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Discussion in 'The Signs of the Times' started by Franciscan, May 5, 2020.

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    If this is of God, it will soon show itself as such since the content of the messages places specified predicted events to occur within this calendar year. Above all, we must pray for wisdom, prudence and humility so as not to be deceived in this time of diabolical disorientation.
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    The problem with that, as I see it , is that those who espouse Fr Michel can atttribute any manner of happenstance to the veracity of his messages. So it has been in the past with messengers who were ultimately condemned. And in the case of the condemned messages of Bayside, people are still spreading it.
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    Well, the formation of the new Apostolate w/ priests for these times, vowed laity and families, which was asked for in Fr. M's mystical experiences, along with the large monasteries, have come to pass via Providence, also requested via his communication w/ the Father, w/ the urgency for the second one being accommodated by his bishop due to the reason given to him by Fr. Michel. The advice about preparation for not traveling during these past months has certainly seemed rather prescient while people not knowing in what circumstances that would take place. Many have been assisted via Fr. M's gifts of exorcism and others have received specific healings through his prayers. So, on the other hand, it just might be that some have formed some personal opinion about the good man himself that won't permit them to acknowledge any of these "fruits" that are beyond "happenstance"....and even look forward somehow to having him "ultimately condemned" the others they, for some reason, w/o any likeness, choose to now compare him to. That's opposite to the advice given to those who, with good will, take a positive approach to someone or something new who or which may later give reason to doubt.....for they will be blessed nevertheless for their desire for good and hope prior to any future revealed unknown facts.
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    For the record, I have no motives of taking the dear Father down with negativity. I have no such desire. BUT, I will continue to separate the content of his messages from all of his upright actions. As with a great many seers who were later accepted by the Church, God placed an active spiritual director/confessor in that person’s life. Currently, there has been no mention of such a person connected with Father. Maybe this will change. If so, it will certainly have to be soon.

    Hopefully, my words are communicating my message in a rational and congenial manner.

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    Fr. M has said that he tells his spiritual director what he receives. And....that point some conveniently added, but not required, protocol for a seer! At least you added "great many seers". Would you like to also complete the objection with all of the seers that did NOT have "God placing an active spiritual director" in their lives? Anyway, in this case, objection overruled by the circumstances themselves! And, btw, where does the content of his messages (also visions, experiences, etc.) take away from his "upright actions"? They appear to go hand in hand. Can't split the baby here. Any miracles that have occurred have nothing to do with his own power/actions themselves anyway as he has attested to himself, but of God's mercy after his requests of the Lord. Many a false criticism is displayed w/ the utmost congeniality. Just saying!
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    Earth, Fr. Michel also said he told his bishop about his messages. That is disputed, by the bishop! You say,

    Many have been assisted via Fr. M's gifts of exorcism and others have received specific healings through his prayers...

    But, is there any evidence, apart from what Fr. Michel says about himself, or his followers say they know?

    Until he is judged by the Church, this is all "hearsay." You should say, "alleged" about visions, messages, healings, to be honest.
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    Earth, you’re “Just saying” is definitely not. You are argumentative in your insinuations. Just please stop taking what I have said and twisting it to make my thoughts appear foolish, or WORSE YET, uncharitable towards Father. I didn’t join this forum to spend my time explaining myself to someone who communicates in such a way as you have been doing here on this issue.
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    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    We are told the devil spends his time day and night reminding God of OUR sins. Why do so many forum members want to join satan at his job.

    We are not authorised to approve or disapprove of any visionaries, locutionists or other supernatural. We can avoid reading or viewing those we think are false. End of.

    I personally couldn't give two hoots what anyone on this forum thinks of any given visionary or purveyor of alleged messages. And am quite capable of making up my own mind. But why spend so much time scrutinising some alleged visionary, locutionist or alleged messenger, when we should be concentrating on the state of our own soul.

