegedly received along with the date that he received them then I will understand what Father Mark Goring says in the beginning of the above video. So far, I have only recerntly watched one video of Fr Rodrigue which was from last November, the one in which I think he makes only two predictions. The first is that there will be a new religion that is nature oriented (I think that this exists already ie the Gaia followers) and the second thing is that he predicted or urged that humankind must be obedient to God after the Warning (but I thought that was a given). I also read on the forum that he predicts that something grave will occur before this October. I also read that he knew that he couldn't travel after this February and that he knew something horrible would happen to Notre Dame before the fire.
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  12. padraig

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    Oh I don't know Carol the guy kills me. Totally.

    This has never been my own personal experience of the road to Christ.

    Yes Joy.

    Also a good solid whack on the head with a Base Ball Bat.

    I'm totally, totally , totally, totally missing the base ball whack on the head with this guy.....

    He makes me very, very , very uneasy///
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  13. padraig

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    Yeah compare with Fulton Sheen....laughs , jokes....but right down to serious.....the same with Mother Angelica..

    this guy doesn't seem to do serious...

    I'm very, very, very concerned about this....once again I turn to Padr Pio..who was very, very serious....

    jokes fine...

    laughter fine...

    but you gotta get back to the swinging Base Ball Bat... a for instance the virus in New York?

    2 000 souls in one day. Dead.
    I' m sorry.

    What's to laugh and Joke about there?
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  14. Sam

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    Personally, that's what I would like too. If there was somewhere you could read what Father Michel Rodrigue has actually said, with dates. Some thing to grab a hold of. It all seems a bit elusive right now.
  15. Carol55

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    I'm not telling you or anyone else to "jump in"and if you are getting a an uneasy feeling from him than there you go.

    My issue right now is I really don't know what he is saying. Iow, I have more homework to do before I really feel comfortable saying much about him.

    In addition, I have been a member for a few years on your site and when members post prophecies from seers who are still living they usually post what the message is and when it was given. I am not used to this method of a seer giving talks to share the messages that he has received. I believe that it makes it far more difficult to know exactly what Heaven told him and when. (I would appreciate it very much if someone here who is following him could point me to this information, ty.)

    Exactly, Sam.
  16. Chiara

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    I found a section on the site with messages, but you still have to go hunting for his the way it’s laid out. A lot to weed through.
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  17. HeavenlyHosts

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    I don’t like him at all.
    Not mincing words.
  18. padraig

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    Constant laughter and jokes?

    I mean how many are dying each day in , say Italy, London., Paris or New York and he's making jokes?

    I mean really?
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  19. padraig

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    ..and if you turn back to me and say well he did not know..

    well I would reply...##

    he's the one who is claiming to be a Prophet..

    what's with the constant laughing and joking on utube when thousands and thousands are shown dying every day\??

    Why not proclaim that?
  20. Allyd

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    Padraig if I am not mistaken, most of fr. Michels videos were made before the Coronavirus crisis.
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