    Sometimes it feels like a hatefest. And no doubt I will get stung by some little devil for saying the above. But hey.
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    What you say is true, Julia. You are quite capable of making up your own mind. I am, as well. But this forum has many people reading and lurking. It’s not good in my mind to only put one side of the story out there. “Therein lies the rub”
    Apologies to Shakespeare.
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    Well I too find it disheartening Julia. I have no dog in this hunt one way or the other but I think we all have to be gentle with each other. Tone can really come across as nasty when I hope and trust it isnt meant to. I hope we all take a deep breath and pray a Hail Mary before weighing in on either side of these issues.
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    From Prof. Daniel O'Connor, addition to his larger article, title of which is below (I posted that article on the Countdown to the Kingdom thread):

    The Devil’s Dress Rehearsal and The Infrastructure of the Antichrist

    • On Fr. Michel, Prudence, and Refuges:
      • On the last point of the list above: No, I do not see this particular admonition to having a few months of food/supplies permeating Heaven’s messages — but neither do I see thus permeating the admonition to brush one’s teeth, or use a directional before changing lanes on the highway. Nevertheless, prudence advises it. In this context, Survivalism is the “vice of excess,” a sin indeed, but Providentialism — a perversion of trust in Providence and indeed a heresy — is the “vice of defect,” wherein prudent preparedness is the Golden Mean Virtue.
      • Fr. Michel is not admonishing us to go and build refuges; he’s merely saying that they exist and faithful souls will be miraculously lead to them when the time comes. Do not go wasting your time building a “refuge” unless you are confident that God has specifically asked you to do so. (And if He has, then you better not delay!!).
      • As anyone who has spent so much as a few moments perusing my blog at any point in the last 11 years knows, advocating for a “refuge mentality” is about the last thing I am guilty of, and it will be difficult to find anyone out there who is as insistent as I am upon our duty to go out into the world and fearlessly proclaim the Gospel, no matter what, and to remain ever cognizant of the fact that our only real refuge is in the hearts of Jesus and Mary. So, please ignore those who have recently slandered me and, erroneously accusing us of this.
    • Fr Michel Rodrigue is NOT condemned. Nothing has changed other than the fact that we are now aware that his Bishop “does not agree” with the idea of the Warning, the Chastisements, the Era of Peace, etc., and thus “does not support” his messages, for they speak of these things. This makes absolutely no difference to me — nor, I wager, should it to you. If Fr. Michel’s bishop were to actually condemn his messages, then that would be another matter — but that has not happened, despite the predictable false rumors now circulating to the contrary, egged on by those Catholics who pretend that a given private revelation not having the support of the Bishop of the diocese in which they transpired is equivalent to the same Bishop condemning them.
    • But it should not be surprising to anyone that many in the Hierarchy today “do not agree” with the unanimous consensus of trustworthy private revelation. Soon, that will change. We must obey the hierarchy’s formal, authoritative actions, indeed. Obedience is a great virtue. But we needn’t agree with their personal erroneous opinions, even when they voice them publicly.
    • In the meantime, stay strong in heeding this prophetic consensus; it is a consensus that neither rises nor falls on the authenticity of one or two seers, Fr. Michel included (if he were to be condemned or proven false, that would do nothing at all to this prophetic consensus — although I still do very much think he is authentic).
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    Yes what a good reminder!!

    It's nice to be nice. :):):)
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    Franciscan, Are you a lay Catholic or do you have a position in the Church? I am simply wondering if Bishop Lemay is taking inquiries from anyone about Father Michel Rodrigue? I hope that you don't mind me asking these questions and I also wonder how long it took for Bishop Lemay to get back to you? Thank you.

    I am still very puzzled as to how Father Michel Rodrigue would have been able to have given so many talks in so many locations in the USA including Puerto Rico for over a year without his bishop being aware of what he was discussing at these talks.
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    Carol: I am simply wondering if Bishop Lemay is taking inquiries from anyone about Father Michel Rodrigue?

    Well, Carol, the reason for this very surprising announcement by the Bishop was to reply....and within a week's a commenter on a blog who had inquired of the Bishop. I saw the comment w/ Bishop's reply and commenter's surprise that he was answered so quickly! Obviously prior to that there was no inquiry that put the Bishop on the spot re: his outward support of Fr. Michel's projects that had come out of his messages. Fr. Michel knows that the Bishop does not believe in the other matters contained, in some form, within his personal PR experiences.....the Warning, any refuges, another big war, chastisements, era of peace.....while those parts have not been condemned as yet by the Bishop more than likely because they have support already within Church history of approved PRs as well as within statements by Popes and defined by early Church Fathers and Church approved theologians of eschatology. So that "opinion" about such things from the Bishop would be seen as only personal. And yet the public doesn't really understand that.
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    'because they have support already within Church history of approved PRs as well as within statements by Popes and defined by early Church Fathers and Church approved theologians of eschatology'

    Really a number of nuclear missiles hitting the USA?

    'They have support already within Church history of approved PRs '

    Really? Is this precision prophecy of the USA getting nuclear flattened not somewhat startling and outside the usual scope of Catholic with others of the laughing, jovial Padre as he tells us we are more nor less doomed, but never mind..and a laugh?
    Constant laughter, constant smiles.
    Does none of this unnerve you?
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    etoa, Thank you. Would you be able to post a link to what you have stated, "the reason for this very surprising announcement by the Bishop was to reply....and within a week's a commenter on a blog who had inquired of the Bishop."

    My question was directed to member Franciscan the creator of this thread because it does appear from Franciscan's first post that he himself emailed Bishop Lemay and received a response which includes, "I [Bishop Lemay] have to tell you that Fr Michel never submitted to me any of his locutions and visions for discernment or approval."

    And the Countdown to the Kingdom website still has the following quote posted which they state is from Father Michel, "And I know that I can be at rest with what I have said. I have told all this to the bishop. He knows everything I see. I tell him everything. I have nothing to hide."

    So I believe that I understand what you have stated, that Bishop Lemay does not have to believe in any private prophecies including those of Father Michel but there is still a huge discrepancy in these two statements one purported to be from Father Michel's bishop (Lemay) and the other purported to be from Father Michel himself.

    I am still curious to read the blog post that you cited in your post in regard to a question asked and replied to and from Bishop Lemay, thank you. I am hoping that it can provide some additional insight.
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    I only mentioned the categories of which Fr. Michel has spoken to in which the Bishop does not believe. The prediction of missiles is yet to be seen although the like are mentioned in other current prophecies from dreams and visions and fall within the areas of what the Church has accepted as chastisements. Since the specifics of Fr. M's experiences fall in those categories I mentioned which the Bishop does not believe they also would not be believed. The Church has accepted certain kinds of specifics for the coming "fire falling from the sky" what means? Nukes? Space junk like meteors or comets? Other modern PRs (private revelations) like Garabandal speak to future events also in the in the miracle (also more defined within Fr. M's experiences as he says such a promised miracle, whatever that may be for certain, would also occur at Medjugorje and Guadalupe). Seems plausible as well but still being awaited. And the Church permits the "wait and see what happens" while the predictions remain still in the future.

    Since these things remain in the realm of possibilities and since therefore such PRs are still awaiting the predicted events to occur in the future, the judgement cannot as yet be final. That's the Church protocol. But such an event of blocked nuclear missiles w/ some landing, is plausible since the same has already the case of Padre Pio, bombs being averted while pilots were also prevented from entering into an area of danger in the sky and saw giant images of the good Padre in front of them, but other areas of Italy certainly did feel the effect of bombs. In the case of Medjugorje the area was miraculously protected during the Balkan wars from the bombs flying all over the region since it is a holy place of the Mother of God, but the other areas were horribly effected. And there is a prophecy re: Israel having certain nuclear missiles hitting them, from Iran, some stopped in air, some not exploding on the ground, and others going off. Japan was certainly "flattened" in particular cities and yet those who prayed the rosary were spared. The Church certainly accepts the future chastisements, knowing they will arrive in ways still to be seen while not being specific about ANY of the OTHER ongoing and permitted to follow PRs during the wait either as each one is unique. So why single out Fr. M's predictions before their possible time of possible occurrence?

    While the Church doesn't say how such chastisement will come about (acknowledging that previous wars were themselves punishments for certain sins of humanity), at this specific time of now nuclear warfare, such predictions could also logically include the expected war to be nuclear for which it will be up to the conversion and prayer of the nations involved just how or if such things will be meted out or mitigated. Fr. M also speaks to prayer and sacrifice mitigating things to come. Fr. M just isn't as famous as the rest where such predictions are accepted as "done deals"! So we'll have to wait for Fr. M's predictions to occur or not.....just as we are doing for the others.....without condemning him or his messages since his Bishop also has done neither. Luz de Maria also speaks to specific punishments, for the various different countries according to what they deserve. Nukes don't have to "flatten" an entire nation but particular parts that will then effect the whole place w/ misery. One also can laugh in order to alleviate the shock of the uninformed being told such things suddenly; it's an act of comforting the alarmed....and after 8 heart attacks and 4 near deaths I would say that one might have to adopt a major sense of humor out of a real trust in God. I don't remember if Fr. M laughed at these particular pronouncements but he shows that people of real Faith have nothing to really worry about, since in the end, it is the soul's loss of eternal life that should be the only real fear. So until more is confirmed we "wait and see".
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    Very true and miraculous.:D

    O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee!
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